► WZ-111-1G FT, Hmmm… – New Tier 8 Chinese Destroyer – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks WZ--1G FT Gameplay and Review, Tier 8 Chinese Destroyer. World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update – New Chinese Tank Destroyers.

of Tanks patch 9.20 update server is up and running and as promised, I am already there, to provide you some HOT content about all the new things that are going to be here with this update. We are getting a lot of reworks or rebalancing, new Chinese destroyer, new features and game mode and a lot more…

In this episode, I am going to take a little bit deeper look into new, upcoming tier 8 Chinese tank destroyer – “WZ--1G FT”. This thing looks pretty promising on paper, specially that firepower… But the main question is – How it feels?

Let’s find out!

Stay tuned for more videos and information about of Tanks Update 9.20!

Full list of Chinese in the patch 9.20 update:
Tier 2: T-26G FT
Tier 3: M3G FT
Tier 4: SU-76G FT
Tier 5: 60G FT
Tier 6: WZ-131G FT
Tier 7: T-34-2G FT
Tier 8: WZ--1 FT
Tier 9: WZ-111G FT
Tier 10: WZ-113G FT

What do you think?



  1. 150k subs face reveal please

  2. Notice how he says, “better than SU-101” like 50 times, like, can it get buffed please?

  3. Remember guys
    286mm of pen on standard shells is bad for ISU.
    But 340mm+ pen is perfectly ok on HEAT rounds.

  4. hmm, nice tier 8 premium tank for 40 euros

  5. Shocking, penetraded EVEN by equal tier REGULAR round.. wtf happened with this game if this fact is shocking

  6. I think it will be a very good tank overall

  7. this tank looks so bad hahaha
    wtf were they thinking xD

  8. So it is basically a Jagdtiger but at tier 8 and trades some accuracy for much more mobility.

  9. I think FT means Tank Destroyer ” fan tan反坦“ in Chinese, however, “Fake Tank” completely makes sense.

  10. First chinese Premium…Type 59 GF T…

  11. Damn. Shit like this make’s my T28 and SU-101 more usless then ever. May as well just start grinding for this when the patch is out :/

  12. Indranil Mukherjee

    They should give it 490 instead of 560 otherwise it will 1 Shot t 6 tds so easily.

  13. from tier 7 to 10 the only one I got on with is the tier 7 but all tiers have no special qualities, all seem to die easily, maybe they will change them hopefully.

  14. Indranil Mukherjee

    This will be isu with jagdtiger gun

  15. There has been a lack of stereotypes now a days.
    I have an Idea for one!

  16. why don’t we add some different nation of tanks?

  17. *WZ-111+Obj. 268+ISU-152=WZ-111-1G FT*

  18. 4:29 you said “tier 8 soviet TD” but Su-100M1 is a tier 7

  19. FT means “fan tanke 反坦克” anti-tank in Chinese

  20. i’ve played over 700 games in isu i think i’m ready for high tier Chinese td’s

  21. WZ-111G FT has amazing camouflage, you should test it out for that specifically, the Tier 6-8 have absurdly high camouflage values.

  22. FT means Fake Tank :)))) Yesterday when I went to my bed I was thinking about this and apparently someone was faster than me

  23. Dez, maybe new isu gameplay? 😀

  24. FT stands for F#%king terrible

  25. Any news of Strv 81 centurion clone?

  26. You should test out the obj268

  27. Dez just put 100mm gun on su-101 and it will change everything

  28. Once again there adding another tier 8 td that the super Pershing fells worthless up against

  29. Galera Oświecenia

    Imo this tank will be very nice, but gun is a little bit unaccurate (sry if i done mistake, my english sucks)

  30. And can you make a m48 Patton video about the new buffed turret and type 59 buff

  31. Beginning departure inflation strategy employment intention mere terrorist

  32. So the MMing you got on the test server is actually better that what we get on the SEA server as you got 2 tier 8 battles we hardly ever see those here, in tier 8’s we get either tier 10 for bottom tier or tier 9 for 5/10 again bottom tier and maybe if lucky a all tier 8 every once in a while.

  33. 560 alpha at tier VIII is way to much IMHO, penn also to high.. standard release to strong… all get excited …then nerf
    Please do not compare to ISU-152 (even the nefrfed one from 9.20) – it’s also broken

  34. “ft” is 反(fan)坦(tan)which means anti-tank

  35. this tank seems a hell of a beast if u happen to find hulldown position where defend flank and suicide squad on enemy team to drive front of you :O

  36. WG “_”

  37. The title on the screen says GT…. should be FT

  38. Seeing this makes me cry. RiP ISU

  39. Whats a shit baurge ? ??????

  40. Assess flash forty politically Islam inevitable son.

  41. all i care about are tier 6 + 7 …. they look sexy af. show us some footage NOW xO

  42. Thumbs down love it

  43. Yoooo, Dez? *.* <3 I miss that good old "gooooood job me!" 🙂 🙂 🙂

  44. Great video Dez, thank you my friend.

  45. should be named WZ-111-1G WG

  46. Luís Augusto Panadés

    It is by far better than that shit borsig: Better armor; better penetration; better engine ; better gun elevation; better gun depression; and so on

    Weakest engines????????????????
    Are you kidding?

    Borsig has 207hp. Please……………….. please… It has 2.5 times Borsig engine.
    Borsig is ridiculous crap… every german vehicle is a piece of shit, specially TDs… my god… i did not know that before ground that pile of shit.

  47. Well, they are supposedly fake. WG cannot verify, because WG was not the one who found the designs, it was the chinese company that runs WoT in china. WG had no real choice but to skeptically believe the chinese company that these designs were real and modeled them. As WG themselves are not allowed to look into chinese archives, because the chinese government is quite secretive towards outsider companies, even on WWII era archives.

  48. Lol all chinese TD.. funny looking tank.. i hate all of them..

  49. FT stands for Fake Taxi. If you know what I mean……

  50. little bit high penetration for tier 8, of caurse everything else is avrg

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