► World of Tanks: Yolo Wagon Object 263 Going MAD!

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 263, Soviet Russian Destroyer.

Today I welcome you back to another Epic Battle , with The Yolo Wagon itself – Soviet Russian Object 263 tank destroyer! This is the exact reason why I am after this vehicle, non-stop NO Fs given rally, well at least on the city maps… I can not wait my own. 🙂

► Player: Kp_Dzhek_Vorobey



  1. Well 263 dont have any weak spots after buff. Dont count lower plate and dont count premium ammo.

  2. Jonathan Lettington

    His name translates as “Jack Sparrow”

  3. Jonathan Lettington

    Klaus Kellerman is hilarious and totally politically incorrect!

  4. Claus Kellerman is awesome… Check him out on you tube, very funny guy

  5. It’s was on drugs? Amazing battle 🙂

  6. Ugh. Can’t stand Klaus Kellerman because he’s such an ass. I mean yeah he does have good points but he’s full of himself and his Ego…..

    Still Props Dez for trying to help promote others. That’s a legit great thing your trying to do.

  7. Hello good idea
    Tanking Trucker is a good guy on the NA server, check him out.

    Best Regards

  8. I once penned a 263 front by snap shot using T25 Pilot.. I don’t know how it happened

  9. kavindu wimalasiri

    great replay. one of the greatest carries I’ve seen.

    claus is the 1st Wot channel i subed. he is the funniest WoT youtuber. thanks for the shoutout.

  10. Awesome Epic Guys 🙂

  11. Hello,
    At 2:17 it is a Patriot not a Super Pershing, I believe. Keep up the good work! 😉

  12. DG – very cool of you to help other guys!

  13. Honest gaming aka 06wallst

  14. OBJ 263 More armor then half of world of tanks … Logit Russian makers

  15. And he made a TD-15 mission easily (8k damage and 5 kills) with this game btw. 🙂

  16. Aka “e-penis” hahahaha great vid. Keep it up Dez!

  17. Totally cool that you are giving shout outs. Claus is an other one to which I subscribe. Check out Dauntless Tanker. He is another that creates content, but it is not his job.

    BTW, I subscribed after your “Arty Stereotype” video and have watched every video since. Keep it up…always entertaining.

  18. Claus rocks man… I am a sbscriber hahhaahh he makes me laugh

  19. if this video makes me change my Object 268 line(not even tier 8) to 263 im going to be MAD

  20. Stalin behind the wheel.

  21. Je l’ai acheter hier avec son frere le 268 1ere partie avec le 263 1ere classe XD

  22. I like the tank and the player seems to know how to play. Well he knows how to make it dramatic. He could have secured victory so much earlier by helping teammates. But he wants it to be epic, so i think this replay is bad

  23. Dez, Claus says hi ?

  24. The best way I deal with the 263, is to work with one of your meds. You have 2 ways to do it. Either you distract it for the med to kill it, or med distracts and you put a HE shell into the ammo rack, 1 shoting sometimes. Or load the ,,Skill Rounds” and aim for the flat gun mantlet. That is a weak spot on it.

  25. CK raw truth! love this Canadian!

  26. 4:10 “with couple of weakspots as always”?? I think better is “As it used to be…” 😀

    And yaaaay 1600 base exp and 80k credits… really?

  27. John Asbjørn Innvær

    Yolo wagon that is a cool name

  28. Do a shout out for lucky leopard

  29. DezGamez since when is the T26E5 a super pershing.

  30. How can you get ammoracked on thr commander hatch?

  31. clause is the shit…been watching him for like 6 -8 months

  32. It might just be a replay bug but it appears he is using an illegal auto aim mod. At 3:03 he auto aims without connecting the mouse to the target. Have not finished watching the video yet but there might be other examples too. 🙂

  33. I like how that 263 shutdown the bulldog fast. and made it a 1 v 1

  34. Im following claus for long time

  35. this is what i like to see. two tanks that are pretty much evenly played. Too often I see one tank that just creams everyone and nobody puts up a fight.

  36. Yeah, and u said that type5 heavy is OP

  37. Really hope WG wont nerf this tank.

  38. The Pilot Penguin

    claus is very good and dauntless tanker has some great scouting guides if im thinking of the right person

  39. 2:13 “One more shot needed into the SuperPershing”
    Did you get your script for this episode from Jingles? 😛

  40. Real cliffhanger!

  41. Full Yolo, fantastic play. Only for wot pc or also some wot console YouTubers? I am the only italian wot youtuber and is very hard to become a bit popular in Italian wot players, maybe Dez can help me…

  42. Dimitris Psomiadis

    Another great vid Dez! I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your continuing epicness. It was thanks to that I continued playing WoT even though I nearly dropped out of it. At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun, keep it up! 🙂

  43. Nice aggressive playstyle – totally no pussies – more like a bit crazed – must be Raaaassshhhans…

  44. Rastislav Škrabák

    amazing dez , you jump right into action …. i like that !!!

  45. Darren Adams-Beutel

    Not small Dez – you are boutique. Like craft beer for the discerning palette. Thx for the great content mate.

  46. 2:14 Super Pershing???

  47. Good on you Dez for the Claus shout-out! I can’t remember how I found his channel, but it helps keep me sane!

    By rhe way, I really enjoy hearing you commentating while playing games! It’s hilarious in how calm you are, and the way you think is fantastic.

    I was pretending to be ” Dez” the other night: far calmer games…

  48. Shoots the cupola, ammo-racks seems legit….

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