► WTF is Going On? – World of Tanks T57 Heavy and AMX 50B Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Tier 10 Auto-Loader Heavy Tanks.

I heard you guys like some more auto-loader action? 😛 Okay, I hear you… In today’s episode I am going to play with tier 10 auto-loader heavy tanks that I have in my garage – AMX 50B and
But something weird happens in today’s battles, something that I am seeing a lot more often lately…




    I am a simple man. I see beast gaming. I like!

  2. I love the AMX 50 B 😀

  3. How to become a Pro WoT player.
    Step 1) Play an auto-loader or Russian tank.
    Step 2) shoot things and/or bounce every shot fired at you.
    Step 3) Profit

  4. Man, I almost confused this for a Totalbiscuit video!

  5. TOP 10 BEST lower tiers pls

  6. în the current meta (maus/type 5) t57 is incomparabile better. heat rules now despite being.my least favorite.ammo

  7. Ma just avastasin, et sa oled eestlane? 😀 AMX 50B külgedel näha eesti lippu 😀 😀

  8. I love autoloader ??? but which heavy is the best?

  9. Dez did u know ạmx0b soo good at ramming that can even outmach e50m?

  10. Александар Кнежевић

    it would be nice if allies could see who is spotted in chat

  11. WTF is going on? WG fixed MM, “fixed” can mean either repaired or rigged. Myself, I have been in 15 battles in a row with 1 in between and then another 12 battles where the other team not only has more heavies but sometimes they have 2 top tier heavies and my team has only heavies two tiers lower. Forget about the gun differences and armor, the HP alone makes that very unfair imo. This is often when I see complete lopsided games (over matched by heavies). If you play only open maps where maybe you can flank in a med that can help matters but in cities / buildings and or corridors which is most maps, that’s a recipe for mm disaster – again imo.

  12. I doubt that T34 driver was sharing your thoughts

  13. Wow, that was a real treat, 3 games…..

  14. poor T34….

  15. I’m always on the other team:/

  16. Is that a garage mod?

  17. ‘4k is nothing special’
    you must know how happy i am if i hit the 4k with my batchat

  18. I also love the Amx 50B over T57 Heavy because it’s so sexy 😀

  19. such onesided battles almost happen every single match i Play AMX ELC bis or toaster

  20. So Dez, a face reveal at 150k subs? 😀

  21. Very Well Educated

    t57 …. amx50B…… I choose t57

  22. ROFLstomps just aren’t fun for either team.

  23. Holger Breidscheid

    15:0, 15 zo 1, 2, or 3 games are common these days. But why I’m so often in the defeated team? And who said, autoloader are not op? They are, and the is the reason, why WG introduce so many of them. But why autoloader are not part of the matchmaker? I see very often team with 6 ot 7 autoloader and the other have no. DPM is no relevant for autoloader, damage per clip must be the measure. To kill a -T34 with one clip? That is not nice and demotivates player. Tier 8 in a tier 10 match is busshit too. And ier 8 are lowtier for 80 or 90% of all matches, in a platoon it’s garanteed.

  24. 17:09 This is why type 5 sucks i regret that i grinded it and realyzed its a piece of crap not a tank .

  25. Frederick Burkert

    Tank porn is the best porn ….penetration!
    I was on the opposing side all day yesterday – so – su100 had to give me the boost I needed

  26. Now they need to fix the aiming time on T57H.?

  27. Well You get the teams that are exact opposite to mine… 3 days ago I unlocked AMX 50 100, I played 70 battled and have s 43% win rate, which is terrifying because my overall win rate is over 55%.. And I have like 1.7k avg. dmg on my 50 100 as well

  28. kristoffer kirkbright

    Ive been on the losing side Dez and it really isnt nice as you said. i had 7 losses in a row and this is making me question if the game is even balanced anymore. super sad but hey shit happens, move on. 🙂

  29. Clearly you never played on the Asian server, every 3 rd game is 15/0

  30. i love the way Dez talked 🙂 what a big voice!

  31. Which tank do you preferr? Amx 50B or t57 heavy?

  32. Thibo De Ceuninck

    can i send you a gameplay from the IS-3 i got 7 kills in 1 game

  33. Gj Dez 🙂 You still have things to learn about the AMX 50B tho 🙂

  34. just got back from greece, missed you there. lots of wonderful roads for your bike sir Dez 😉
    p.s. lick

  35. am i the only one who reads the video titles in dez’s voice 🙂

  36. Past 2 weeks avery day kids playing,and almost always losing maches..

  37. Great video’s as always my friend!!!! As a drink my coffee from my new HESH cup!!! Take care, Vern

  38. 5:11 *Remeber GUISE! AMX 50B and BatChat 25t play TOO MUCH ALIKE! That is why WarGaming wants to shit ALL over the BatMobile 25t!*


    (Seriously, if WG does ANYTHING like what they are planning – anything short of giving it a 7+ round clip and 2.3 second aim time with gun handling similar to T62A – I will be done completely, after 6 years and easily well over $500 USD spent)

  39. this type 5 player should delete his life (if he is a real person, of course)

  40. hello i was wondering if i should get the Emil 1 or the panther II or the Tiger 2!!!!!

  41. May I ask how old are you, Dez? Doesn’t really matter to me, I’m just a curious person 🙂

  42. “Do you see that accuracy?” and he fired 3 hits 1!!!

  43. MY EXPERIENCE has deminstrated that War Gaming controls winrate with match making and RNG. In regular and reliable intervals my winrate will go to about 35% for about 200 battles or so. During these periods that i refer to as winrate rebalancing, i reliably and inexplicably miss perfectly aimed shots with 4 skill crews and a lazer cannon, magically bounce an overmatched shot, magically low roll what would have been a kill shot….then the enemy team magically sets me on fire twice, ammo racks me…..you can see where im going with this. Then after the battle i look at the post game plates and check service records of players on both teams only to discover that the match maker has once again created a gross imbalance in player skill in the enemies favor. These regular periods of winrate rebalancing usually span about 200 battles (i have about 20.5 k battles in total), then as if nothing has happened, its a game again. I dont mind losing hard fought battles but it appears to me that war gaming intentiinally controls winrate . I believe that they would want to control winrate to encourage people to reroll and to prevent brand new players in t8 premium vehicles from rage quitting. Its all about money as demonstrated by the existence of soft stats, pay to win vehicles, and broken tanks like the type5 heavy and maus, once enough people spend money on premium and gold to grind to the newly overbuffed tier 10, they inevitably will nerf it and break a different tier 10 to make more money. This has been MY EXPERIENCE and this is what i have seen. I understand that i am not a good player (50.15% WR overall), but i do pay attention, and it appears to me that at times, the game is rigged. In protest i have stopped paying money to War Gaming. Just my 2 cents. Dez I appreciate your content, thank you for your contributions.

  44. 11:40 amx 50b ladies and gentlemen lool

  45. WoT has been running long enough now that the skrebs have been able to fail their way to Tier 10. So get used to the rollovers.

  46. Too many bad players in game. they dont give a F and just run a round like brain dead idiots.

  47. Just got a Tiger. Rammed side of T34/85. Fired point blank into the target. It did not die. That is pure bullshit.
    The turret should have flown off out of the screen and landed in the owners lap, perhaps scolding him.

  48. I think if you do not spend money on this game they will put u in that 0 team. The result is you try to spend more gold on ammo and you get better status. But you still work with suck team even you got good wn8 to have better team you have to buy good account. I think this is business.

  49. Sad thing is i’m always on the receiving end of that 15-0 victory. I’m always on the losing side…

  50. What is going on? This is epic Wargaming balance, Dez, “BALANCE” !!! Maybe it is surprising for you, but i have to say such or similar battles, where my team evaporates quickly so that we barely kill anyone, are more common than other way around like your case. This is balance for WG, where one team STILL has 5-6 OP heavies, and the other only mediums, this is bull s*h*i**t !! so yeah, WoT is falling down with its retarded updates.

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