◀World of Tanks – Fear No Evil

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Source: SideStrafe

Two commentary matches featuring the T34 and JagdTiger 88. Filmed and uploaded in glorious 60FPS!

Live with standards!


  1. May contain instances of sarcasm, viewer discretion is advised.

  2. Saucestrafe is best strafe :D

  3. Sidestrafe is playing WoT… I’m so confused about the world now lol. 

  4. I agree with that little thing on the Brits , their early WW2 or even
    pre-WW2 tanks are the most hideous tracked machines I have ever seen , but
    their cold war armor like the Centurions and Chieftains are amazing.

  5. good stuff

  6. I really do enjoy 20mn+ videos more, this format is too short and too
    frustrating. But eh, that’s just personnal taste. As long as you’re making
    videos, I’ll watch them. Even WoT videos.

  7. Mincraft Performance 101

    Keep doing what your doing, your doing well

  8. if you make fun of my favorite class ( the SPG ) again, I will unsub

  9. Hey, I’m a comedian, be aware of some jokes, viewer discretion is advised.
    Yes is sad He needs to said that. Thanks for your vids SideStrafe.

  10. So glad you are playing this game again cause I found out about this game
    when you posted your first video on the panther way back in the day :D

  11. The SideSnark is real.

    Real and Glorious. 

  12. You forgot to say “BOOOM” when you destroy a tank! Keep them coming. 

  13. S.O.S Sidestrafe our Sisters

  14. So beautiful so doge so WOT :D

  15. Sidestrafe was definitely smoking some good stuff before this video.

  16. 2 tra la la la rounds end up pretty good, cept the crash.

  17. are you interested in total war games? :D

  18. I Love the T34, great vid 🙂

    What I don’t get is why other popular PC gaming channels don’t upload 60fps

    Do you think it’s time related? ie. it’s quicker to render/upload a 30fps

  19. Glad to see some world of tanks:)

    Thanks so much!!! Keep it up missed these. .

  20. Another good video dude. Like most subs here i came for the zombies, but
    stayed for the tanks. XD but all your other videos are amazing as well. If
    i want a wot fix ill play blitz or watch jingles. Keep up the good work
    buddy. :)

  21. Good idea.. extra credits and exp for arty kills.. ME LIKE!!!

  22. Ooh it’s not only me then who has the game crash on him….

  23. Sidestrafe if you think the Challenger is ugly wait until the new french
    tanks come out, the low tier ones are ugly

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