► YOU VOTE, I CARRY! ? – World of Tanks Gameplay

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World of Tanks AT-7 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks TVP T 50/51 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Review.

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Time to roll out with tanks that you wanted to see me playing with. Today we have quite nice variety of vehicles from different tiers and was really fun to play with some of them… It actually turned out to be quite a Carry episode. 😉


► Music used:
– Glude – Breathe [NCS Release]
– Andrius Klimka and Andrey Kulik – Mannerheim Line (WGFEST 2017 version)


  1. Had really awesome time today, making this episode, hopefully you enjoy it as well! 🙂
    #muchlove #notificationsquad

  2. That EVEN 90. Cancerous play by him.

  3. Excelente Video, saludos desde Argentina

  4. Hi dez i love you

  5. Where do we vote for tanks?

  6. memes hehe xd

  7. that’s the dez I’m talking bout!! hell ya beast, great video

  8. GC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. my fav tank ,object 268.

  10. ► Vote for my next episode: http://dezgamez.wot-record.com/ – Go into “Tank Poll”!

  11. Deez Nutz, HA

  12. Introducing new dezcamo mechanic, now you need to wait for 3 minutes to reset, LOL!

  13. Word of the day…..Washer.

    Washer going at the weekend Dez? 🙂

  14. *Love from Brazil*

  15. Geeze, that TVP. 11k combined dmg, 1st Class. Not OP at all.

  16. dez… what happened with Arena ? you sead you can’t stop playing it …

  17. RNGesus looks after us all the time

  18. Are you Carry Potter?

  19. all tho i love the episodes alot.Its defilcle to make an awesome video like this one and the ather once too :p

  20. 13:48 1111113 credits lul

  21. This ELC EVEN 90:D

  22. vote for 50 100 !! 😀

  23. Vote for the at8 ??

  24. Me carry me good confirmed ? 😛

  25. Great game in the TVP! After the hit from the ELC – “This little bastard…” lol very funny!

  26. Vote for Chi-Ri ;D

  27. Love this series

  28. That elc even 90 legendary dive.

  29. You use the auto aim assist don’t You?

  30. Awesome vid as allways! Would love to se some M103 love

  31. I died when dez said:  « What do you know, this little bastard! »

  32. Feels good to have 2 dez videos to wach after working 12h day for 3 days in a row and finaly getting time for dez♡

  33. To much auto aim with AT7 in first game, but the second – perfect work with TVP. Cheers mate!

  34. you said Dez that Type 64 game was avg or below afg…. Well you received class 2 medal, so yeah… for you maybe this was below avg. but it was more then most of ppl can do in this tank. This is cheering up comment, btw 😉 Great work as always.
    P.S. your T-shirt I bought in December came to me after over 1 month :/ But quality of it is 😀

  35. (y) for the intro

  36. Cookies

  37. Lol that Chinese female commander really made me laugh it sounded like anime

  38. Hey buddy waz up; what mod did u use ?

  39. DeezNutz ha GOTYYYY HA~!

  40. OMGGG ??? Glude – Breathe!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you DEZZZZZZZZ!!!

  41. Dezs amount of credits after the tvp battle tho

  42. AMX 12 T is actually just slow, it goes 60kph max and it has bad power to weight in comparison with other lights, also likely the treads are not good for the ground type

  43. churchil gun carrier!!make it happen guys!like for him to play! 🙂

  44. Like you said no notification at all… YouTube fix needed!!!

  45. I didnt get any notification, right now i got your notification comment, that people didnt get notification

  46. Churchill GC, Type 95 Heavy, ARL 44
    Play one of those

  47. Well played Dez! Nice episode! 🙂

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