► WZ-111 Model 5A, New Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank – World of Tanks WZ-111 5A Preview

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Source: DezGamez

WZ-111 5A Preview, New Tier 10 . World of Tanks Patch Preview.

► My information from TheDailyBouce blog: https://thedailybounce.net/

In today’s World of Tanks News episode I am going to take a little bit deeper look at new, upcoming tier 10 Chinese heavy tank “WZ-111 Model 5A”. At the moment at least, seems like this going to be standard tier 10 heavy tank in the Chinese tech tree, which just super awesome news. We have received so many premium tanks already, about a time to get some standard tank action as well. So let’s see if this tank worth getting or not, let’s see how it stands vs “”.

► Player: mikke96




  2. First tier 10 premium tank? Sure! Make it $99.99 USD too!

  3. this looks like an IS7 but better in literally every way. WTF wargaming. what the actual fuck

  4. First good idea from wargaming since 9.18

  5. The two tier 10 tanks are so similar, why bother.

  6. if this tank is compared to the IS7, well IS7 is one hell of underrated tank now

  7. Chinese IS7?

  8. 880k free xp ready to spend

  9. The moment you realise that this new tier 10 *Heavy Tank* has better viewrange than some of the *tier 10 light tanks*… working as intended 😉

  10. Šašo Počmáraný

    so… this is pretty much a better 113 😀

  11. Seems like a better version of the is4, similar hull armour, better turret, better gun handling and more mobile

  12. So it’s probably about as good as a tier 8 prem these days

  13. waiting for a chiftain.

  14. What IS7 need imo:
    – ground resistance buff to something like 1,2/1,5/2,5 (now it have 1,3/1,8/3,1),
    – HP buff to 2 400hp (113 have 2 300 and its not a true heavy),
    – lower plate buff by increasing the angle from 50 to 53 degree (53 degree is historical value),
    – alpha dmg buff to 550/550/750 just like on 263 which have similar gun (Pz.Kpfw.VII have similar alpha with 128mm gun),
    – aim time and accuracy buff to 2,8s/0,38m (now it have 3,1s/0,40m).

  15. The wierd thing about the tech tree is how the 113 was placed as the alt heavy instead of the wz-111 5a. I think because of the wz 111 1-4 is more like the new 5a, and the line from Tier 8 to 10 now all have pike noses. Hopefully wg will add a second chinese heavy line with regular upper plates and similar looking hulls that lead up to the 113 from, lets say the IS-2. I think this would be neat, but idk just spit-balling.

  16. Did someone notice this tank low-rolles like 95% of his shots? i watched this replay he “high-rolled” twice 491 and 492 if you can call that a high-rolle…WTF? :)))

  17. The same gun as the Is 7 but with better premium penetration. Thinking emoji

  18. Did 2 shells fired at grille disappeared? He had gun inside grille – it’s stupid bug and happens way to often.

  19. Frederick Burkert

    ….Waits for a line leading to Chinese autoloaders

  20. when will test server arive?

  21. Graham Montgomey

    So basically its a better IS-7. Regretting getting the IS-7 for a while now and this is just another nail in the coffin. If they don’t buff the gun handling/ground resistances/hp soon I’m gonna sell it.

  22. Lol 2700 dpm? And that shitty pz VII has 2100 dpm xD

  23. It looks alright but at the same time it disappoints me that I have IS-7 that when this tank comes will become a matter of question….Why should I even bother playing it? There should be some buffs for it planned but I dont feel rather optimistic

  24. just replace the is7 with the t-72. feels stupid using an early post ww2 prototype tank in a tier thats suppose to mid cold war.

  25. I recently bought the 113 and its awesome and i get pretty nice results in it, however i’m happy to have a reason to play the 111114 some more as well 🙂
    I actually don’t think the armor on the new chinese tier 10 heavy will be better than 113’s armor because it seems like you can’t angle the new wz without the armor becoming trash, you can however angle the 113. gg, nice video, love you dez :*

  26. haha,. wot will make it another premium lol

  27. Tom's Game Replays

    Hi Dez how are you.I want to know if you can make some real life video again like your motorcycle video maybe show us your pc setup house etc.You dont have to show your face only your buns 🙂

  28. hi dezgamez, please let us know how you got to make the stats screen with the girls work on your latest version of wot. l found it to be available only for the version 0.9.10 🙁
    Is it possible to get only the mood for that after battle stats? from where?
    Thank you a lot

  29. Ey Dez Stream again one day!!!

  30. thx dez. love the vids bro.

  31. What is common in IS-3 and T-10? The forward position of the cupola. So, 7 degrees should be achieved at sides and front of the new Chineese heavy.
    BTW it should be a derivate of the project WZ-111, so even more close to mind where the cupola is and what gun depression angles can be achieved on either side of the tank.

  32. Man, It reloads 3 seconds faster than IS-7…

  33. Now that’s alot of 1’s to say.

  34. New food for Type 5 Heavy:)

  35. that tank the wz 111 5 a should had been introduced since patch 8.3 tho but they takes it down duo that it was so op but why are there reintroducing it tho the game is broken and they reintroduce this tank well

  36. Anyway this Game is fucked up, from 20 clear shoots only 5 go in. So this is not anymore rng that is now wargaming poker machine system. In translation wargaming is decide what your win rate will be and also how Many shoots you will hit during Game. I didn’t believe to guys WHO are writing in FaceBook that game is screwed, but I was forced to press alt+f4 after this happens. Simply not funny and frustrating game to Play ☹️

  37. Phillip Middleton

    love it as always Dez, you’re the best, (or do I mean beast)?!!!

  38. Anyone who thinks RNG could stand for Russian Number Generator has never tried to snipe in an ISU-152, a third of your shots go in the ground, even when fully aimed!

  39. This thing would be almost as good a tier 8 premium tank as the Nameless 😉

  40. I particularly like how it was basically chasing down the Bulldog at the beginning of the game. Like, seriously wg? wtf is this shit

  41. It looks pretty fast in the video.

  42. What? A new tank with NO APCR as standard 😮 (it’s good thing because most of the new tanks dont need to aim that much because APCR)

  43. fuuuck me. had wz 111 twice. sold it twice ( got it marathons)cus didnt need it and didnt like it. except wtf now gotta play tier 10 whit 75% crew XD.
    aaand just incase for some protips 😀 just dont like playstyle “is6 stylish tenks” medium/low tier bullies.

  44. Lets hope the Maus remains the strongest i just got it 🙂

  45. Is this better than the 113 or what?
    Also, its total bullshit you have to use the shitty WZ1114 for 400,000xp and you only have once china heavy crew…..

  46. SHIP, another reasonable segment on yet another new vehicle. Thank you.
    I would like to see this in more exclusive T-X games before an opinion is made.
    I did notice it shooting through the upper chassis of 704, this thing looks like it will just roll along with 400+ shots, nothing to stop it (using standard AP).
    Serious elevation for the pain in the ass maps like Mines or cliff, but still, as I see it, it looks good (so far).
    Gun Depression on the other hand, trying to climb the glacier side of Mountain Pass to push an attack, have to see from the experience or training maps how that shows up (how much armor is exposed for the result.

    the 130mm gun, brings some damage, but at least got SOME accuracy.
    I am skeptical of it brawling face to face with that kind of armor.

    Need some more games when it is all sorted out. This thing didnt fight enough Tier-10’s yet for the video. Lets really see it have to hump the damage they throw at it.

  47. Dez,can you make top 10 fastest tanks in world of tanks,maybe?

  48. better than is7?

  49. stopped playing wot for months now but if this dude came in IAM getting it.

  50. To me it just seems like a generic heavy tank, there is nothing special about it that makes me want to grind it

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