► WZ-132A, Tier 9 Chinese Light Tank – World of Tanks WZ-132A Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

WZ-132A Gameplay and Preview. WZ-132A Ó Tier 9 Chinese . Tier 9 and 10 New Light Tanks – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 4 .

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After a little break, I am back in : Sandbox 2.0. This test server was down for a little while, because WarGaming was making their first changes to all of the new light tanks. Something changed on every single tier 10 light tank, some got buffed, some nerfed, as always.
But in today’s episode, I am going to focus on our one and only brand new tier 9 light tank from China – “WZ-132A”. All the rest of the nations are going to get old tier 8 light tanks into tier 9 position, but China getting brand new tank. So, I am here to take my first look at it, lets go!

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/Chinese -1
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/ AMX 13 105

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  1. So, if we already own all the tier 8 light tanks and all but the WZ 132 move up to tier 9, will we get the “new” tier 8 light tanks for free (behind all the others)? Any idea? Great game play.

  2. Any one else seeee those codes on the screen??!???

  3. i want to see RU 251

  4. Is common test coming?

  5. Your editing is getting to memelord levels, dez.

  6. Robert Steinhagen

    can u show us an arty game please? I would like to see those changes 🙂

  7. Good now all they have to do is leave all the other tier 8 tanks as they where and make new tier 9 and 10 tanks as they are doing with the Chinese light tanks because if they can do it with the Chinese light’s they can do it with all of them.

  8. I would like to see the AMX 13 90

  9. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    i would like to see ugliest light tank. 🙂

  10. 6:23 The Power Point guy from the Quickybaby video!

  11. Tbh Dez, I’d rather see videos about the new tanks on the other trees first and if the Sandbox Server is still online you could create videos abot the other Tier IX tanks as well. Keep up the good work!

  12. its asian, its fast and it runs around like a blind man perfect

  13. You really nail those intros Dez 🙂

  14. too bad nobody on console isn’t going to see any of the new lights for the next millennium

  15. so in tier 8 clan wars we will see wz instead of t54lttw or ru ?

  16. love the music for the intro. so chill for a rage inducing game 🙂

  17. i think you should definitely do t49 since it was changed so drastically

  18. 420 base view range ayyyyyy blaze it

  19. Phillip Middleton

    definitely want to see more lights action please Dez

  20. please more Tier9 Light Tank Reviews

  21. :O InsightfulPowerPoints was in the battle he was just in one of Quickybaby’s vids! lol

  22. Yes next t49 and ru please

  23. Light tanks are for me tanks with good gunhandling and low alphadamage but wargaming are just fucking this up on all tanks if i want 390 alpha i would play Mediums this just makes me sad

  24. Pls play b.c. 12t


    6:25 InsightfulPowerPoint in kill feed, lol he was just featured in QB’s Pz VII video

  26. I would like to see all the new lights that took the spots of the teir 7

  27. yes I’d like to see those previews

  28. SHIP, thanks for this segment.
    –Nice speed and camo- ratings but not too happy with the accuracy (who isn’t, right?); starting with a stock crew, .42 is going to be sad.
    I can see this thing stuck on its side from all the added physics features going over terrain and left helpless.
    We shall see.

  29. I genuinely hope they remove reusable consumables.

  30. Wow. This actually looks like a fun tank. It’s got both good points and bad points and seems balanced. WGing nailed it for a change. Then again maybe it’s just Dez making any tank he drives look fun as fuck.

    Seeing the other tier 9’s would be nice. The T49 with it’s new 90mm would be good to see rather then mounting the derp gun.

  31. what with thoes ppl that grind from t49 for t57heavy? t49 moves to different tree part, and you get nothing besides of f*cking tier 9 light? fucked up?

  32. Yes DEZ I realy like to see it 🙂

  33. now i have to ready my wz-131 to deal with this thing

  34. Good battle, nice video. And Yes Dez, do a vid for the t49 and the Amx. Keep up the good work

  35. please do a video about the new bulldog. it is my favourite tank right now and i want to see what they have done to it

  36. Informative yes ! I think view range can be a bit buffed. BTW I want to see hat changes they will do on amx 13 90. May be a comparison between the tier 8 and 9

  37. please do al tier9 and tier8 new light tanks

  38. rly t49 has only 240dmg and relouding same time and this tank has 320dmg and has same pene 🙁

  39. I’d love to see previews on the other tier 9 lights!

  40. His first video- No intro,low video quality,shitty audio,commentary like whispering to himself.

    Recent video(19 March 2017)- Epic intro, clear audio,HD video and smooth commentary plus some good reviews.

    Me: *smirk and smiling*

  41. plz do other tier 9 light tenks

  42. I wonder how WG will handle the WZ-132A as i presume the players with the current tier 8 LTs will get the 9 and have the 8 researched like the arty change, as the 132a is a new tank, i wonder if the Chinese will get shafted or get the tier 9 as well, also great video dez

  43. Good vid, but make an other one about the changes of tier 10 light tanks pls.

  44. I would like to see t49 cause of the new gun

  45. Can you compare all the new T8 Lights? Would be interesting to see them closer for the future of t8 strongholds.

  46. i have a question. so i have AMX 13 90 , im on way to batchat. i have 50k xp. i need 198k for batchat. so,if this new patch comes earlier, and i cant grind the batchat i will need to farm from 0 xp with the new tier 8 french light tank ? Cause the amx 13 90 will be on the new tier 10 light branch…..and i dont want that tank.

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