? Only in War Thunder!

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Source: War Thunder. Official channel.

If you are a veteran of War Thunder, you probably know very well that our is fairly . We’re not speaking, of course, about boring or trivial things like sheer numbers of vehicles and aircraft available in game — after all we broke that world ages ago, in 2014. No, today we’d like to speak about things that can only be experienced in War Thunder!


  1. Only in War Thunder: You shoot enemy with APCBC and a single crew member dies(loader) and they shoot you back with AP and your tank burnt down, replay shows that the shot only hit breach and all the crew members were “intact”.

  2. Gulag Express ft. Kv-2

    I love this man’s voice

  3. Nerf panzer IV

  4. is update 1.77 already out?

  5. Internet Kamikaze

    When your “aviation” and “army” button are gone and you’ve tried everything to contact gaijin and now you have to resort to a YouTube comment.

  6. Only in WarThunder -> You are forced to play Tiger I and other WWII german tanks against Russian Cold war machines and guided missiles.. And call it realistic.

  7. Unbelievable, you forgot about being able to torpedo amphibious vehicles.

  8. I wish this game is on xbox or something similar

  9. I’m crazy about WarThunder.

  10. The first one looks like the pz. 2 was pulling a Maus wkwk (if you know what does wkwk mean 🙂

  11. Will you do a ‘pages of history’ on the Bf 109?

  12. Hey Gaijin! When are you gonna let us put logs, steel plates, and chicken wire backed up with concrete blocks on our Shermans?

  13. Is it ever going to come to xbox. That would make my year,just to be able to play this amazing game again. Wish my PC never broke,please respond Gaijin is this project is still valid.And thanks for all ur commitment to this game

  14. Is there is gonna be a update on the xb1 version

  15. 2:13 Stop Smoking

  16. only in warthunder: 50. cals never get nerfed.

  17. been playing for more than 2/3years. I love warthunder but bragging about x ray shots in tanks battles… its a cool idea and always satisfying to see your shot kill everyone(sometimes) but having come from the era before xray I must say it kind of ruined it.. the day it was implemented one shot kills went up by 1000%..gone are the days that you actually had to check where the crew and ammo are, so 2 tanks come around the corner only to face each other and lay like 20 shots into each other.. all are hits but no death.. it was glorious

    • by the way I’m not suggesting you remove it… its already there. the rage will be real if you take it off.. and from what ive seen in videos of ship combat.. the xray makes it look epic… btw SHIP COMBAT!. thank you.. but make it accessible to everyone, at the beginning you said that you would NEVER make ships like battleships.. as it could take hours to sink and/or how many millions of lions to you give the swordfish(or any t1 aircraft) for sinking that ship.. you already have destroyers and I know you are still testing this.. trying to BALANCE it.. but its warfare and from what ive seen there is no mercy in ship battles and cannot wait to deal some pain, its been over a year now ships have been a reality.. but not.
      love all the updates.. but you brought out Italian aircraft, French aircraft/tanks long after everyone knew about ships…. and now you are going to the M1 Abrahams and what not.. its like should I wait so you can reduce the research for all the other tier tanks as you bring out higher tiers?

  18. Yea, can we not make fun of the me 262? It’s supposed to be this really overpower aircraft and you ‘historically’ corrected it. We get it. Don’t rub the salt in.

  19. I have a question whether there will be Polish planes and tanks????

  20. What I’m impressed with the most is the complete incompetence of Gaijin not fixing the flawed tier system which has been broke since………. yeah the beginning any fixes planned???????????
    O, how long until World War II and Cold War ground vehicles are separated you know like real life???????????
    when are you going to stop artificially buffing stats for Russian vehicles, especially top tier??????
    I’ve been playing this game since January 2015, a lot has changed and this game still has so much potential, but WAY TO MANY problems have stuck around for way to long, overall the biggest problem with War Thunder……….is you Gaijin entertainment

  21. Only In War thunder: Your premium account in expired, would you like to give us more money?

  22. Владимир Василев

    Only in War Thunder: Repainted P-47 Thunderbolts defending the glorious german fatherland!
    Only in War Thunder: Destroy heavy bomber with a single .50 cal bullet!
    Only in War Thunder: Solid shot shells fragment better than ballistic caped one!
    I can go on and on.
    Pitty! It used to be a beautiful game and now it’s just sad.

  23. my warthunder is stuck in the loading screen when i start any fix?


  25. Gaijin on the map fulda there is a undestroyable fence could you guys fix that.

  26. make more german tanks and planes pls

  27. I swear the first one was trying to take the piss out of maus players who complain about having to fight atgm’s, deal with OP heatfs and having the wrong turret armour values. Which is still something i find annoying

  28. Only in War Thunder can you kill an M1 Abrahams with a roof-mounted 20mm autocannon. (Watch PhlyDaily’s M1 video. It actually happened.)

  29. Being towed by some teammates is not like real in life & that’s complete Sad thing i experienced.

  30. Only in war thunder…. do a 88mm shell bounce from wooden sides of a Russian AA truck… they do it, sometimes, I swear!… XD

  31. You realize that biplanes are 100% better than tier 2&3 aircraft, maybe even 4 and 5.

  32. A HE shell from the brumbar into that tunnel also has great results.

  33. Gone With The Wind


  34. I laughed way to hard at most of this

  35. Only in warthunder: t26 bouncing HOT missile

  36. Do you guys plan to add the “Aichi M6A” or “Seiran” into the game for the Japanese?

  37. The way the narrator says it is “They do it! Sometimes, I swear!” He has a bad habit of not using punctuation and that makes these difficult to listen to. A good narrator would put punctuation in its proper place even if it’s not written on the document he’s reading from, unless he’s totally unprepared and always reading off-the-cuff. WT is just like the narration…no matter how much is said it’s always missing a little something that not only takes away from the experience but could make it so much better.

  38. only in war thunder: someone at gajin looked at the M48 and thought “yeah, same br as the t-54 1947-1951. totally balanced”. i want to see that guy in a balanced fight between him in a bear costume vs a real polar bear. after that, i might start again spending money in this game…and after they removed the fantasy magic invisibility system where tanks pop up out of nowhere, instead of just not showing the name above the tank. gajin should just make a russia only server similar to china, and have all the russian masterrace fantasies there and just there. i play maybe 1 in 30 battles not russian and instantly regret it.

  39. Ladas with NSVs/DShKs

  40. Bombing a enemy flying through a tunnel you can do that in bf4 and 1

  41. I do wish my Maus was still worth using.

  42. Juan Ordóñez Galbán

    only in war thunder they parody only in battlefield

  43. 2:05 Russian Bias

  44. Gaijin, will you add the Grand Slam bomb to the Lancaster?

  45. special u mean more like we have the shittiest match maker of all the time

  46. “Sometimes, I Swear!” I towed my squadmate off the shore with my torpedo boat. Apparently a torpedo boat has better armor than the titanic!

  47. “without damaging parts” I HATE T34 SIDE FUEL TANKS FOR THIS
    “getting tracks wet” now we have tanks under the bridges.

  48. Only in war thunder: having tanks from the 1980s but only having planes from the 1950s

    You what we want gaijin

  49. you are right exept one thing :

    in the game Armored Warfare you can use smoke as well but I agree with everything else

  50. The life of a frentch tank crew is to eat garlic and the then kill everoune with a nose within 5 miles with your breaking of wind

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