► XM551 Sheridan – Tier 10 DERP DEMON – World of Tanks XM551 Sheridan Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks XM551 Gameplay and Review, XM551 Sheridan – Tier 10 American Light Tank. World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update Review. World of Tanks New/Reworked SPG (Artillery), New Tier 10 Light Tanks, New MatchMaking System.

Few days I ago, something crazy happened… Something that I did not even dream about when I started making videos. I spent a lot time, effort and work into it, trying to find the best service provider, the best quality and the best designs. And I have to say, I am quite happy how it turned out. So if you would like to support me even more, then go check it out, maybe you find something that you like, thanks! 🙂

Full list of changes with World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update:

In this episode I am going to focus on yet another tier 10 light tank on World of Tanks 9.18 Public Test Server – Tier 10 Light Tank from USA, “XM551 Sheridan”. I have featured this tank 2 times already, but this episode focuses on upgraded “DERP” gun, 152mm howitzer.

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet 0 LT
/American XM551
– China/Chinese WZ-132-1
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105

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  1. Will they fix the T-100 LT? I played the Lights and that one seems to be lacking a LOT of firepower compared to the rest of the light tanks, its definitely the worst tier 10 light tank and one of the worst tanks tier for tier in the game.

  2. Rhm PzW has 30 shots @ 390 alpha, the sheridan gets 42?

  3. How did u got all that money ??

  4. Wht is happening with th T57 then? im grinding through the T49 currently, but where are they gonna change the T57 to?

  5. Been on a real Sheridan. I hope WG introduces ATGM’s to the game since the main gun does fire missles as well

  6. I can’t wait till the derp t49 is gone. most people will have to face this gun a lot less with 9.18

  7. in real life Sheridan fire anti tank missle, in wot it have a derf gun. when will they add this new feature. WG said like year ago -_-

  8. love the live commentary

  9. Willian Flores dos Santos

    In my Opinion, the derp is so underpowered on tier 10. This tank Will be forgotten soon, RHM and t100 are the best at the moment, they are a hybrid between a medium and a light

  10. How long does the test server usually last before the stuff is implemented in the actual game? I ask because I’m currently on the 1390 grinding to the Bat Chat and I want to know about how much time I have as I see on the test server tech tree the 1390 does not lead to the Bat Chat any longer.

  11. Thank you for the object lesson. I believe you.  Still 152 vs. 105? Dez,  if you can, why not?You mentioned another LT.14 Vs, 14 ,  & of each on each side. let the volunteers  choose …PLEASE?

  12. A 152mm gun on American tank? Hmm

  13. Look at his amount of gold, error 404 lol

  14. kikes have invaded

  15. 105mm gun is very very better than 150mm for me….

  16. At the start i heard ” Hello ladies and gentlemen, HOWITZER going?” haha 🙂

  17. my fuking PC broke and is on for service so i cant play on the test server >:O

  18. Yeah, I’m gonna have to agree with you. Screw the derp gun. Reliable damage for me, please.

  19. plz do the german one next

  20. 5:54 hahahahahahahaha

  21. enjoy your derp guns now guys before all the snowflakes start crying that they should get banned because they will be the big hitters after artys been patched.

  22. LEGO World War 7163

    Sheridan is soo fast I want is soo bad in iOS version

  23. do you have to pay for the repair kits still

  24. Show ELC to show how much WG f*cked it up…my baby sucks now 🙁

  25. Dezgamez I think the IS-7 is Superman. If you watch WG IS-7 giide park you will know its turret is made of Titanium and “Superman skin” Good old IS 7 armour

  26. Light tanks buff HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!

  27. 404 Gold not found xD

  28. I hope that tier 10 light tanks will come to console soon, too^^

  29. I dont care how much WG is going to advertise how good the 105 is, I’m going to use the derp gun. The 105 is for tanks like the rhm panzerwagon. The symbol of the high tier US LTs is derp.

  30. Berkant Palazoglu

    do you get everytime the testserver gets online again 100mil xp and credits?

  31. 1:32 : That AMX-50B didn’t forget to pray RNGesus.

  32. Meds became useless now

  33. I feel like that deep guns average damage when not penned has been boosted. you used to get like mid 300s with that deep gun on non penetrations. now it seems like you’re getting low to mid 400s on non penetrations.

  34. Blitzcom_____WOTB

    how do you get on the test server?!!!!

  35. If it’s the same as t49, most of the bad dispersion is at turret traverse, so keeping your turret as still as possible and anticipating the angles at which you’re going to shoot will help you a ton (2-3s) in aiming after stopping. Proud owner of 1700 games in t49 here 😀

  36. Does anyone know if we have 200k xp on t49, will we be able to research sheridan immediately?

  37. Paulius Rinkevicius

    Hey Dez,
    So i have this question about this upcoming patch. On a live server i have a t-54 ltwt and it has 110k xp on it. But when i went on a test server all the xp (110k) is on lttb. So is this a test server bug or this is how it’s going to be on a live server?
    P.S. I love your content. Keep it up.

  38. Blitzcom_____WOTB

    why the hell can arty do practicly NO damage like it used to?!

  39. Can you please tell me what happens if i have the T49 în my garage? Thanks to all

  40. I think they’ve nailed all the light tanks, arty changes are great and more enjoyable and the matchmaker is also awesone. There are just some fcked up things about the xp on light tanks, as it stays on tier 8, and you need to grind too much xp from tier 9 to tier 10 (298xp from Ru to Rhm.Pzw!!! crazy!) If the xp stays on the light tank it was earned one, and if they reduce the xp needed from tier 9 to 10 (like on sandbox, about 200k) i’ll be happy as ever.

  41. I’m really hoping in the future they add British light tanks, The scorpion could easily be the tier 10.

  42. I have m41 buldog,will i get t71 or m41 in tier 8

  43. What does the tec tree look like? anyone know?

  44. I have a sheridan with the derp gun – don’t play it too often – but it is fun

  45. 9:40 … arty nerfed buf “fortunately” we have Type 5’s snipers .. damn son
    wait … were u driving LT with 152mm durp.. this is sick


  47. Frederick Burkert

    “Over 1k damage trolls” lol

  48. CaptainKolobanov864

    O yes those 1000 dmg rolls… I did that in is3 because of engine fire

  49. This thing is great. I use EGLD instead of optics for those occasions when I want to use the 152mm. The view range is more than enough anyway. With the 105mm you have an aimtime of 1.39s. Great gun handling, and it has the option to use a derp on an insanely nimble tank.

  50. Changes in tech tree?

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