► WZ-111G FT Gameplay + Chinese Destroyers Preview! – World of Tanks Patch 9.20 WZ-111G FT Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks WZ-11 Gameplay Review, Tier 9 Chinese Tank Destroyer. World of Tanks Chinese Tank Destroyers Preview. World of Tanks Patch 9.20 Update Preview – New Chinese Tank Destroyers.

► Information:
– https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/supertest-920/

Guys, today I have something exclusive for you! How about an actual battle/replay with one of the new upcoming Chinese tank destroyers?
While I am taking a little bit deeper look into every single one of them, you can enjoy some gameplay action with the upcoming tier 9 Chinese tank destroyer on the background – WZ-11 is in action!
Even tho it was HUGE pain in the ass to get everything working, it is finally here and hopefully it was it…

Full list of Chinese tank destroyers in the patch 9.20 update:
Tier 2: T-26G FT
Tier 3: M3G FT
Tier 4: SU-76G FT
Tier 5: 60G FT
Tier 6: WZ-13
Tier 7: -2G FT
Tier 8: WZ-111-1 FT
Tier 9: WZ-11
Tier 10: WZ-113G FT

What do you think?

► Players on the background:
WZ-11 FT: HERO屠夫

From NCS YouTube channel:
– Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]



  1. Now that was one bit*h episode to make!
    This is why my today’s upload is a bit late… but hopefully it was worth it in the end, to get some preview action going! 🙂

  2. Sucks that there will be more bushclickers per battle, with new upcoming td line. Most of the td on this line are ok, but of course the 3 toptanks have unbalanced guns..
    There will be a lot of premium spamming on those 2 toptanks when there are close games. If you face them in close game, is a lot of chance to lose. Nice balance :/

  3. Was kinda hoping for sleek, low to the ground, stealthy glass cannons. I wanted some tds that have the profile of the 113 or the wz 111 1-4. Those tanks are majestic as fuck.

  4. YouSexaThangYou LongLiveChocolate

    The thumbnail looked like an uglier version of a foch.

  5. this looks like an isu 152

  6. This reminds me of the Obj. 268 before WG hammered it with the nerf stick.

  7. 395 penetration wtf ?? Again full gold player…

  8. Looks like an isu but with a tumor

  9. Darren Adams-Beutel

    Thanks for going to all that trouble Dez. Action and information packed as usual.

  10. That gun never miss’s

  11. World of Fake Tanks

  12. Does everybody not see this????
    WTF – the player from the replay is using Tundra mod – he is aiming lead-shots without checking the contour of the enemy tanks while they move through bushes….yeah GG this player should get banned and also DezGamez try not to put videos with cheaters.

  13. WG goes further and further into the world of fantasy.

  14. Ugh more imaginary tanks….maps please only maps that’s it I need nothing else

  15. Šašo Počmáraný

    this wz is so OP on the chinese server lol
    btw your efforts are greatly appreaciated

  16. Tier 5 tank destroyers with more dpm that some tier 10 light tanks, not overpowered at all

  17. OK… Where was tier ☓??

  18. Crazy penetration. It’s going to make life miserable. Way too many big guns in the game already. The FUN is getting sucked out of wot fast.

  19. Ussr clones almost all the way..

  20. This is why they are nerfing the ISU, they put it at the same level as the chinese t8

  21. Will you make some giveaways for 150k subs? 😀

  22. Since I play the game for fun I will get the tier 6-7 but not higher. I like fast and mobile tanks (like the udes 03 and the su 101) so that is a tank for me 😉

  23. Ooh look another version of the blyat-152

  24. chinese tanks = copied from other countries
    90% of chinese tanks are copied from russian
    and their tier 3 tank is copied copied of chi-ha

  25. spartan sniper0789

    Dez, there are 2 different Skorpions. The Rhm skorpion, the one you always see and the grey skorpion

  26. why your ping is so low? isn’t it a chinese server?

  27. Ugly looking things aren’t they.

  28. All these new tanks coming out are just making me play my t110e3 as a sniper more and more.

  29. when isu-152 and obj-268 switch places

  30. rip isu and 704

  31. People stop crying that the tanks are just copy paste or something every nation had some tanks that they took from other nations and developed their own with better or worse guns, turrets, … so its normal and not just wargaming running out of ideas and I mean hey china had not many tanks in the techtree and … better a normal copy paste tank than a premium copy paste tank (ment because of the price of a copy paste premium) ;D

  32. WTF… tier 1 = > 8 look good … why the fuck tier 9 10 too fk ugly ???

  33. Galera Oświecenia

    siema pl

  34. I would imagine that the stats on the Chinese server are even better than on paper. When I played there for 2 years it was just crazy how OP Chinese tanks were. Tier 7 IS2 with 300mm pen heat rounds for 2000 credits… And better mobility than on the EU server…
    Most people were just playing the WZ111 or 112 because they were literally Tier 9 tanks on Tier 8 spamming very cheap premium heat rounds with 300mm penetration and preferential matchmaking. There was literally no reason to play a different nation.

  35. hey dez you know that the stats showed on the tank are with stock equipment?!

  36. it looks like a fucking beast!!

  37. When will the sandbox server open?

  38. One thing about Chinese server is that they don’t ban bush and trees plug-in, actually no plug-in will be ban in Chinese server….

  39. Seems like the this tech tree beats the hell out of the Obj. 268 tree

  40. So the tier 5 sounds like another op t67 🙂
    Only 2 things i think you missed out on which is kinda important is the gun depression and armor values

  41. How to play with that tanks, is that test server?

  42. They look ugly as hell. But new tanks are always nice.

  43. Hey Dez.. download the google translate app. open it up and you can use the camera on your phone to do real time translations. Blew me away first time i used it. Travelled lots in Asia and worked really well. Not always 100% translations but good enough to go by. Some hilarious translations too. 😉

  44. Why does some chinese tank look alot like the tanks from the other countries

  45. The gold pen is fucking op once again…
    gg WG

  46. 国服。。。。。。。。国歌 好熟悉

  47. when you show the stats from the tank icon that are the stats for the stock gun. its doesnt show the stats with a 100% crew
    and I think the will nerf the hell out of those TDs after some weeks on the live server, just as the last lines

  48. I thons wargaming team has to put on the T9 Chinese tank destroyer a tier 9 gun like on T30 and foch because this standard penetration and premium penetration is too much for this tier!
    What u think about that guys?

  49. Cég! If you move your coursor on the tank, it will show the basic, stock stats.

  50. RNG made names for China tanks? 😉

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