► WZ-111, Is It Worth It Now? – World of Tanks WZ-111 Review

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Source: DezGamez

and . WZ-111, Tier Premium Tank. World of Tanks Tank Review Series.

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I am going to continue my mini-series “ It Worth Now?” with another tier 8 premium tank that was buffed in the latest patch, .
Today’s main quest is going to be tier 8 premium “WZ-111”. On paper, this tank is going to be a lot better in pretty much every way, but is it still going to be worth it? Let’s find out!



  1. Србија, бато

    DEZZZZZ do a face reveal man :)

  2. +Dezgamez i wonder when war gaming gonna buff the T34-3.

  3. compare WZ -111 armor to WZ – 111 1-4 🙂 (yes the tier 8 one has better
    armor overall)
    and than take in account that one fights tier 9 as his top matchmaking and
    the other as his bottom

  4. it’s a no armor and awful gun + bad gun depression tank, improvement can
    not be felt and yea, it’s worth, but it can’t be bought… also making 3
    marks on it was veeeery very hard

  5. Played the WZ 111 1/4 couldn’t wait to sell it couldn’t get on with it so
    doubt I will like this one it seems very similar

  6. But still.. The effective frontal armor is one of the worst of the tier 8
    heavys. Relatively flat bottom plate and no effective piked/sloped upper
    hull armor.

  7. few things: first: dez, amazing and very useful video, as always, second:
    10:20 ISU-152 not SU-152, third: when you said “high roll – 488”, did you
    think that 488 is the highest possible dmg with 390 alfa? I know, I play IS
    and IS-3 too much 🙂 and one last thing, really sorry, but I am telling
    this for third time – german gramacy says: “The way you pronounce it is
    [borzih] not [borshig]”, but in german ;)

  8. easily the best special matchmaking Tier 8 now.

  9. Hey Dez, been here since 5-6K and still loving your videos, they’re great
    as always 😉 Nice merch BTW, can’t wait to get my hands on these!

  10. I would still prefer a Löwe or M4A1 over the WZ-111

  11. Bounced a shot from KV2? That’s impossible unless KV2 is an idiot :P

  12. I cannot directly make a statement specifically about the WZ-111, but
    “on-paper” it is still feel it is outperformed by the 112 in terms of
    playing the role. 112’s armor is so trollish that tier for tier you can get
    to the heavy front with little problems.

  13. Great review, thanx for it DezGamez.
    I actually *just* finished my Type 58 grind and it wasn’t great. Worst
    thing about it is the gun penetration and depression, but it wasn’t THAT
    bad overall.

  14. That was superb…. I know IS3 is history, but can you do an episode with
    IS3 pls?? This is my first heavy tank have been playing for a long time now

  15. wish i had these enemy’s….

  16. Mr. Puertorican007

    Best victory report ever

  17. In a few days, fury and tiger 131 will be available in the shop and i cant
    wait to buy it. (Console only)

  18. Dez your accent is amazing

  19. Hello Guys.. Does anyone know if this going to be available in the near
    future in premium shop.?

  20. Now I would like to see this buff also in my Type 34 3 , since they have
    the same engine and gun!!!

  21. Hey, Dez. Please revisit the IS-6 and tell us how you feel it fits in a
    world of Patriots and Libertés.

  22. I bought the FCM 15t at the worst possible time. Its gun handling just isnt
    what is should be. I think 9.17 premium tank buffs left other premiums
    quite a lot behind. What do you guys think?

  23. onother camper game …soviet camper style ….please goo to ru server
    ..there all like u

  24. So, what to take away from video:
    WZ-111 apparently does well on desert maps

  25. After the buffs it got I really do think it’s a much better buy then it
    used to be. It seem’s like a more stable force on the battlefield now.
    Also I have to know. What’s the music you use during the slow down moments
    for the tanks? I’m really digging it!

    Also Dez now has a product shop page. R.I.Pepperonis my wallet.
    Also I would love to see some of the other memes from this channel in the
    store like “Good job me!” “RASSHHAAA!” “M-Micheal Bay! Why did that
    explode? I drove over a rock” “Dammit I spilled my chips!”


  26. I got the tank during the Marathon 2 years ago. At first its armor was
    paper and it got ammo racked every time someone hit you in the front drive
    wheel, I was also a new player with only 6 months playing the game and it
    was my first tier 8 tank, so I did badly in it. I got the IS 6 later and
    liked it much more, but after the WZ 111 was buffed twice and I also became
    a more experienced player and began to prefer WZ 111 over the IS 6. The WZ
    111 has better view range, is faster, has better turret armor and carries
    more ammunition vs the IS 6 which has better hull armor and Stalin guided
    shells. Recently, on several occasions I have bounced more that 5,000
    damage on the WZ 111 going hull down (even before the 2nd buff), my best on
    the IS 6 is about 4,500 damage bounced. What I really like about the WZ 111
    is that its premium rounds have 250 mm pen vs the IS 6 217 mm pen, its is a
    significant advantage especially when going head on with a E 75, which if
    it closes the distance on the IS 6 loses its weak spot on the lower plate
    because of the angle when the IS 6 fires down.

  27. I think the reason Dez is so popular is because he looks through everyone’s
    comments and even replies sometimes. Keep up the good work Dez!

  28. I’ve had it since it came out. I get ammo racked nearly every game in it

  29. Real nice! The real question though is what did Master_FIN[FIN_W] have to
    say to you? xD. He played the E2 Jumbo :).

  30. music 00:29?

  31. I’m not really convinced about this tank. I think I would rather fight it
    instead of crew it. Of course, this is just my opinion

  32. Jonathan Traivers (Riskel)

    China – no matter how many number “1s” you put into the name of your tanks
    it won’t make them any better

  33. I like 112

  34. Lol, did Anyone see that e-25 at 5:00?

  35. Compared to other similar premium HT:
    + Now among the fastest one, although only slightly
    + Actually not a blind tank unlike some others
    + Gun handling is pretty comfy
    – Armor is still weaker than its competitors, but at least you won’t get
    penetrated by tier 6 medium from front anymore
    – Ammo rack is fragile
    – 175 pen might frustrate you sometimes but at least you can shoot
    weakspots easier now

    So overall you won’t get uber strong front armor like 112 or all rounder
    great armor of IS-6, but with vision and mobility you can act as pseudo
    medium which I do more frequently now. Esp with that gun handling!

  36. 4:59 ok we have to stop doing this to the E 25

  37. whats youre intro song?

  38. i very much enjoy the wz-111, and the gun is very similar to the t-34-3

  39. can you do this like episode from su 122-44

  40. I love my WZ…. my stats in IS6 but I love this tank is much better

  41. Wow eh.. I’ve always been a big fan of my 112, but those gun stats for the
    wz are simply better all round. Its so much better all around. Comparing
    the wz, 112, and is6… My 112 gets shafted pretty hard. good vid Dez,
    thanks for the review!

  42. nope, still garbage

  43. If only it didn’t see heavy tier 9 games or a lot of IS-3s. It can’t brawl
    with IS-3s/IS-6s with AP, you have to either flank them, get weird angles
    or spam skill and guess what most randoms have a shitload of IS’ on their
    teams. If only it got a pen buff, 198mm would do.

  44. Kv-2 shot guided by the hand of Mao instead of Stalin!

  45. That is an interesting position you take on Sand River assault, Dez. I feel
    the attacking team is always handicapped on this map if the defenders have
    half working brain.

  46. Arcane Gianterino Kripperino

    if you do this stuff, dont use the collision model pls… use the live
    model of the armor… thx

  47. that first battle.. no stops on the rape train

  48. Hiraki play || Games&Unboxing channel

    whats the different between wz 111 and wz 112? i dont play wot pc much so
    anyone can kindly tell me their differences and their pros and cons?

  49. If you want 113, maybe play less WZ-111 and more Type 58 ;)

  50. pin point accuracy, lovely when accuracy numbers are literally a made up

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