► XM551 SHERIDAN – BEAST? – Tier 10 USA Light Tank – World of Tanks XM551 Sheridan Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

Sheridan Gameplay and Preview. Sheridan – Tier 10 American . Tier 10 Light Tanks – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 4 .

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I am back on World of Tanks Sandbox 2.0 test server to test out some more tier 10 tanks. After a little break, : Sandbox back, up and running after Wargaming did they first tweaks and changes to those vehicles. Some got nerfed, some got buffed…
” – tier 10 USA light tank got buffed. It had pretty awesome gun and gun handling already, with 105mm Lightweight Gun I mean, but it is even better now. Mobility received some boosts, as well as survivability. Sadly they did not change anything about 152mm derp gun, so for me, this gun doesn’t even exist… It is that bad!

Is it a Beast now? This is the real question.

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/ -1
/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105

What do you think about all those tweaks and buffs? Leave your feedback in the comment section!


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  1. Fucking leave my bulldog out of this nerf/buff massacare

  2. What tank do you get before the tier VIII M41 Walker Bulldog? I really want the Sheridan but I don’t know if I have to keep my T71 or go with the T37.

  3. They really should have used that other hull that pops up when you search this tank on google. I can’t stand how ugly this one looks.

  4. I don’t think the 105mm’s on the light tanks should do 390 damage, they should be 320 to balance it out. although the Chinese light should keep its 390 because the Chinese tech trees are known for having high alpha guns.

  5. Liutauras Grybauskas

    Please tell me this is amphibious

  6. Where are you from, Dez? You have a great voice, but I can’t place your accent. Love your WoT vids.

  7. War Thunder is better.

  8. Still hoping they make the 152 better. Also as an aside, the extra plate on the front deck is a swim barrier, It opens up when the tank is going to cross a lake. You can see the plexi glass view window that the driver uses when the barrier is up.

  9. I own the Bulldog what happend when they patch it to tier 8?

  10. I think he shot the wall to splash you and kill you

  11. Nova the Great ́

    I hope that WG does not add that stupid stun affect for artillery.

  12. Just buff the Derp’s stats and the Sheridan will be perfect!

  13. Geometry Dash Warrek

    I will spare my xp for this, it looks more interesting than T54E1 which I can almost unlock now 😀

  14. This gun/launcher was tricky to use, loading was slow due to the contestable propellant case. This case was delicate, and had to be treated carefully to avoid damage by cracking, or by moisture. Add to this the usual chamber Breech block cleaning time, and it was fairly slow to get from one shot to the next. Velocity was low considering the short tube, so it had H.E. and HEAT for conventional munitions,HEAT not needing anything much more than enough to get it to touch the target. I have heard it also could fire a Canister round, but don’t know if that was ever a thing in reality. Game mechanics can be changed, but the truth is, it’s a slow gun for an armored fighting vehicle when firing conventional munitions.

  15. why ever use this tank? derp gun is teir 8 and all other lights have more armor and speed so why is this tank in the game? its nothing good ir special. Its derp needs a massive buff to make it worth playing

  16. I prefer derp gun, it’s my opinion

  17. “test bed” is the actual name of the turret and suspension of the t49, not a special name for sandbox.

  18. They need to eliminate arty completely it’s to op and make match making +1 -1 tier may make the game enjoyable then instead of stressful

  19. You say it like “M five five one”

  20. ‘turret has no armor whatsoever’ he says, and then you bounce a german 128? sure DezGamez, sure

  21. AnonyMouse Poaster

    “Tank model has chainsed.” I love your accent Dez 😀

  22. Olosmiter Przybyła

    How about material about St-1 remodel ?

  23. I would say “XM five fifty one” just so it flows well. That’s just me. Sheridan or XM for short..

  24. 15:25 “Actually let’s not waste anymore time over here uuuuhhhh” like homer simpson and that squirrel 😀

  25. BagelsGamingOnline

    America designated it the XM five-five-one Sherridan

  26. i will call it.. cher… just cause

  27. … maybe I *will* continue grinding with the T49 after all…

  28. Lone survivalist314

    Nice to see it mounts a gun that wasnt mounted on it….


  30. Will u have the tier 9s unlocked since most are tier 8 right now. Or do u have to grind all the xp on the new tier 8s

  31. gandit muangpracha


  32. Holy shit, the Sheridan suddenly looks a million times better. With the derp back on the T49 I’ll be super happy if these changes make it live.

  33. My sister is named Sheridan… and it is a family name

  34. Finally a well deserve buff for an american LT

  35. We needs to buff the e5 back to the way it was. it was never OP in the first place… now it doesn’t bounce shot, when all ppl do is use the 2 key to begin with. I can pen the e5 with standard ammo at tier 9 with meds and lights… but when they introduce the emil 2 and the kranvagn then this is utter BS they would nerf the t110e5

  36. plus a 37 top spd and 13 rear is fucking horrible give it 45-20 and it will be mobile enough to actually play

  37. That splash kill was freaking hilarious… at your expense of course…

  38. Arggh its still just so boxy….I can imagine death stars and death star 2.0 drooling if they ever find this tank immobilized or caught off guard.

  39. But Derp Gun is Lyfe so and it has a fuck you heat rounds infront so its fine I guess.

  40. I LOVE playing T49, and only because of derp gun, so this new Sheridan must have better derp, maybe Type 5 Heavy derp gun?
    If this new front part will works as it works at STRV 103B than I will love playing this tank even without derp because in your first preview of this tank I was dissapointed.

  41. Cool the SPG is dealing Shit damage~!

  42. is there going to be silence from the community youtubers about WG lack of concern to its players about the lag

  43. answer to ur question dez it’s a Russian game made by Russian devs guy is from russian server playing bullshit British Arty bias

  44. that derp gun doesn’t need any buff , its already too much on a light tank with great mobility. If you are crying just because you cannot snipe with it its because its meant to be a “shotgun” .

  45. Can’t wait to get mine..

  46. Just a shame no-one cares about the 90mm gun on US high tier light tanks.
    The 152mm should be made competitive, not the 90 mm.

    If we want to have a tank with a 90/100mm we’ll play the other lights for that.



  48. Extra view range is useful even beyond cap.
    While you will not spot targets at further than 445 ( or whatever the cap was), view range beyond that value helps you combat the enemy’s cammo value.
    Example, if you have exactly 445 view range you won’t be able to spot a target with good cammo rating up to @ 400 m. If you have 500 view range, you’ll spot everything as soon as you reach 445 distance no matter what cammo they have

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