► WZ-111 Model 5A Tank Review & Gameplay, New Tier 10 Heavy – World of Tanks WZ-111 5A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

/ Tank , New Tier 10 . Update Review.

World of Tanks Patch 9.19.1 test server finally up and running and I am able to bring you some actual gameplay action with our new, upcoming tier 10 Chinese heavy tank “WZ-111 Model 5A”. So let’s see how good this tank really , because on paper at least, it seems to be A LOT better than -7 for example.



  1. yall still stuck on this silly game. wow. nothing but a grind with constant nerfs and buffs. what are you enjoying about this time sucking black hole.

  2. pen. WZ-111 5A=260(AP),340(HEAT),64(HE……LIKE video

  3. Fed up with these gold spammer kids, that are playing on CT to shoot only gold ammo. This is test server idiots.

  4. Test server isn’t up?

  5. OP premium rounds… who saw that coming?

  6. Dez iz da be(a)st

  7. TheMidNight Gamer

    Anyone who subs to me I will sub back just reply to this message

  8. RIP 113 AND IS7 , WOT?

  9. Screw world peace, I want some pizza

    who needs a large caliber tank gun rammer when you can have a large excalibur tank gun rammer?

  10. Comhghall Geraghty

    you make tankfest this year Dez?

  11. WZ 111 1-4 Being one of my favourites, this is like godsent. Dat 130 mm 490 gun and spam HE with 800 max roll.


  13. IS-7 had two loaders and an automatic loading system but somehow those chinese still reload almost 20% faster…

  14. Fucking idiots from wg when he will remove the golden ammo from the test server

  15. So it is a Chinese IS7 that is just plain better in every way than the original..
    *Let’s get Riiiiiiight into the POWER CREEP*

  16. WTF is up with those Chinese female crew voices? Sounds ridiculous lol.

  17. Dimitris Xouiazis

    I think is a little op

  18. Remember – E50M STANDARD round is for all intents and purposes the same as the NERFED BatChat 25t premium round! And notice – 3 shots and 3 bounces from not more than 100 meters.

    Yep, WarGaming LOVES to break what is fixed, or at least they LOVE to keep long time players like myself on the brink of deciding to quit – either way, it is pointless stress OR a ruined game, both piss me off, but the thought of the game being ruined is why I stress over this shit…

  19. Testserver still doesnt work 🙁

  20. Matias Paavilainen
  21. AlexanderClement

    Aaand they are increasing MAUS reloading time to 13 sec! Hahahahaha

  22. Basically tier X T-10

  23. 340 HEAT pen at THIS tank, -not op at all…kappa

  24. Omg, stop making new standard tanks and maps, we need new premium tanks!!!

  25. ah anyone else sad how the test server with all its gold spam is what the live server is now these days…

  26. This tank just made the IS7 and E5 obsolete in one swoop LOL

  27. testserver is offline this time idk if it online yet

  28. Pascal Schwarzer

    I want to take this as my new Tier 10. I just bought my IS-7, as my first Tier 10. I loved the T10 playstyle, i guess you can play the Chinese ones the same way. am I right?

  29. The Red Stallion

    test server is not working for me

  30. Man,please respond me. This is my question:Are u from Romania?

  31. even tho everyone say that this thing op, but i think every tank in test server are always balence until it go to live server

  32. Ten commandments of WOT:

    1. any tank that is anywhere near as good as IS7 has to be OP
    2. if 1 then nerf
    3. if 1 and 2 not respected I’ll cry like a baby
    4-10 (as above)

  33. Test server dont working for me?

  34. i m tired of those cryin is7 need buff LOL

  35. server doesn’t work for me

  36. I don’t understand stupid War Gaming!!! Like they complain about tier 10 Light tanks having to much view range, but the Ht have more! Wth WG!!!! They need to stop already! This tank is over powered. The T57 heavy and some other older tier 10 tanks are getting worse as everything else gets buffed. This is totally stupid!!! WG is totally ruining this game. They are making premium tanks ‘pay to win’ and introducing new OP tanks, while forgetting about the tanks in the game already. Gosh!!!! I’ve been grinding down some lines only to find now that the tier 10 tank is now rubbish compared to all the other OP tier 10’s!!!

  37. 300 turret armour! 350 heat pen!!! WTH!!!! This is so stupid.

  38. #makeIS-7greatagain

  39. If I look at this and then at my IS-7, I just have to laugh at how bad the IS-7 got over the years.

  40. This’ll make both IS7 and T110e5 a laughing stock. Smh

  41. all fucing russians spamming gold in test server , i can imagine how idiot they r in normal server

  42. I don’t know what your guys’ problems are:
    WG is doing the same shit over and over again, they put out an OP tank in supertest/testserver. They nerf it for the official testserver slightly to make it “more balanced” while still keeping it OP. And after half a year, when the majority of players pumped their money into this line, they nerf it to be worse than the IS-7 for example.
    They did it with every recently added tank and they will continue with this pattern.

  43. IS-7 buff plz
    IS-7 has been back of the bus for quite a few years now. The only thing it has going for it is the turret. Everything else is garbage.

  44. le forestier damien

    better penetration than french tier X td…

  45. This tank is looks soooo cool. I need it. After the t110E5 .

  46. Jesus with the tunnel vision and letting the batchat flank you. Just your average Euro gamer I guess.

    Yep, definately a euro gamer with all the blubbering about gold rounds

  47. Too OP gun but the armor is decent

  48. lol saw the wz 120 , wonder why dez didn’t scream when he saw it

  49. 1:21 what is that FV4005 doing over there ? @_@

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