🔴 New American Progetto AMBT + M-III-Y | World of Tanks – New Tanks Coming

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks AMBT, New Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank. World of Tanks M-III-Y, Tier 8 American Yoh Tank. World of Tanks New Premium Tanks and Yoh Branch. World of Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:40 M-III-Y Preview
03:07 Announcement
04:45 Announcement Details
05:35 AMBT Intro
06:35 AMBT Firepower
08:07 AMBT Mobility
09:00 AMBT Armor
10:00 Conclusion
10:55 My today's Deals

Information from:
– WG
– https://wotexpress.info/

Today let's talk about 2 upcoming tanks, which both come from America. One tech tree tank, M-III-Y and the other one most likely a premium medium tank. AMBT is like the American version of the Progetto 46.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Still no news on how to get obj 780

  2. All ready 4 the Yo tanks.

  3. For me is the AMBT more interesting. The elevation of 10 degrees is a little less than I would expected from med, but it can be interesting vehicle. I just wonder which of them is going to be in the Christmas boxes.


  4. M-III-Y and AMBT both seem kinda too situational. I’m not big fan of positional, trench warfare. Both tanks will push their hull down advantage.
    Username: MPKruger
    server: EU

  5. Everything that WG is currently releasing has good turret armor and mostly an autoloader.
    What else can you say about that?

    no_pro4683 EU

  6. I hope the gun handling of this AMBT is better than ASTRON REX.

    Wicked06i (Asia/HK Server)

  7. I feel like some of the recent American medium additions (T42, now the AMBT) demonstrate a ‘balancing feature’ around slower speeds which I find curious — if this is the start of an effort to slow the game down I am not opposed. However, if it is simply to slow one nation down … well, it probably won’t be well-received. Overall, I think the M3Y looks more compelling to me; the speed and some of the other elements of the AMBT makes it seem a bit over ‘balanced’ and frankly, fairly weak on paper. Shame, too, since it visually pleases.

    Username: BEXAS

    Server: NA

  8. M3Y is OP i think, AMBT Sounds fair. Love your Videos!
    EU: coolboy123456789

  9. AMBT seems intriguing definitely want to try using it myself. As for M-II-Y, I am personally not interested in the double-track mechanic, but I guess I would have to test it out myself to see if it’s worth grinding for.

    pirates123 (Asia Server)

  10. Ambt looks like a cs-63 to me with the shape but it seems interesting at least. The m-3-y i am just curious to how the tracking will work out but i am kind of scared for that. TimHoogeveen_2016 EU

  11. username: davao23
    server asia
    im interested

  12. I think we need wait for test fot that vehicles than we will see what could offer
    MunicipalWaste EU

  13. It smells like lootboxes to me and one in a marathon thanx for the content Dez!
    Archon_Dark [eu server]

  14. New mechanics are always interesting for veterans. Hopefully they will not make the new tank OP.
    Ingame name: cselo
    Server: EU

  15. tbh AMBT looks like another Hulldown/Ridgeline only tank, especially with that massive lower plate and very good upper plate angle.
    The M-III-Y gives me some M6A2E1 vibes –> Good from the front in a narrow alley but in every other place useless, we will have to wait for the traverse speed and ground-resistances tho to confirm my hunch.

    jayday3443 (EU Server) and even if I dont win I still enjoy your videos <3

  16. I think this new tank can be a new era of autoreloaders i see. Now the WG added a lot of Autoloders in the game but now i think they will balance with some autoreloading. EU: Omenfrost

  17. the m3 y is good but we have to wait and watch how that tech tree line is before diving in for it and the auto reloaded looks like a C45 copy with a massive lower plate and I wont be surprised if that lower plate is harder to pin went it is on the ground like the new British Heavy tank which came out last.
    Username : Suhrud_Youtube
    Server : Asian

  18. I really Like that AMBT does have pretty good turret armor, i do also Like the gun but doesnt have that mobility i would expert from medium tanks.


  19. The yoh premium tank is decent maybe good, it won’t be a game changer like T56, the AMBT is kinda weird, why wg did place it with medium tank, it should be a heavy
    sidalistrike / Eu

  20. I think both tanks will be pretty good, and the ambt is basically a heavy progetto, but the speed might hold it back

    Manki76 EU

  21. I like the looks of these two new tanks!


  22. if not for the lacking mobility I would be most interested in the AMBT of the two. Wonder which of these will end up in the lootboxes…


  23. Probably will be released with the Christmas loot boxes in December. Cant wait for that event so I can get the next auto loader to make every match end faster. LUL


  24. those tanks are not for me my focus is on techtree now.. the giveaway will help me a lot with prem account. thank u even if i don’t win u r working so hard wish u all the best..
    User Name: Bad_Dose Server EU

  25. David Mattia Pietravalle

    the AMBT was, historically, a “modernization” of M60 MBT so WG simply adopted the tank and derated it as T8 premium (i could notice the 105 gun, 800 hp and good armor)..
    frankly i find it more similar to the C45 Bisonte than M35/46 given the paltry 40 km/h and 3 sec intraclip

    tia8672 (EU server)

  26. I am looking forward to trying out both of these…I believe they are both ambitious tanks to say the least!

    _Ghost_Dog_ [NA server]

  27. By the way Dez i wish if u make a video about shell velocity and shell drop over distance.. a lot of times i aime perfectly on the weakspot but the shell gose under the tank and when i aim abit higher the shell flys over… help plz. and thx again

  28. Looking forward to testing both!! Whaler_99 NA

  29. Username: Dexn_PT
    Server: EU

    The M-III-Y looks cool, maybe i will look to do the american tech tree to play with it!

  30. vedrudis Oppailover

    Another tank with 1000 dmg burst…
    veiklas ; EU server

  31. SavageSoul – EU
    It looks very weak the AMBT. Towet and gun is OK.
    The M-III-Y 90mm gun its nice but have poor mobility. For sure i will use it.

  32. Can you play darts in any of these two cool new tanks @DezGamez?
    GenAcyde (EU Server)

  33. Definitely worth checking them out. It seems on balance side these will be little bit OP.
    Centaur23 (EU)

  34. Almost like a US version of the progetto.
    NA – BigHurt844

  35. I see a lot of tanks with more then 2 shells in the past year .It seem more players are atracted to this kind of tanks .I just wait to see what diferents can do in MM .
    Marian3700 (EUserver)

  36. I think high burst damage mediums are one of the main causes of snowballing. That said the mobility makes AMBT more defensive so it might not be that bad.
    Waff, EU

  37. I always love new content in the game, and i think the balance in the game is kinda “okay”! There is no tank that makes a bad player godlike and no tank that makes an unicum bad!

    TW_KugeLfang – EU

  38. I think they will be a good counter against the swedish heavys
    Brendanabanana EU

  39. since im a end game player i am always looking forward to new tanks to try them out

  40. Do we need yet another auto-loader? I don’t think so.
    KrumSIm (EU)

  41. AMBT looks sick MIIIY will be uh…. hard to say

  42. I’m pretty excited about the new tanks!


  43. Name: BIG_SC0TT
    server: NA
    I am excited because i love my progetto so i hope this will be a good alterative 🙂

  44. Always good news from Dez. Hope this tank will be something interesting to play..
    Dan79Dan. EU server

  45. The power creep is ever growing and if these tanks aren’t going to be given any big weakness, people will just stop playing Wot.
    AMBT has ridiculous turret armor for a t8 medium tank, even with the weak spot
    Eu server

  46. I’m all about new tech tree tanks that add something new. I feel like they’re running out of options though. AMBT makes me nervous of more power creeping, looks like a more mobile version of the bisante to me.

    Ussername: crazetankiller
    Server: NA

  47. That mobility might be a problem combined with the dispersion.
    Daranaus NA

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