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Source: SideStrafe

Two live commentary matches featuring the KV-85. Filmed uploaded in glorious 60FPS!

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Live streaming with standards!


  1. Tanking with standards!

  2. Good job sidestrafe keep it up 

  3. KV-1S still OP as f*ck in T5 -_-
    HE with 430dmg/61 pen
    HEAT with 340dmg/170 pen -_-

  4. Soviet Strafe lol XD

  5. I love your sense of humor “Can I see your gun?”

  6. My game has never crashed before Sidestrafe. 

  7. A suggestion:
    Use the 100mm on the KV-85, it give you more flexibility on this tank. It
    is basically a tier 8 medium tank gun on a tier 6 tank. Sounds balanced.

  8. Idestrafe if you get the chance it would be helpful if you could add your
    computer specs in your channel description. Nice games by the way

  9. play the hellcat!!

  10. Have you considered using the 100mm?

  11. Kv-85 is too OP

  12. Well, Artillery was Aiming for you, looks like both of them too. Your lucky
    to be alive.

  13. Crashes have been crashing a lot after the last patch.

  14. KV85 is an awesome tank, just have to work with that HORRIBLE gun
    depression. And I think the other gun is better DPS gun with more
    Penetration too that the one you are currently using.

  15. Man, the engine sounds are so bad, I can’t stand it after War Thunder.

  16. MrImmortalityPrince

    Why does 720p 60 FPS looks like it’s sped up or is that just the difference
    when i always play on (somehow locked at) 40 FPS

  17. TroublingStatueVII

    In witch patch did they(or will) introduce the motion physics? 

  18. Forgot how much of a depressing colour Palette WoT has,

  19. 9:28 That’s just mean :P

  20. Ill be honest, I miss Soviet Strafe quite a bit. I’d pay to see him come
    back haha

  21. Soviet Strafe, Sides evil alter ego :)

  22. SovietStrafe ! D: I missed him!

  23. Heya SideStrafe, mr enable-dynamic-camera-in-sniper-mode here. Wargaming
    nerfed the stats for the 122mm gun at tier 6 to prevent the KV-85 from
    becoming the next KV-1S.
    This means that the KV-85 is a wayyy better tank with the 100mm gun. It
    doesn’t hit as hard but it compensates by having better accuracy, aimtime,
    reload, and stability.

    This means you can hit them a lot more often which results in a good DPM
    increase. That also means that you’re not a sitting duck during that 122mm
    reload if you meet someone out in the open suddenly ;).

  24. Yay World of Tanks!!!!

  25. i crash to desktop aswell, and my ping goes up from 30 to 999 sometimes.. 

  26. Hello SovietStrafe! :)

  27. get a 100mm gun on the kv85 pls… that would make it easier

  28. haha love that Russian accent 

  29. lol, “Modules”… so it has no Engine Radio or Gun there SS? ^_< (think you mean Equipment) Modules are stuff you research to unlock. *though to be fair think I had it backwards before once too back when was a novice.

  30. @SideStrafe Unless it’s a secret, do you mind putting your intro songs into
    the description? I’d love to know what that song is!

  31. vilius ptakauskas

    awww yeaa under 301:D

  32. Nathaniel Forcelle

    Use the 100mm on the KV-85 better DPM and the same pen i think

  33. World of tanks
    After intense playing of war thunder, this game remindes me on games from
    late 90s early 2000s

  34. Creepy Productions

    Really don’t like the Kv-85, I just got it with the stock turret and gun.
    Everything can pen you, yet you can’t pen anything.

  35. A lot of ex-Wot that went to WT now are returning to WoT again.
    Is good for WoT but sad for WT :/
    WT is making a shit things and if they continue do it this will happen a

  36. Sidestrafe, top left corner you can do missions! You can talk about it in
    your next video

  37. Play more rising storm/ro2

  38. Mouse&KeyboardGaming

    Yes! The return of soviet strafe! For a few seconds at least…

  39. i love this stuff

  40. +SideStrafe Because you have started playing WOT again and been caring
    less, could you play Tog II. Please.

  41. Hello SideStrafe. If you haven’t yet planned any video about it, what are
    your thoughts about the new Simulator Battle system in War Thunder ? They
    removed the Random SB to replace it by “events” where you can’t play all
    the tanks you have and where planes are part of the action too. In
    compensation, they removed the “markers” in Realistic Battle but all tanks
    shoot nukes, are made of paper and the maps are so tiny… I think the
    Ground Forces lost all their meaning in War Thunder now with this sh*tty
    update. What’s your opinion about that ?

  42. Out of curiosity what happened to War thunder? I haven’t played the game
    since tanks first came out, I see people dislike the game now?

  43. SideStrafe nice video. quick question. If you have progress in world of
    warships and the full game comes out do you lose that progress and your
    ships or does it stay?

  44. The 100mm is the way to go with the KV-85. In 19 seconds you can fire
    almost 3 times, vs. the one you get with the 122mm. Alpha is nice, but to
    be honeat, I’d rather have RoF, accuracy, and other superior soft stats for
    a little less alpha. 

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