► WOT 1.0 – HD Mines and HD Paris Maps Gameplay Preview – World of Tanks 1.0 Update Preview

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World of Tanks Update Preview – New HD Maps. World of Tanks HD Mines HD Maps. World of Tanks 1.0 Update News.

WarGaming gave , CCs, exclusive access to the World of Tanks 1.0 Update Super Server and we were able to get some early footage about this upcoming MEGA PATCH or MEGA UPDATE in World of Tanks.
I try to cover every single map that has been reworked to HD quality in my future episodes. Today I am going to show you first 2 maps – HD Mines and HD Paris.

What do you think?



  1. The HYPE is real… World of Tanks 1.0 is getting closer and closer, can’t wait! 🙂
    Stay tuned for more map previews from WoT 1.0 Test Server!
    #stayawesome #neverchange

  2. you guys see the tree crown.. moving when tank gets close to the tree ?

  3. When fire we need more dust coming out from the ground around the tank..

  4. Please, don’t turn the camera that quickly all the time. It makes people sick.

  5. I was talking to one of my friends about the new hd maps thing, and he fired back with a listof console maps. (Yes he is console peasant). Some of these PC used to have, and they also get the ones in PC version as well. The unique ones are: Ardennes, Berlin, Caen, Dragon Ridge (yes, THAT dragon ridge), Dukla Pass, Great Wall, Heilbronn, Hidden Village, Icebound, Kasserine, Komarin, Liberty Falls, Northwest, Pacific Island, Pearl River, Port, Province, Raseiniai, Severogorsk, Skorpion Pass, South Coast, Thiepval Ridge… Now, I have no idea which maps are actually current, so this list he gave me is suspect until confirmed.. Oh, and yeah, some of the maps were crap when we had them on PC (still miss some of them). However, it would be nice to have this kind of variety, if they decide to port them over to HD…(not holding my breath)

  6. I am curious if old “destroyable” building will be still “destroyable”, on the same places (not all for sure) and how it looks when you do it by tank or when you hit it by your bullets (it’s often practised in clan matches etc or just destroying it for your friendly arty/HE using ally tank like Godzilla) ?

  7. “Let’s make some more rubble” -> you are still a big kid 😀

  8. Mines looks more like monastery tier 2 map with those buildings

  9. Try minimum in HD map pls.. I want to see what its look like ?

  10. No, enemies aren’t able to see bushes moving while being fired through. They will still see trees fall down, but not bush moving due to firing. Dev interview stated this.

    Love the vids, dez.

  11. Love the detail

  12. I think WG have done an awesome job with the new graphics. Extremely detailed with great effects, and for me it runs smoother than before.

  13. nice but mines whit out mine in the center of the map …. castle is the right name for taht new hd map 🙂

  14. New HD Maps could not care less. and Paris , they can polish that turd all they want ,still boring . But hey maybe we will get one of the old removed maps back one day , But most likely it will be a snowy mine map and a night mine map . Still like the game thou .

  15. “Males peeing equipment ??????????lmao!!!

  16. load of shit dezz no you but w g because there are a lot more thing too be fixed inn the game such as bad mechanics shot completely missing a stopped tracked target shots fully aimed and ending up on another different map rng and that fuck you fully aimed shot that should hit but ends god knows were these are some of the many things that would make the game more enjoyable then touch up maps

  17. Nice graphics. Welcome WoT to 2016!

  18. You know what’s better than HD Mines? NO FUCKING MINES ABOVE TIER 4!!!

  19. If u at south spawn in mines u win basically. Needs little balancing action no?

  20. HD Paris got my peepee harder than that statue’s.

    I hope they fixed the spawns in encounter Mines though

  21. What would really impress me is if they added a storm system like in warships that affects spotting.

  22. The trees and bushes look unnatural when you drive by maybe tone it down its pretty annoying lol

  23. SPGs in overhead view can see trees, and walls being knocked over. Will SPGs be able to see the water move? Hmmm…

  24. Dez, I want to see an auto-cannon like in the low tiers firing.

  25. they should make the game more realist for instant the time of the day where the sun is placed especially for the night runners things are dark making it more difficult to spot.

  26. Was this demonetised? ??

  27. So this is what all our premium time tanks and gold money were used to make.

  28. peeing equipment xD

  29. Anshuman Singh Jamwal

    Enemy players cannot see the bush animation on firing or moving, that’s just for the player.

  30. Can you say SHIT GUN SOUNDS?

  31. “Let’s see if everything is maximum”
    -me: *cries in potato pc*

  32. Blumac5 its open on CT…

  33. Springfield Jagger

    Still tier 8 mm is fucked

  34. Trees gonna wiggle wiggle

  35. they finally catching up to warthunder graphic

  36. If Mines is still access biased to the North then giving more arty cover just screws South spawn even more.

  37. Thank’s Dez,

  38. Why did they remove the mine in the middle?

  39. “Kid in a candy shop”, more like “bull in a china shop”…

  40. Whats with the trees wobbling when ever you drive past them. They need to fix that. It looks strange.

  41. WG asking feed back? Are serious. When they have care anything about players opinion… ever.

  42. Can’t wait for this ???

  43. A_Certain_Accurate_Japanese_BB_Fūso

    W-wait that was mines? Mines WTF looks so fuckin diff.

  44. What’s Dez favourite currency?

    The russian “Rubble”

  45. if u go next to the tree it shakes they should make smaller hit box of a tree

  46. Tree in wind animations a little odd at the mo, whereas bush animation is great.

  47. When you fire only you see the bush animation – the enemy can’t.

  48. Isnt it fantastic that WG tries to cater to new players by upgrading a Tier 1-3 map like Mines first!?!

  49. Is it just me that on the HD mines map, where the arties normally camp in A-1, because of the waves that they would drown and not be able to use that spot, and therefore be forced to find another spot where as on the southern spawn point the typical spots for arty remain the same?

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