► WTF Is This Troll, Mini M3 Lee? :D – World of Tanks Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . Review. Chi-Ri Gameplay Review.

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I should have known it… As soon as I added T3 HMC to the voting list, you guys were ready, waiting for it! 😀 I think I trolled myself a little bit, but I have to say that I am starting to love this little series… I have to play with a lot of different tanks that I normally would not even think about playing with.

So sit back and enjoy! 🙂


  1. work in restaurant: check
    watch DezGamez: check
    watch DezGamez in restaurant on break: check

  2. 7kph rewerse speed is actually pretty normal for most wwII tanks. You dont wont to be in a cromwell with its realy reverse speed….3kph

  3. Make a video about polish tech tree pls

  4. Spartan b312 noble

    I think a new hidden seal clubber was unveiled to the world…. maybe

  5. I will never forgive wot for what they did to the t18

  6. Where U come from ?

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this one 🙂

  8. Jasper van Houdt

    omg…. I was wondering why I missed out on the notifications lately…. but the notification option was turned off :O

  9. T3=tiny 3 M3=mega 3

  10. oclv gate home

  11. Chi-ri is a td confirmed

  12. Dez joins #NoCapKillAll

  13. chi-ri top tier -_-

  14. 7 km/h reverse speed because retreat is not an option 😀

  15. I never thought of T3 HMC as the mini m3 lee, but now that i think of it its so adorable 😀

  16. Historicaly( I dont know if this word exist in english) It was m2 howitzer prototype during the developpement of the m4, the sherman wont be ready at the beginning of the war with the demand of UK. They decided to produced the m3 Lee (final version of the m2 howitzer 75mm) and continue the m4 developpement.

  17. You know why its 7 km/h reverse speed?

    Its because America doesnt run away from its enemies like the French do kappa

  18. I often get Mittengard with my FCM PaK40. Good days man, good days.

  19. Кристиян Митев

    maybe show old T18.

  20. 0:58 BARS

  21. Hey bro you have any American medium tank vids in the making. I’m getting back into the tree because of the patton buff and I love watching tanks I play.

  22. Pz1c best t3 light also most funnest to play

  23. Can we talk about that 542 damage roll from the defender?

  24. onemanpaintballarmy

    You slipped and said the chi ri was a td

  25. Play the second fastest td in the game T95

  26. U da best

  27. 1. Chi-Ri is a TD 2. SU-122 using the derp gun 3. T-43-M is T-34-85M 4. I love that slowmotion “pheeeeeewww!!!! Haahaahaahaahaa!!!!…”

  28. Piuuuuuu ahaaha

  29. Low alpha dpm tanks suck in this game. Its very situational wether or not you can actually use your dpm.

  30. Querschläger_WoT

    Does anyone else think that mittengarden should be removed and province brought back for low tiers?

  31. Ignoring that Ikv was such a mistake it was basically tunnel vision. The guy you shot wasn’t a threat the IKV was. Lol shows us even good players make noob calls on the occasion.

  32. 390 dmg per 3 shots..(IS-3 dmg) u get that dmg in 3 shots (:0).. and u reload in about 11 sec.. 8sec full clip reload and 3 sec for 3 shots… chinese IS-3 medium tank confirmed :)))

  33. S P A C E D L E T T E R S

    The tank looks like it was made from a kids mini play house

  34. Hello, dezgamez! How can I send you a replay?

  35. Yes! Dez playing my favorite t7 tank, Chi-Ri ^.^ Love that pew-pew-pew!

  36. but i have not seen someone having as much fun playing world of tanks than you playing the mini lee 🙁

  37. dez can you bring back the Face-Off series?

  38. Ok guys let’s face it. The T18 at tier 2 was like a Defender with the 183’s gun ?

  39. Sneaky sneaky

  40. Andrewlik is awesome

    1 like = 1 person who wants another faceoff episode

  41. As T18 I had a Battle with 1 vs 7 in the End I won. It was my 2nd Battle ever

  42. It’s a good tank on Console

  43. not really … i think the hellcat is much faster if it accelerates fast enough to its max speed >w<

  44. Ugh. I’ve been saying to my clan-mates for close to 3 years that the Black Prine and A45 should have been given the 20 Pounder cannon as top upgrades seeing as the 17 Pounder is just too weak of a gun for a tier 7 heavy to be stuck using. the 20 Pounder would at least put it on par with the Tiger and all WGing would have to do is just give the 20 Pounder a lower ROF(6 1/2 – 7 rpm) and those 2 tanks would at least not be such ball busters to play.

  45. I hope it was just as must fun for you, as it was us to watch…. Still can’t believe you played that T2 TD LOL

  46. Love to see some Chi-Ri action! 🙂

  47. Razed In A New Division Of Agony

    Gotta bring back the VS matches in the field. I want to see Swedish vs Czech line. 😀

  48. I have the fv201 myself too and every time I see it it makes me sad that the hull armour is so bad. I think its one of, if not the, most beautifull tanks in the game.

  49. man they need to really do something with that fv 201 a45 man everything pens the damn thing 9 outta 10 shots fired penns the tank and nevermind going into a tier 9 match ppppfffffff….. that things a joke with 76mm hull and 152mm turret haha….they need to give that thing some love towards the armor. But the tanks great when it sees its tier but you are bottom tier a majority of the time. Everytime I play I am bottom tier almost everytime and that’s in most of the games for any tank played you see bottom tier way more then being top tier now.

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