► WZ-111 5A – RECORD BATTLE, Unbelievable! – World of Tanks WZ-111 Model 5A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

WZ-111 Model 5A Gameplay , Epic Battle. 5A, Tier 10 .

As promised, here something for all my viewers and fans, hope you like it!

Today I am going to show you one unbelievable and record battle with our newest tier 10 heavy tank “WZ-111 Model 5A”. This tank has been out for couple of days now and is already killing it. Today’s battle is truly crazy, dramatic, full of drama and super plays. Just take a look how “IRazRI” is trying his hardest to carry his team to victory!

► Player: IRazRI



  1. Hahaha, as I can see, we uploaded the same battle with QB, at almost exactly the same time. 😀
    Well, great minds think alike, seems like it! (H) Now you can enjoy 2 different views! 🙂
    Enjoy! #muchlove

  2. really amaizing game GG wow

    and for that obj.704, come on, use your brain

    thx Dez , your so good!!

  3. 113 vs WZ-111 5A which one is better?

  4. idk if this is deja vu but hes uplosded this before

  5. P2W game

  6. this is the same as quickybaby but its ok this is better tho

  7. Arvin Dave Velasco

    that DA-MA-GHE “dez accent”. IS 7 needs to step up!

  8. Gold is a cancer only won this match because it had this heat shit

  9. so can someone please explain what that 704s problem was ?

  10. Andrewlik is awesome

    1 like = 1 quickybaby/dezgames crossover

  11. Quicky Baby showed this replay

  12. Luís Augusto Panadés

    my god, another video showing Grille 15 is a super shit.. oh what a surprise.

  13. That shit was legit, straight up awesome battle. Cannot applaud this enough, I would be shaking after that.

  14. Subscribed to you and QB…came here first. Keep up the great videos!

  15. DezGamez,
    It is not nice to use a replay when the owner clearly noted that he uploads it for Quickybaby. And it surprises me that you feel no shame to put t-shirts ads on someone’s replay that is not meant for you. QB on the other hand gives 30 days of premium to appreciate the effort of this fan of his.You made a dick move featuring this replay, because now viewers and replay uploaders can really see the manner difference between you two. I wonder why QB has a better channel than you.

  16. I wish I was this guy in the replay, being featured on 2 popular WOT channels in the same day

  17. +DezGamez Do you know something Dez mabye your precious qb will tell you about something that happened to him. I have been a long time subscriber but not today. IT”S ME STIKER101. I drove into the position and was trying to see if i could get enough gun depression to shoot over the ridge i was not trying to push anybody out into the open thats why i backed up but the wz kept on pushing me as you could have clearly seen. I was having an extremely bad day i wouldn’t expect you to care but i literally couldn’t take it after that i pulled back and he pushed me back excessiviely. If i was trying to push the wz out why didn’t i keep going huh dezgamez. And it wouldn’t have take me 10 seconds to pull back off of that corner AFTER FIRING. But no everyone gets branded and you too are guilty of not even attempting to understand. My fucking keyboard is garbage if you couldn’t already tell by the replies to the 1-4. My w key was fucking sticking genius. And let me enlighten you with omething i posted to Quickybaby.
    “You know something mr. quickbaby or dezgamez that you never ever seem to notice or acknowledge is the one factor behind these things that id sa is the MAIN driving factor. peoples days. you really never know what kind of a day that that erson is having. I was having a really bad day of wot and i was just trying to get one shot in there and then leave. But you wouldn’t care about that would you almighty qb. I have next to no friends thanks to a dick move they pulled and the only game i can really run on my computer is wot. You wouldn’t care if i actually legitimately wanted to kill myself before this fucking video ever went up. You only judge by the actions you saw in the replay. Besides that he paused on the corner not firing shots for quite a while. I have had tons of success taking up unorthodox positions and i have had some pretty great games to boot. My stats might not be like yours or his but bear in mind THIS IS MY FIRST ACCOUNT :). And one more thing calling someone a moron or a giant fucking DICK on youtube isn’t a nice thing to do. I have been subcribed to your channel for a long time and have seen many of these videos where there are supposed trolls but let me tell you why this is different. Because it involves me! You NEVER EVER ATTEMPT TO UNDERSTAND WHY. You are just like you know what he is pushing someone he is an asshole. You don’t tell someone to go kill themselves thats why i pushed him. Thats crossing the line and you yourself have done things like this before so is it really fair to say shit like that about a human being without saying that about yourself especially because you DO STUFF LIKE THAT TOO. Notice my account didn’t get banned. How often do you really think i do anything like that. Newsflash it’s the first. And i hope your happy knowing that you would legitimately be one of the things that pushed someone to kill themselves. I AM STIKER101 in case you haven’t figured it out. Try to play wot in min settings max cap 30 fps but more realistically its 20 fps. I bet you couldn’t. And now ou have our entire subscriber base hating on me. Do you know how many people mesaged me in my garage. Way to make the community worse.I really am not a horrible person no matter what you may want to think just from what youe saw in this video. Thanks for open season on ME. I hope your happy. Goodbye.” I hope you are happy Dezgamez you bloody asshole. This message pretty much goes the same for you.

  18. Dez best thing u didn’t hide chat. ????

  19. Everyone is talking about how dez uploaded the same replay as QB but has anyone thought: ‘wow this guy is lucky to get his replay on two of the biggest WoT youtubers channels’

  20. sadly I watched this replay on QBs channel first, but I rewatched it just so I could support my favorite channel! keep up the awesome work dez

  21. I dont really like to judge and compare, but this video really is better than the other one in term of editing and commentary. #keepupthegoodwork

  22. RazR went the fuck off in that match. Very impressive.

    Yeah that Obj 704 is a complete douchebag.

  23. Indranil Mukherjee

    typical maus farming damage:
    in this case there were 2

  24. qb and db are unique in both their commentaries

  25. QB showed the same vid. :))

  26. Wow, what a battle!

  27. QB censored the chat, but now we can have whole story.
    This game drives out the WORST in humans, nothing close to team play – you fight your own team as much or more than enemy.
    Who gets to position first owns it? If you need de-track friendly tank so you can cut him off and take the last kill?
    If somebody is capping – Shoot him and kill him, how dare he cap while you want to “no cap kill all”.
    I dont know if the “Star of the Replay” is worse or the blue TD, but they are the same “subhuman trash”.
    But notice – at the same time on the other side of the map – T55A warns AMX “move or I push u”
    Ingame chat is not “pure cancer” – whole game is pure cancer, and it turns regular humans into “subhuman trash” animals, it rewards only greed and selfishness, and at the same time punishes team-work and fair play.
    It celebrates the most dirty greedy selfish thief in the team, and rest of the team can get less silver or try to fight for the first place – and that makes games like this.

  28. is the giveaway event over???

  29. And the 704 dealing no damage and only doing harm to his teams chances gets more xp than 80% of the enemy team for his efforts?? great logic there wargaming…

  30. Nerf nerf nerf nerf

  31. the 704 I played with today. of course he pushed my T34 around…fuq

  32. Nice game. Maus? Noo problemo – just HEAT and they like butter since no space-armor! gj WG

  33. Do a Soviet tank t-shirt

  34. wowzers! some game that.

  35. Guys, is the M103 a good tier 9? Right now I have the t32 and I’m at 37k xp. I feel like giving up because in a game I asked if it was good or not and they said it was awful so idk

  36. just watched this on QB’s channel, although unlike QB, u are showing the chat which was what I wanted to see 😀

  37. What server is this again?

  38. who watched for 3 time ??

  39. QB explains a lot of stuff, but i watch Dez because hes funny.

  40. it is funny but he could achieve all of this because the 704 killed the 1114 and gave the 5a the perfect cover against the enemy

  41. that tank is so nice balanced

  42. James Sunny Crockett

    same replay QB posted. Double work, half fun Kappa

  43. That dicks like 704 should be IP-banned for 100 years

  44. Dez where do you come from?

  45. finished the time when arties shotgun and win the game…………………….

  46. what a battle

  47. yeah quickybaby just shared the same video so i watched it till the end after that i changed to your channel because…you know…naah doesn’t matter???

  48. P.S.


  49. I SAW THIS 2 DAYS AGO: 17/07. For those fighting over who has the ‘rights’ over a replay for uploading it first *facepalm*, check .

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