► XM551 SHERIDAN, Tier 10 USA Light Tank – World of Tanks XM551 Sheridan Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Gameplay and Preview. – SandBox 2.0 – Phase 3 . World of Tanks XM551 Sheridan – Tier 10 American Light Tank.

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I am back with another video from : Sandbox 2.0 and here my fourth episode about tier 10 light tanks in World of Tanks. In today’s episode I am focusing on new tier 10 light tank from USA, from America – “XM551 Sheridan”.
And you do not have to worry, USA light tank line is not going to lose it’s DERP value, because this tanks gets 2 guns – 152mm HE Howitser and 105mm Lightweight gun.

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/
– France/

I hope you enjoy this preview about USA’s newest light tank and there is only one tank left – tier 10 Chinese light tank “WZ-132-1”, stay tuned!

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  1. DrakantoSpellbinder

    R.I.P derp gun, long live the 105mm! I am afraid that even if they boost the stats of the derp gun to fit a tier 10 light tank it will still be worse than the 105mm. Even if they give it like 3 secs aim time down from 3.6 secs, 0.5 dispersion down from 0.6 and a rate of fire of 3.61 rpm up from 2.61 it will still be bad. The problem is the fact that it is the same gun as in tier 8 same pen and same alpha damage. With all those extremely heavily armored tier 9s and 10s into the game having this gun in tier 10 will mean nothing when you will only be able to penetrate some light tanks, not to mention how unreliable a derp gun is compared to a normal APCR firing 105mm. Thank you for your time.


  3. wz-132a? what is that

  4. they should boost the sherridan pen

  5. Laurence Nussbaumer

    America falls victim to the Russian bias once more. Did I see that the m41 is losing it’s auto loader?


  7. They better change the look of the sheridan, because dayum, that hull looks ugly LUL

  8. i guess nobody will played T 49 again,that derp gun stats on tier 10 is weak,i hope they buff it

  9. CaptainKolobanov864

    Lol I took a screenshot when u had 864 hp because my username

  10. Just put the deep gun on T49 and leave the gun on the Sheridan…

  11. Don’t take drupgun off t49 🙁

  12. the sheridan looks like a much better leo.

  13. I’m shocked that the t49 is loosing it’s 155 mm gun, kinda pisses me off lol!

  14. This line SUCKS!

  15. this tank is a letdown, large size, slower than the rest, no armor, weakest camo and ok gun.

  16. Hey Dez, quick question:
    In your opinion, if we have the tier 8 tanks does that mean we get a free tier 8 and 9 light tank in that specific line???

  17. OMG Dez they have to boost this tank ! 🙁 This is worse then the “mirror” tank in the French line, at least it got a better gun. They cant do this to the yank line it will just kill it !

  18. why is it reminiscent of a cardboard box

  19. I have all the tier 8 lights, so will I Auto Unlock all the tier 9s?

  20. 櫻井ビラール

    completly garbage tank, worse than T49… bigger hit box ,can’t see tier 7LTs which t49 can 1shot. And also if you choose to use 105 it’s just worse ver of German LT… WG REALLY?

  21. Excellent video Dez!! This tank looks like it’s going to be very enjoyable with the two different gun options. Derp is always fun and the 105 looks beast. Definitely worth gstting this one.

  22. So wait your not happy that a light tank will no longer be able to one shot tanks with a durp gun and they did not buff said gun for tier 10. Sir let me say that I’m glad that gun has been removed and should not be a tier 10 gun on a even faster sneaker more mobile tank. That gun is bullshit.

  23. 105mm looks pretty good
    It will be a good gorilla warfare tank >_>

  24. it’s ‘UGE

  25. what the hell WG? everytime I’m building my way to a t10 tank that I like, you f it up. I was trying to get WT Auf 100 and you replaced it with Grille15. Now I tried to get to T57 Heavy, you replaced the tree with light tank

  26. the bulldog better stay 72 kph other wise I will be sad

  27. WoT Sheridan is ugly which make me cry. I have to use MilkyM4n Sheridan skin to cure my sorrow.

  28. They should still have two choice of guns on both T49 and Sheridan. Sheridan will have better stats on both guns such as reload, aim time, and accuracy, but let T49 keep the derp. Otherwise, from how I currently see it, both tanks are a POS. T49 becomes a below average tank at T9 with no derp, and Sheridan’s derp at T10 has underwhelming stats, all things considered.

  29. not sure if anyone has noticed but t54 will no longer be bullying the light tanks and these new lights even out pen it

  30. Gamer Luke Jorgensen

    noooo bulldog 10 clip is gone

  31. Sad story for the american tech tree….

  32. Can you make a channel for World of tanks Blitz???

  33. awesome work man, as usuall!

  34. If I could i will give Sheridan Better Derp Gun

  35. World'sFame Play'z

    this is not sherridan, the t49 with 150 is the sherridan not this

  36. Don’t buff howitzer WTF

  37. The Mighty Sausage

    Giving the Sherridan a Derp gun and a 105 mm gun. what does wargaming think will happen when people start fighting out it sucks at tier 10. And why did they have to remove it from the T49, Im at the bulldog and almost got T49, and now this fking bs. Dont remove the derp from the T49, its famous for it. Just let T49 have it to preparera for the Sherridan. Atleast this is my opinion

  38. this 0.4 dispersion on the new T49 is very bad…..

  39. The Mighty Sausage

    Sherridan has no armor, shit pen accuracy and aim time. Its ok on the T49 because its a tier 8. Then u remove it from T49 and put it on the Sherridan. And wtf does dez mean by “Derps dont need to be op” Hes fking favourite tank is 183. THATS AN OP DERP. The american tech tre will be ruined. Tier 10 tank sucks, T49 will not be a fan favourite and will not be very good anymore and wtf, remove auto loader from Bulldog ? Gg wargaming , just gg. if this gest added the lights in the american tech tre is ruined

  40. wargaming is looking forward to your feet back.

  41. Bulldog losing the autoloader is pretty shitty. Had I known that was going to happen I would never have wasted gold to put permanent camo on it.

  42. danilo radojevic

    when are tier 10 light tanks coming?

  43. @DezGamez will you still be able to research T69 from the new T8 light (Bulldog) or you can’t see that right now?

  44. Wachira Narongsack

    i really think the T10 light tanks need a 90mm gun otherwise you can’t perma track a heavy tank or tankdestroyer for example

  45. AEguy Productions

    No no no.. it’s “yuge” not “hooge”

  46. niiice dez you are the best

  47. Verry serious change to remuve 152mm from T49 manny plyers will be desapointed or maby offer a premium T49 with a 152mm… wot is only a bysnes

  48. Johannes Wortelen

    this tank needs the derp gun with an autoloader!

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