► WZ-120-1G FT – Tier 8 Premium Chinese Destroyer! – World of Tanks WZ-120-1 FT Gameplay

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WZ-120-1G FT Gameplay and Review, Chinese Premium Destroyer. Patch 9.20 Update – New Chinese Destroyers.

9.20 Test Server is going strong at the moment with new Chinese destroyer line, but I wanted to show you one tank that we actually already have in the game – WZ-120-1G FT. This is going to be our upcoming premium tank destroyer from China.
And you are also going to see one map that I have never seen before – Empire’s Border. This is a special map only for the Chinese server and most likely it is not going to be anywhere else… but with WG you never know. 🙂

And also stay tuned for more videos and information about 9.20!

Full list of Chinese tank destroyers in the patch 9.20 update:
Tier 2: T-26G FT
Tier 3: M3G FT
Tier 4: SU-76G FT
Tier 5: 60G FT
Tier 6: WZ-131G FT
Tier 7: T-34-2G FT
Tier 8: WZ-111-1 FT
Tier 9: WZ-111G FT
Tier 10: WZ-113G FT

What do you think?

Music used:
Chinese National Anthem



  1. PS! I should have mention that this map is Chinese server exclusive map, Derp… Which makes me a little sad, but oh well… Maybe in the far future! 🙂
    But that armor tho, I can see some tier 8 are going to have problems penetrating it, are you surprised? 😀
    I hope you enjoyed your weekend, keep it up and I catch you tomorrow, with “British Roulette”! 🙂

  2. another armored premium td that requires premium shells in order to pen it, even from tier X heavy tank…BULLSHIT!…Why I’m not surprised…Genius wg -_-

  3. 长城这个图国服早就烂了……


    The SU-122-44 is better i think , 8,8 reload but least 390 alpha dmg on blitz ……… but both of them are for a good armourd tank really accurately

  5. Farkkk, it moves like an E25 !

  6. Love ur vids Dez, ur my number one favourite! But as this td is concerned, Lil op. Too much armor and mobility for a prem tank. Nyt that’s how wg seems to do it nowadays. Maybe it’s time for me to dig into the chinese tech tree. And it has “epic boomstick”?

  7. New Map at the start?

  8. new map:)

  9. this is not TD this is fucking assault gun

  10. make a special video about this map pls

  11. Hahahahahaha…..new map? It’s the exact same as the console map ‘Great wall’. If you need proof go and check out QBs vid on the console chieftain and this is the map he plays on

  12. Looks kinda like an SU-122-44 a tier higher, cool.

  13. Map on console already. Out of rotation right now. As I saw already but called Great Wall

  14. Thanks for uploading Dez. I’ll take your videos anytime over study – especially when I get to be sick as an excuse 🙂

  15. That map is called Great Wall on console and it sucks. The mountains in the middle make it really hard to support the other flank in a reasonable amount of time.

  16. DezGamez I don’t know if anyone said this yet but this map is on the xbox version of world of tanks

  17. Man when i started wot I was sent to the American server back in 6. Something and I live in South Asia fml the ping high and American server sucks the asian server gets cookies

  18. Its on console

  19. 生命之辉·绽放

    Wz120 is type 59 if u don’t know. This td’s chassis, or tracks, hull, are from type 59 – that’s why it is so fast. Our hero’s name reads as “zhong xun yang jian gao xiong”, which is a Japanese heavy cruiser, the name of his clan is an American school in the anime [Girls und Panzer], which is sort of funny. Besides, the literal translate for the map is “the iron Great Wall”, which I like better than empiror’s border. Hope Dez can see this 😀

  20. WG really needs to get new maps, its horrible playing the same dam maps over and over, especially seeing they are poorly designed as well.

  21. This map is on Xbox and is called Great Wall

  22. Looks like an SU-122-54 and SU-122-44.

  23. Russah bitch

    wait hang on

  24. We do appreciate all that you do my friend. Thank you, Vern

  25. Too bad this map has been on console for over a year now. PC just gets it now?

  26. Hydeto camui kaguamura

    I love wargaming p2w

  27. in fact the direct translation of the map’s name is “steel Great Wall” but “Empire border” is also a good translation. During the game the obj252 team killed the friendly arty after asking that arty to shoot T-10, who was on the other side of the mountain. Then they started insulting each other lol.

  28. they have the map on xbox still, great wall

  29. The WZ 120 part refers to the hull which is the industrial designation of the Type 59.

  30. or great wall on console, played it before

  31. Gun penetration is sign of more power creep. My Jagdtiger 88 can’t compete with that pen. Even tho it gets same MM. amongst other things….

  32. dez teh 120 stands for its armor asicly it measn the version of that tank has 120 armor compared to a predecessor

  33. Anthony Kosztadinov

    I want that map in the other server’s. It looks cool!

  34. looks like an su 122-44

  35. This does raise the question though. What happened to getting a country specific map when a new nation is implemented? We never got one for the swedes… but we did get paris * sarcastic cheering *

  36. Translation of the username of the player would be: Heavy Cruiser Takao

  37. This is almost better than Obj 704… Just give it more hp and it will work fine at tier 9.

  38. Nice work again from the might Nutz, stay epic and i enjoyed ur video!

  39. Actually this map should be translated as “Steel Wall’

  40. it is like a bigger SU-122-44

  41. Its called wz-120 because its built in the chassis of a wz-120 omg every chinese tds name is based of the tank they are built on ffs is it really that hard to realise?

  42. It looks like the SU-122-44, but it doesn’t seem to be as nutty from my cursory scan of the stats.

  43. The map is still available on Xbox all the time

  44. Dezgamez that map has been on console for some time now…

  45. Very Well Educated

    So basically a SU- 122- 44 with some new gameplay mechanics and a different color scheme with a new Nations Flag interesting. And congratulations wargaming you took a nap that’s already available on consoles and gave it to us by the way can I ask why the console players seem like they have more content than PC players??? Now can we have some of the older more fun Maps back I say you just stick to map building.

  46. Let me ask you this, since you’re playing in the chinese server, have you evr stumbled upon a golden type 59 by any chance?

  47. What a beautiful map, thanks  for all your hard work bringing us that replay Dez, it wa a great episode!!!  Thats just a beautiful map,  and this premium TD looks like it will be a real good one. many bounces and good rate of fire.

  48. Isn’t this just a Su 122-44 from China and got to tier 8?

  49. Oh great they take this map out of map rotation on console and put it on PC

  50. The chinese map is general map on ps4 WoT EU server called great wall if i’m not mistaking.

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