► WZ-131 – GRIND TO BULLDOZER WZ-132-1 – World of Tanks WZ-131 Gameplay

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. -1, Grind To Bulldozer. World of Tanks , Tier 7 .

Thank You!

“Everything okaaaaay, because I am on vacaaaatiooooon…”, or something like that. These were the lines I said this morning. 🙂 And how I am going to use my vacation? Making more videos for you, yay! I am able to do what I like the most, so let’s see how this goes.
Going to start off with new mini-series called “Grind To Bulldozer ”. I have a lot of “Grind To …” series going on, but I think I am going to set my focus on for now, I simply loved this tank on test servers.

Let’s go, enjoy! 🙂


  1. “Eeeeverything is okaaaaaaaaay, because I am on my vacaaaaaaaaation…” 🙂
    Btw, some of you have been saying that some maps are super dark in my videos, is this a problem for everyone? Should I turn my gamma a bit higher?

  2. I love it when the victory girls show what they have to offer.

  3. funny that this is the video you chose to do Dez because I just started playing the Chinese light tanks yesterday

  4. excellent replays Dez keep them rolling

  5. nice ending XD

  6. I have WZ-132 and in high tier without premium it’s hard to win money
    Is it good if i sell WZ-132 for WZ-131 ? is it worth it ?

  7. I loved my WZ 131. It was the reason I bought Type 64. Shame they had to nerf it’s pen and overall stats in the last patch.

  8. When in one vs many map awareness is crucial but you did your best and your best is dam good 😉

  9. Back in 9.17 the 131 used to have a 100mm (181 pen 250 dmg) and the 85 mm had ~4sec reload…

  10. Heinrich Kriener

    if you are on holidays, you can make a new biketime.
    there micht be enough questions to answer

  11. About that Grille: sometimes when I’m in a SPG and I know I’m about to die, I will try to get off a final shot at whatever target I was aiming at. It isn’t necessarily because I don’t see the incoming threat. It’s just because I have a better chance of hitting the target that I was already aiming at, rather than trying to snapshot a fast mover who’s relatively close to me. So, maybe tunnel vision–maybe not.

  12. Wait… so he has two jobs?

  13. Anzul The Dwarf

    I loved my 131. A great little tank and more fun to play than the subsequent tanks in that line I feel

  14. Usual scumbag teaching us how good tanks can swim….

  15. Hi Dez! 😛

  16. Have a great vacation, Dez.

  17. Dez, is your crew on this all female? I can’t tell with the helmets on.

  18. Alexander Agustine

    Your first and third battles show what a garbage this new MM is. With Lts and Arties as top tanks, what is the purpose of the heavy tanks? My GW Panther is the top tank almost 80% of the time. On the other hand, my Defender and VK 1000.1 rarely see top tier games at tier 8.

  19. You are crying for 159 pen with light tank…

    Look at T-43 144 pen in medium tank in T7…

  20. Drink every time Dez misses the word ‘the’ in a standard structured English sentence and you’ll be drunk in 2 minutes.

  21. WN8 looks so easy on EU servers… More players means more bad players I guess?

  22. Wish I had WZ-131, but I’m not interested to grind tier 4 and 5….

  23. What is with the girls in the victory/defeat frame? NA doesn’t have that!

  24. I’m starting Chinese light grind too! I’m at 59-16 still though

  25. U said T62a at the end of your first game. 😉

  26. kenneth wiinberg olesen

    Chinese tanks so sexy!

  27. that anthem tho… of all the nations in wot I don’t think there’s a more annoying one. Yes I’m from Hong Kong and I’m biased when I say this anthem is cringe worthy at best. But the tank does seem to be a good one, might grind it.
    and if you are looking for some authentic chinese music for battle related video, try 霸王卸甲 or 十面埋伏

  28. Dez you are the freaking best

  29. Dez i got an idea for a challenge series for ya. U can only drive STOCK tanks. You can use equipments and crew skills, but the tank has to be stock. U can change some rules, like u can get 2 upgrades or something but that’s it. If the tank has 3 guns to go through, each gun counts as an upgrade (IF u know what i mean by this)

  30. fantasic job, as always man! I hope you enjoy your vacation:)

  31. I love you Dez. Just that.

  32. Damn you Dez. Taking holidays to work even more. 😀

  33. What should you have done? Simple… cap… they had 20-30 sec on cap with 2 guys… with you, you would win… =º

  34. You did get the medal for killing arty! It was lowered to 2 arties because the maximum arties you can meet was lowered

  35. Savvas Aslanidis

    Premium account + top tier light = domination. NEVER SEEN SOMETHING SIMILAR… pff… Really, a lot of wonderful videos BUT NOT THIS! Vote down

  36. type 62=t62A?:O

  37. what mod is that that has the ladies on the victory and defeat plates

  38. go second we want new tank good games 🙂

  39. nice new videos, I was just thinking these days if I should start the grind for the WZ-132-1. I’m actually thinking about putting my 4 skills WZ-111 crew on the tanks (I’m only at the WZ-131). Is it worth it?

  40. WZ-131 got fucked hard this update. If you own a Type 62 like I do there is no point in keeping it.

  41. WZ-132A ha poor traverse speed 😐

  42. instant like u know how it works~~~~

  43. I personally used the 100mm gun on Wz131 and managed to have 2.5-3 k damage almost every game. 6.89 reload with everything maxed out. Of course that was back then when you had to fight in tier 9 games and a tier 8 game was just a dream.

  44. Rodrigo Cezario

    Which mod allows you to view wn8 by match?

  45. Stephen Williams

    Good vibes for your break, from down under (New Zealand) thank you for the extra content, especially the light actions 😀

  46. What mod pack do you use to show those stats in your notification feed?

  47. Dez, you’re allways just such a wholesome guy. Your attitude just makes my day and reminds me to be a little more greatful for the little things I enjoy.

  48. 白銀大和*Yamato-kai_2199

    I’m Chinese, and I really love the line (except the 59-16)
    [EDIT] don’t complain about pen value when you already drove the T20

    159 vs 160

  49. Love playing the Chinese LTs… unlocked the tier 9, but am not ready to move any of my crews up yet… it’ll happen – some day 😉

  50. can u do live streams on youtube

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