►Dial 11,111 For HESHgasm – World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks FV4005, Tier 10 British Tank Destroyer.

Now that I am back in action, let’s kick this show on the road with a banger… How does FV4005 aka a Sh**barn sound to you? It is actually not that anymore, after couple buffes WG did to it. 🙂



  1. i literally never get 3-5-7 mm in my 183. I cant remember last time i fired at anything but tier 10’s.
    That’s wierd i must be forgetting.

  2. Man, I need to get grinding my Challenger…this thing looks like a blast to play!

  3. What’s uuuuup Deeeez? I’m happy with the fact that you have great vacation. I would like to see all places you visited, buuuut … :/
    Don’t listen small and poor souls, keep on going man. We want more and more and more replays and analisys, dont stop.
    Your english is great 😀

  4. dream of platoon with three 4005.

  5. does anyone know the crosshair mod, or is it configurable within the game? thank you very much

  6. That Lorraine had a fun round

  7. Wn8 aka e-penis hahaha

  8. YouTube does it on on purpose so to lower the costs of adds. Another filthy cheap trick… Must be wg’s brother. Topkek

  9. I call it the fun barn

  10. wargaming is high on weed once again

  11. I dialed 11,111 and some mexican guy named Juan answered.

  12. no penetration required 😉

  13. Soviet Gaming/DecepticonBlackout

    It’s like a French Kv-2 But with a Long ass Bigger Derp

  14. YouTube is pretty much broken for everyone thanks to those bastards

  15. I propose this tank no longer be called the shit barn but change its name to the deathbarn

  16. Blue shitbarn? Don’t see why not. lol

  17. Out of curiosity, why have there been no grand battle epic battles? Is it harder to determine what’s an epic round? Do people not upload as many of them? Other reasons?

  18. Dez, you seriously need to consider initiating a class action lawsuit against YouTube, not only for your sake, but for the thousands of other content providers who are being robbed of their eaned advertising revenue.

  19. Hi Dez, at least Youtube put an Ad for Warthunder into this clip, so there is advertisement on green

  20. Dial 11 111-SHITBARN

  21. Hey Dez I heard from another video that somebody hinted that your subtitles get auto read by a second bot so maybe because of your heavy accent it mistakes some non rude words for some rude words so I suggest writing your own subtitles and seeing if that helps.

  22. Hey there’s another thing is that if you wait until your video has been appealed and turned green before you upload it you are going to have more ads and the bot will see that you’re up listed videos are not the demonetized so you’re more likely to get Adds on your new vids

  23. Hey Dez, do a video called something extra nice and girly and have one of those automated voices commentating for a video so the “computer doesn’t pick up on your accent” or whatever bs they reckon and don’t say anything close to naughty and see if you still get demonetized.

  24. Wtf is this “motovlog” thing everybody says???

  25. wait………You were demonetized “not suitable for advertisers” and yet i just got 2 ads…………. sooooo did they fix it or do they just show ads anyways and tell you that you cant get paid for it while they pocket the money. Great content dude very entertaining and awesome stuff GLHF

  26. Dez if all else fails just set up a patreon page and give us the option to help support you more directly my friend. Lord knows that would take some of the stress off you over this problem when you work hard to make great videos for us every day only to have Youtube fuck the whole thing up with their retarded ad issues.

  27. what is WN8 ?

  28. And yet you somehow missed a chance to make video 11:11.
    Feel bad Dez? You should 😀

  29. Shame they keep screwing you with the demonetization! Absolutely absurd, that they use a program to check your cadence and rhythm, to make a decision on your channels ability to make money.

  30. i think you should simply be able to send an Email to whoever is in charge of youtube and simply have a sample of what type of Videos people do and have a box or set of boxes the youtuber has to click in order to keep the demonetization AI or what ever it is from making the Video’s ”unadworthy” (i know its not a word) still enjoy watching your video’s as well even though im on console. xD

  31. Not glass cannon but it is gHESH cannon.

  32. I cant wait for this tank. I used all the Christmas research discounts for the whole line of this branch 🙂 gonna save me a ton of silver grinding.

  33. whats with youtube and there demonetized mass mix….

  34. Does someone know when will HD maps come to public servers?

  35. wasn’t this replay on Lancho’s channel?

  36. What does Youtube say, can they fix your cash flow?

  37. These things are worse than tier 10 arties with heat rounds 😛

  38. you tube is not broken, demonetization is a sly way to steal the money…..

  39. With that paint job it definitely looks like a garbage dumpster

  40. Hey dez, I’m not sure if this is the reason but do you think it’s he victory girls? I mean I “appreciate” 😉 the victory girls but yeah. It might be why anyway love the vids keep up the good work. 🙂

  41. Your video is “it feels so damn good”,you really think YouTube wouldn’t demonitize it?

  42. That video had the word “damn” in the title. To some right wing christian fundamentalists that is a swear word. YouTube would use that to demonetize. If you would like me to proof read your stuff, send me an email.

  43. Fuking hell…..Blue tanks…. Not only do they look ridiculous but also, they are shaming tanks in general….just disgraceful.. I think that if you cant stop the urge of colouring, buy pencils and a colouring book !! I do not agree with this paint job.. I rather would see bushes or tool boxes….

  44. I watched that episode…?

  45. Press 2 to win. Nice.

  46. When you drown your tank, that will keep the repair costs much lower… I mean, if you know you are going to die anyway, just as well kill yourself… You are just going to deny the enemy the XP.

  47. gun looks like a carrot with that paint

  48. If I ever get this tank, I’m going to bind the fire button to the “delete” key.

  49. Thomas the tank 😀

  50. Dez, mate, why would you poromote this abnormal gamebreaking vehicles/ammo?

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