► WZ-132-1, Tier 10 BULLDOZER! – World of Tanks WZ-132-1 Light Tank Gameplay

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World of Tanks WZ-132-1 Gameplay and Review, WZ-132-1 – 10 Chinese Light Tank. World of Tanks Patch Review. World of Tanks New/Reworked SPG (Artillery), New Light Tanks, New MatchMaking System.

Few days I ago, something crazy happened… Something that I did not even dream about when I started making YouTube videos. I spent a lot time, effort and work into it, trying to find the best service provider, the best quality and the best designs. And I have to say, I am quite happy how it turned out. So if you would like to support me even more, then go check it out, maybe you find something that you like, thanks! 🙂

Full list of changes with World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update:

Hang in there everyone, only 2 more episodes about new, upcoming 10 light tanks in World of Tanks. Today I am going to focus of the funniest light tanks – “WZ-132-1”. Why this is funny? Because I can play it like my E-50-M, I CAN RAM PEOPLE! 😀
This light tank, with 30 tons and 1,080 BHP engine is doing some pretty sexy work, check it out!

All 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/Chinese WZ-132-1
– German/ Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105

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  1. Is dat what ya call a name ?!

    Super fast E50m

  2. dat 860 ram damage to T-100 LT o.O

  3. WZ-132 is my baby, I researched all LT8 except for Ru-251 and I actually liked it the most, as well as having the best stats of almost any tanks in it.

    While I’m sad that the new WZ-132 won’t retain that magic due to acc nerf, you had me hyping for the tier X now. Definitely will grind it as well as buying a chinese prem LT to train crew I guess

  4. Funny how nobody’s crying rassian bias now.

  5. What ever happened to, you know, light tanks not being well armored? Now we have a soviet tank that has more armor than a fair few medium tanks and now we have a little get tank that can shine hull down? I know we had T-54 lightweight but the hull armor was bad and the turret wasn’t THAT good..

  6. Really cool video as always, I love all your vids and enjoy them :v Keep up the good work ! 🙂

    (Can you reply btw ? Cuz I love you Dez (No homo 8)) ;-;)

  7. 121 is now completely irrelevant

  8. someone know when the patch 9.18 will be released?

  9. OK… But your taking g just as much damage ramming as your giving?!?
    Fun, but whats the point if your dieing just as fast?

  10. Dez I love this tank, I got 10 battle and in the last battle I got 5,4K dmg

  11. . 4 base accuracy with bia vents and food shouldn’t that make it .32 cause of 20% bonus

  12. Guilherme Santos

    *notification squad reporting to duty sir*

  13. Baptiste Bachelard

    I feel like a hipster for liking this tank the most since Sandbox

  14. So like the old awful panther, but at tier 10 then?

  15. imagine raming those guys with e50 🙂

  16. dez try with cornwall, with derp gun (make cornwall more heave) ofc with spall liner and control impact. 65 km i was one shot almost ever t6 medium, not to mention the light tanks.

  17. Gazorpazorpfield

    Dang, you make me want to grind this tank! Can someone enlighten me on how the Chinese light tank line plays and how the grind is?

  18. Sadistic Hamster

    I need to have this. Ram–bo 132-1

  19. OH my goodness, I havent heard the chinese national anthem for such a long time!!!!! Also i am moving up the chinese light line, currently at wz 131

  20. Interesting. Some of the best games i have had in the T-54 Lwt have been by ram killing other light tanks so I’ll have to look into getting the WZ-132-1.

  21. Wew! Dat Ramming damage doe! sheeeiiiittt!

  22. Love your vids Dez, can’t wait for this tank as well!!!

  23. because of this video. someone will ram a Maus. I believe the batchat in a match today that rammed an afk JPE E100 and killed himself with over 1k hp might have watched this video. Dez pls put disclaimers. potatoes can’t tell the difference. disclaimers. disclaimers. disclaimers.

  24. This looks like a fucking beast. I might finally have to finish going up the China light line. Dangit it Dez! giving me even more work to to 😛

  25. Dez dude you have the best cinematic style World of Tanks videos. You can tell you really give it your all when you make one.

  26. Ramming is a placebo for shitters. If you throw away healthpoints just to get a sick ram you’re confirmed bad.

    You better shed that spall liner on the live server.

  27. shame they don’t make the 121 a little more quicker it was disappointing when I got it ,,,,,w hen I can log on to the test server I’m gonna try out this 132-1 hope its a good upgrade from the 132 etc, or even a bigger brother of the type 62

  28. Luís Augusto Panadés

    And that SHIT Grille 15 that nobody ground is awful, completly underpowered. And, the idiots nerfed that shit after launch the monsters from sweeden and this super fast tier X lights.

    With that bloom and shit gun depression and elevation, with absolutly any survivability Grille 15 is the worse shit this game has.

    I’m happy to have uninstalled. Only playing sometimes with common server to test new things, because I can’t belive the shit they did with Grille 15, that nobody ground and they pushed over us.
    Really they know how to do a happy playing vehilce . Grille 15 is weak, underpowered and super anoying and boring to play.

  29. The China line is gonna be the top light tank line now

  30. hey dez, when i first subscribed to your channel, your accent made me cringe so much that i considered unsubbing. im glad i didnt, because you are the man! keep up the good work mate!

  31. You are very good!

  32. What does he say at the beginning of the video? I’m brazilian

  33. Karl Muehlhaeuser

    Awesome video dezgames! As always great content. Thx for uploading so constantly, it really makes my day, when you upload?

  34. Damn, the Chinese are finally getting some love. I always believed that my WZ-132 was the best LT. and WG sure didn’t disappoint.

  35. Are we playing world of tanks or Bump Cars? This game has lost connection with reality. What is next – flying in some super light?

  36. Darren Adams-Beutel

    Crap! Now I gotta start grinding Chinese lights. Thanks Dez, great content as usual.

  37. Nice review, you certainly got an eye for the ramming possibility of WZ132… GOOD JOB

  38. besides hit points, this thing is basically a medium tank

  39. Its more of a snow plough than a bulldozer

  40. Dude! the national anthem freaked me out! It feels so strange to hear one’s own national anthem in a gameplay video, haha

  41. If this is the gameplay that will be when T10 lights hit the live server i dont wanna play much….. Looks retarded speeding around like that on maps that are tiny

  42. Can you make a video of the new Tier 7 Light from Russia the LTG?

  43. Dez do you think if you put a light spall liner on the rhm panzerwagen it will also be good at ramming? it weighs 5 tons less but it is faster, just curious if you could test it out.

  44. Iam so going to get this tank :-)…sadly, i have to get the tier 9 first, but i saved some XP on my 132. Nice vid Dez love the ramming….Looks like the 132-1is the ultimate spotter killer.

  45. they t8 wz132 is so good but dez doesnt have it…guess I am more advanced than him in ONE way

  46. The wz132 is My most played tank @ around 1100 games out of 24000 total. Love that tank to bits!

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