◀World of Tanks – Status Update

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The number one question as of late has been… Where’s ? So I thought I’d make a brief VLOG of sorts to answer your questions. I also discuss a few other related topics in the process!


  1. am I the first comment?

  2. Sidestrafe,

    I first started listening to your DayZ videos and then followed you from
    then on. I finally subscribed a couple weeks ago. One of the main reasons
    why I watch your videos is because of your commentary. I enjoyed watching
    you play the game Chivalry(?) from a few months back. That looked fun. I
    also enjoy your Mechwarrior videos. I think Eve Online looks fun but I
    heard that it was more fun before one of the major updates. Elite
    Dangerous, Star Citizen and the Wing Commander games look fun. I had played
    Wing Commander with my friend back in the early 90’s and I thought it was a
    Star Wars game. Anyway, keep showing us more games! Thanks!

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