► WZ-132-1, Tier 10 Chinese Light Tank – World of Tanks WZ-132-1 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

and Preview. Tier 10 Light Tanks – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 3 Review. – Tier 10 .

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I am back with another video from : Sandbox 2.0 and here my fifth, which also my final episode about new tier 10 light tanks in World of Tanks. In today’s episode I am focusing on tier 10 Chinese light tank – “-1”. This tank might as well be the most enjoyable light tank in tier 10 that I tested on Sandbox server, at least in my opinion. Almost everything really good at it, IMO.

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/Chinese WZ-132-1
– German/Germany
– France/French

I really do hope you enjoyed my mini-series about all those new tier 10 light tanks!

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  1. wish they made at least one fast firing low alpha fast light, not auto of course

  2. Bit of a pisser as I just got the 132 hoping it would be pushed up to t9 like the rest to save me the grind but nope.

  3. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    What do you mean lucky? Everyone elses tier 8s LTs get bumped into tier 9 while I have to grind from tier 8 to 9 then 10. What kinda unfair bullshit is this

  4. look modern

  5. These numbers on screen are probably your ID. They don’t change and WG would know who’s giving ou unauthorized data

  6. Oh my god it’s beautiful.

  7. Thx Dez, GJ

  8. next update bigger map approx 10kilo

  9. that was a sick shot

  10. I want to see Chinese Arty

  11. It has the same gun dep with that turret as T-100, yea right…

  12. If max effective view range in game is 445m what is the point in having more? does it have something to do with the camo mecanics?

  13. Alexander Stoyanov

    What’s the point in driving mediums in tier 10 now with these idiotic changes wg is thinking of implementing, what do the mediums have over the lights at tier 10? Arguably better armor and a bit better gun handling and absolutely nothing fucking else xD gg wg nice rebalancing nice thinking slow clap bb wot PS I exclude sheridan and amx 105 the are kinda more balanced and amx is even a bit shitty

  14. Its time for me to start grinding the Chinese tanks.

  15. A light tank… with the L7?

  16. Anyone know what they’ll do to the type 62?

  17. Thank you for putting together this “mini-series” Dez. It was really informative and entertaining. Looking forward to the new LT tanks. They should be a lot of fun in right hands!!

  18. hopefully the 59 16 gets buffed

  19. SleepingKnightsRS421

    forgot about this feature they were adding till he got hit by the lorr.155 and i looked at his consumables and the repair & med kit was on cool-down. ill like that feature so you get more bang for your buck by equipping them and for random mishaps

  20. I’m sure the Chinese women are excited for the amount of penetration. Kappa.

  21. Why do all the tier tens get bad accuracy

  22. Hey Dez, do you mind if I ask what makes the WZ more fun than the T-100? They seem like very similar tanks, with the T-100 having less alpha and more RoF.

    Also, yes I enjoyed the series. I ended up subbing because of it.

  23. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Dez do you think that WG will rework the Arty Missions? Cuz with the DMG nerfs and the new System they cant just leave the Arty DMG Missions as they are.. they would be just too hard to get like the “most” dmg on the Team.. but how i know WG they will Forget about that and we will have to get every other Missions with Honour.. But yeah.. the WZ 4k DMG in a Light? and 2nd Class? yeah.. sure xD

  24. What’s with the icons over the dead tanks? Is that a new thing?

  25. this tank looks AMAZING!!!!

  26. finally a chinese tank that good!!

  27. disappointed i will have to do a tier 9, buy hey, looks good to me

  28. Does that fence thing around the turret work like the one on the front of Strv 103B? So does it hold against HEAT and maybe weaken HE?

  29. Thank you Alot for all the Hard Work you put in to bring us this Series of Content to show us the New Light Tanks !
    T-100-LT is my Personal favorite from the videos veri Stronk Tenk 😀

  30. Finally a Type-69I in WOT!!!

  31. dumb video making 101

    kinda wish they would’ve put a 120mm on it, that’s kinda a Chinese thing right? putting big guns on small-ish tanks.

  32. social3ngin33rin

    I know what I”m going to ask may sound torturous, but
    how is the new 13 90 as a tier 9?

  33. That CGC that stunned you did say sorry afterwards though

  34. I reckon the WZ looks the best out of all the t10 lights.

  35. Making money/credits seems a lot better.. Can’t wait for the german one in my garage. Ready, already. 😀

  36. wonderful job dez, and ty for the updates on the lights. I see not much thought put in the amx line again!

  37. Well Dez looks like we have three tanks to look forward to 🙂 Really hope that both US and French get some changes before the patch.

  38. so if tier 8 are in a match up with tier 10 lights thats gonna suck with that reload and alpha man

  39. CAN I get some gold for world of tanks my name is friendlytroller13 and I play on pc

  40. dez i think u covered the teir 10 lights the best,ty..i have the wz-132…,keep the vids coming ✌.now to get another computer to play,my asus just was stolen 🙁

  41. Will for me the 1 32 is the best right now …Thanks for the series brother… Great job

  42. Put optics on your LTs, boys. Also, camouflage does more for your view range differential than either of the view range skills, so prioritize that on tanks that need camo before other skills (i.e. Not E 100s)

  43. I think this is the one for me.

  44. So the conclusion of this series is that the russian tanks will always be op …


    3.2k dpm, dez has to be nerfed, like almost all tier X light tanks

  46. The moment you remember your a console peasant and it will take years for this to be in your game 🙁

  47. is it just me or are the Chinese compensating for something?

  48. awesome effort Dez… really appreciate these first look videos at the proposed Lts 😉

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