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featuring the with live and discussion. Filmed and uploaded in glorious 60FPS!

Live streaming with standards!


  1. intimidating? the T110E4? lol i see it like a bunch of money and xp 😛 the
    T110E5 scares me, and i don’t go against him unless i know i have an
    advantage(i have more hp or he’s a oneshot)

  2. Nice to see you have the ingame chat off, I use that feature too.

  3. Good coverage of WoT and WoWS lately. Good stuff.

  4. Nice video. Tip though: Don’t show that much of your side in the T110
    tanks. The sides are pretty damned thin so you pretty much want to show
    only the front and perhaps a tiny bit of side. If your gun is (even a bit)
    over your front track-axle then you can be penned from the side, negating
    all of your frontal armor.

  5. Sutanicus' Sanctum

    Do you prefer the Jackson or the Hellcat?

  6. One of my favourite commentators is back! Welcome back!

  7. hey sidestrafe,

    if you cap for 100 % and you still kill tanks then the game is extended for
    some seconds.


  8. Just so you know, when a victory condition has been met a 5second countdown
    begins to end the match. If a tank is destroyed in that time, the 5 second
    countdown restarts. 🙂 Thats why it took a while after capping in the 1st

  9. I really enjoy your videos, You R awesome! :3


  11. You know at the end there you talked about the whole intimidation factor,
    and a couple of my friends still don’t believe me that two tanks are more
    intimidating than one. Even if your friends cannot pen the enemy tanks, the
    entire intimidation factor, will “deflect” more damage than any tanks

  12. Good to see you back in WoT SS.
    Like your playstyle and commentary a lot.
    Hell I am almost tempted to say I missed you ( in a very manly way
    offcourse ).

  13. Keep it up SideStrafe! Always enjoy your commentary all day, everyday.

  14. E5 is a superior tank in pretty much every way but alpha damage in my

  15. Thanks for the vid . When u r on cap , fire and hit u will extend the time
    in game

  16. Glad your doing WoT again. Thanks SS

  17. Another great match!!! Please do more world of tanks and if i can make a
    request I would love for you to play the T29 tier 7 heavy. And thank you
    once again

  18. Thanks to being in a different timezone to strafe all his videos get put up
    at 5 in the morning for me , leaving me asleep or drunk for these uploads.
    Tonight I’m drunk so this gameplay was massively entertaining. Cheers lad

  19. Fire fire fire….man you take a long time to fire. I was on edge….lo.

  20. I always look forward to the next video from SideStrafe. And I’ve been here
    for awhile >.<. Also love your stream.

  21. lolman The lolman

    Hey lads I would like to ask if any one wanted to play wot with me my name
    is lolmna358

  22. I love how you analyze everything with such precision and a bit of humor as
    well. Keep it up! :)

  23. You really left the IS-7 like a dirtbag at the end lol I’m not used to see
    you leaving your teammates like that :P

  24. Btw, the game extends by a few seconds everytime someone dies after the
    successful cap.

  25. I’m baffled by the dislike, there’s nothing remotely offensive or
    particularly opinionated within this upload. I found this game difficult to
    get into and left it by the way side but I’m an aggressive tanker in
    battlefield and these are still interesting strategically. Even after
    approximately 6 years viewing, YouTube continues to perplex me!

  26. Thanks for the video

  27. Thank you for returning to WOT, I have always enjoyed you commintary.
    World of warships is another series I’ve enjoyed.
    You seem to be a smarter and wise gamer.

  28. Another great video from Sidestrafe. The t110e4 is a pretty good tank but
    I’ve never really used it that much. 

  29. Hey side strafe u should drive a Sherman m4 

  30. Live streaming with standards! – http://twitch.tv/sidestrafe

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