► You Made Me Do It! – World of Tanks Live Gameplay

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Aaaand it is time for yet another “You Vote, I Play” episode, this time 3 completely different vehicles – artillery, and a low tier . This is going to be one awesome episode, hopefully… And remember, You made me do it! 😛



  1. Remember… Don’t kill the messenger! 😛

  2. Love seeing some Locust gameplay from you Dez, makes me feel less filthy when I play it xD

  3. Happy birthday Dez ?

  4. ‘Dynamic gameplay’
    ‘Engaging matches’
    ‘Prevents camping’
    Need I really go on?


    can i get an 18th birthday like pleeassse xxxx

  6. nice funny intro .. & hope u a happy birthday DZ

  7. A preemptive happy birthday to you.

  8. Thats why I only have 2 HE in my IS-4, T-10 and IS-7. 30 rounds is just a pain sometimes.

  9. man im so glad WG implemented this awesome game mechanic that is arty… so nice and healthy for the gameplay.

  10. Happy Birthday Friend,

  11. Next up dez sings karaoke Taylor Swift’s new song “look what you made me do”. Lolz!!!!

  12. IS-4 33 shells w 440 Alpha, E-100 50 shells w 750 Alpha.
    Might sound unfair, but keep in mind the E-100 is massive and way bigger than the IS-4… Not that ammo capacity really matters usually.

  13. I love how arty prevented camping … not. And maaaan, that aim time. Actually I didn’t know arty has such great aim time. That’s disgusting.

  14. Happy birthday bro, wish you the best of the best in your life. Long life to our Unique Dez 😉

  15. never saw such intense gameplay … amazing play Dez :> ! Rly hardest class to play in WoT I think… okay sarcasm off 🙂

    Most unbalanced class ruining every tank U play in

  16. OneTonToast Aka I.C Wiener

    Dez: *Dies in Locust*
    Me: *Nice meme*

  17. Happey bithday dez^^ keep on doing the best work on youtube ive ever seen buddy 🙂

  18. Ahh locust, my favorite tank on this game

  19. love your arty play

  20. Prepare to play the AT8 Dez!

  21. Geeeesus Dez nooooo!!! LOL

  22. premium spamming noob lol

  23. on the 261 could try with the G key to change the view its pretty interesting..

  24. Hey Dez bring back stereotypes please!!!

  25. Pz II J and Valentine on enemy team that was unfair! lol

  26. I disliked for arty just to let you know :).

  27. Dez you could have switched to HE when your team was ahead and saved some credits

  28. Happy Birthday Dez!!!

  29. T-54 has the gas tank in the front, enigine in the back 😉

  30. The 261 was the best tier ten arty pre nerf

  31. I own the IS-4 for 3 years now. Would not recommend the grind. Its underwhelming overall…a lot.

  32. Happy Birthday there Dez .. Have a great Birthday ..?..

  33. Are.. Are you control clicking on the map to zoom into that location in top down mode? I’ve played over 12,000 battles and I never knew that was a thing. Granted I don’t play artillery that much but man… That changes everything for when I do. Thanks, Dez, I’m dumb.

  34. Ugh. Fucking arty. Anyway Happy Birthday Dez! I knew it was really soon! I turned 30 on the second so now I’m older then dirt!

  35. You know he had to do it to ’em!

  36. Sergio González Torres

    Look arty! Let’s nef it down to the point a 12000 mm gun does the same damage as a pistol!

  37. Sergio González Torres

    From the people that thought adding artillery was a great idea, tested in World of Tanks Blitz a new class is coming
    Anti-Tank-guided missiles! Make a missile do a loop then ammo rack any tank you shoot! (In case there is someone that can’t see this is sarcasm….it’s a joke[hopefully])

  38. vote for is 3a i don’t see this tank by a long time :(((((

  39. Mobility, decent reload, Very good aimtime, russian accuracy… What’s the point of any other arty in the game? Especially after the alpha nerf?

  40. Happy bday dez enjoy the day and have a great time. Have a beer on me lol ?

  41. Pz 2j full gold is always nice.

  42. Its a russian tank just drink a bootle of wodka an you are good to go.

  43. Hippy birdy two ewes

  44. That locust could have easily been a win if you had not been scared to tap that 2 key 😐

  45. Happy Birthday!! I hope it is a good one!

  46. Don’t like arty no matter who is playing it.

  47. Years of playing tanks and I never thought to click the map when playing arty to quickly start turning and aiming.

  48. Arties do not deserve Victory Screen? xD

  49. Happy Birthday Dez , hope you have an Awesome day .

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