► World of Tanks: WZ-132 Carry Gameplay – Hold my Beer, Carrying to do!

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World of Tanks WZ-132 Gameplay Commentary. World of Tanks Series.
►Welcome Home!
LegendBeast is back on this channel with new action gameplay. This time in WZ-132. Let’s take a look how to take more aggressive approach to scouting! 😉


►Mods I use:
Oldskools :


  1. Hold my beer, I got this!

  2. OMG It’s Legend again. That guy needs a nerf. 😉 Well played sir.

  3. hate that server reticle shit I CRI EVRY TIEM

    also he ate the HEAT shell bc he has the luck of the irish! idk what server
    this is from but on NA i’ve seen everyone and their mom running those free

    great game overall, love to see light tanks doing well since too many
    people dismiss them as “useless” imo. 

  4. That ZebraRose guy… cant stand players like that. They are dead, but want
    to tell the team how to play. Yeah… right.

    Nice job with your light tank owning!

  5. Epic intro ;)

  6. I did that much in tier 10 with t7 light,not this epic because i died to
    the scumbus,dez its few patches old can I still send it

  7. Nice replay. Also like the new intro. 

  8. Well done, and nice commentary 😉 Best HEAT-Shot I ever got was in my WZ,
    also the 132, from an E-100. I was a onehit for him, all he did was taking
    out my gun. That moment made me laughing soo hard

  9. Is that really “FV215B and FV183” gameplay? Check your description! :D

  10. Oh man I surely love WZ-132 XD 

  11. Dez that description Is just spot on man. That the gameplay alone from the
    215B showed me some real great pointers! (lol)

  12. Plays the 132, uses the wrong gun..

  13. Best spotter tier 8! I love mine :-)

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