► WZ-132A, MASTA OF ASSISTA – GRIND TO THE WZ-132-1 – World of Tanks WZ-132A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Gameplay . , Grind To Bulldozer. World of Tanks WZ-132A, Tier 9 .

As promised, here something for all my viewers and fans, hope you like it!

I am back with another episode from my “Grind To The Bulldozer -1” mini-series. This time featuring tier 9 Chinese light tank “WZ-132A”, so that means I am only 1 tank away from my ultimate goal. I have enough credits, all I need is to play around 40 more battles and that beast is in my garage… But let’s see what I was able to get with tier 9 one, with WZ-132A.



  1. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    Dez, you could ask Wg and explain your mistake. If you haven’t played a battle with the WZ-120 they can refund you your exp back and research the WZ-132A instead. You can’t have played a single battle in the tank though, if you have, say goodbye to that chance.

  2. Holy shit, this free exp loss hurts even me, RIP 80k exp. I lost a shit-ton of credits this way, you’re not the only one, I know the feeling 🙂

  3. Stop being a stats-bot and just enjoy being you doing what you like 😀

  4. Also Dez, Sk8xtrm has a coming up fundraiser for the McMillan cancer support, could give the good man a shout out to get more on the cause? I know jingles did it already, but I am backing his support 100% and want our awesome community to check it all out, beard guys, and one and only 16 are guests from PC/console, perhaps you could jump in as well for this

  5. its still okay that you researched the tier 9 med. atleast you have more time to grind your current crew members for the next light tank. and maybe in the future you’ll get the tier9 med tank. and still, CHINA NUMBAA WAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHAHAHAH!!

  6. you have unlocked wz-120 and you can go for 121 it’s really great tank now with -5 gun depression. I’ve been playing a lot of with this tank after buff and all i can say Best gun best dmg and mobility is great too

  7. Dez when is the wz 120 review???

  8. Hey Dez have a good day! ^^

  9. ”heavy tank” 5.20 ?

  10. I expected some WZ-120 Gameplay 😛
    I guess Dez expects alot of these comments 😀


  12. Dez, i have bounced of the Jadgpanzer E100 with my M4A1 Revalorisé, its not somethink special your bounce i think

  13. We want WZ-120 😀

  14. Nikola Kotorcevic

    Dez,where are results of giveaway?

  15. Looks like an awesome tank dez i cant wait till i get it!:D

  16. Are you old nigga?

  17. Dez, I need your help: Should I get amx 13 90, or should I continue till I get batchat 25 t? If I’d get amx 13 90, I would then stop and continue on TVP 50/51(tier 9 zheck tank). And in this situation I don’t really know. I like light tank gameplay, but I’d like to clip some tanks on batchat too. What do I do?

  18. Well played! I’m 25k xp shy of the Tier IX chinese light tank, Bulldozer will soon be mine aswell!

  19. XxThe Destroyer xX


  20. One word

    Wz-120 🙂

  21. Kasalica Slobodan

    gg for game

  22. I couldn’t stop laughing when you researched WZ-120 :’)

  23. wow. I might have to start working my way towards this. Seem’s like a punchy little fuck.

  24. Hey Dez, what equipment are you using on your WZ-132A?

  25. Currently on tier 6 for this line… A lot of fun !! But are the higher tiers turrets good enough to use them hull down or no ??

  26. @DezGamez let’s help with your T Shirts, “Fabriqué en France”, start with Fabriqué, “Fabri” you pronounce it well “qué “you have to pronounce it like “Key” in English or better like “Qué” in spanish which mean ”What” in English and “Mida” in your country 😉 and finally “en France” you do it well too.

  27. So ig the job of a light is to stop and track? Nice tip……not

  28. That silence at 1:55 was epic … then the head hitting the desk ……. so on point

  29. Only eurishitters would be dumb enough to ram in light tanks

  30. 5:21 a heavy tank? WZ-213A is a heavy tank……………………………..

    wargaming boyz stop drinking vodka please

  31. I used to hate your voice now I find it relaxing

  32. play the WZ-120

  33. DezGamez what does “ShipTheNutz” mean? How did you get that name?

  34. happy bday to me 🙂

  35. Great video Dez (as usual), the 132A is my favorite of the tier 9 light tanks, replacing the good old T49. I think I’ll be keeping it once I get the 131-1 unlocked.

  36. WZ-120 is a good tank thought

  37. Nice video Dez

  38. Armando Marcial Alonzo

    you can claim a exception at WG page. just let them know u madd a mistake and of u havent played the vehicle they can refund u the exp, Gold and or credits.

  39. So, does this mean that WZ-120 meme on your channel is dead?

  40. Dez: Helloooo, Ladies and Gentlemen….
    Gentlemen: Dez, you know, your channel have not Ladies….
    Dez: Hush! My Wz-132-1 commander is lady!
    Gentlemen: Errrr, So Where are Ladies in this Channel 😉

  41. @Dezgames learning pretty good the assistance damajjj tehnique from Skill4ltu ? 🙂 Very nice

  42. I love RAMMING but I dont know why. It is AWESOME.

  43. Lmfao, that moment when it sinks in that you just researched the wrong tank, beam me up Scotty, this planet sucks

  44. At least you can’t buy the wrong tank this time Dez…

  45. Panther 8,8 is deceptively heavy.. It’s a pretty decent rammer in itself. I treat it like a mini E-50M. Gotta be careful ramming them

  46. “I’m a huge fan of penetration” – DezGamez, 2017

  47. Well mean…. At least you have the medium now also lol

  48. obviously he’s never heard a Chinese woman before LOL

  49. How is WZ120?

  50. I love the way how you talk about game you are playing. Much much better than qb

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