🔴 New Improved Compresson = Game Changer! | World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 and Object 268 V4

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks New Improved Compresson Bond Turbo Equipment Unit – JagdPanzer and Object 26 Version 4 Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.13 Preview, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units, Battle Pass Season 5 and More.

00:00 Introduction
00:50 What is Improved Compressor
02:15 Comparsion to the Turbo
04:10 JPZ Setup
05:20 JPZ Battle
09:30 Obj 26 V4 Setup
10:50 Obj 26 V4 Battle
15:30 Conclusion

In my previous video I showcased upcoming changes to the Artillery and HE ammo, so this time let me talk about all the other new coming with this massive patch – including them adding HP Mods to the game, new equipment units, map and missions, battle pass, ranked battles and more!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. I guess we actually need to go through the ranked battles, right!? Also, tell me on which tanks would you like to see me testing this equipment setup on?
    Also, here are video chapters:
    00:00 Introduction

    00:50 What is Improved Compressor
    02:15 Comparsion to the Turbo
    04:10 JPZ E-100 Setup
    05:20 JPZ E-100 Battle
    09:30 Obj 268 V4 Setup
    10:50 Obj 268 V4 Battle
    15:30 Conclusion

    • Hmm, what if you apply bond turbo charger to strv 103-b ? Super fast seige mode🙃

    • KV-5 ram job 😀 Did 800 damage to an is-5 earlier with a standard turbo.

    • Do T110E3 Max mobility

    • Mark Pickavance

      No we don’t need to do ranked battles. Because playing this game isn’t about doing everything that WG wants.
      I refuse to play ranked, I refuse to Clan I won’t buy passes and I refuse to do the ridiculous mission marathons. If I don’t get the equipment because I won’t do this then that’s fine, but I won’t be bullied into doing these things I don’t want or enjoy. Each time WG does this garbage it makes me think that this game will die soon. Because once all the people who aren’t obsessives leave, the idiots with all the gold, reward tanks and special equipment won’t enjoy playing only those who also have those things.
      It’s time for some push-back, I say.

    • Please, put it on Pz.I C – fastest tank in the game today

  2. E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…E25!!…

  3. Honest to god try it on the e5 with hardening and rammer, most disgustingly good combo on a non reward heavy tank I’ve ever had

  4. Please do an E50 vents rammer and new turbo rammer action

  5. I would say Wargaming need to think this one through, but I’m sure they have and this concept of making a small number of the players with the best stuff even stronger is supposed to make us want to spend more real money on the game. Thing is most of us don’t want that and the result is a foregone conclusion…sweepstake on when non RU servers shut down anyone?

  6. TurBadger we need!

  7. Thanks for this very timely video, Dez. I hate Ranked, never play it but started it this season bc of this equipment. Was borderline if I’ll grind through it still but after seeing this, I think I’ll have to make an effort to get through it.

    Put this on T-50-2 and see if you can stay upright.. hahaha

  8. Balc0ra's Gaming

    I can’t be bothered to play red line lemming fail that much to get it. I’ve almost opened the bond store… that will be enough for me.

  9. Imagine this new turbo combined with the new up coming field modifications and you go for mobility in it. 😱

  10. !CHALLENGE FOR DEZ! try to make 113 work in test server ,that means use every bond equipment + field modifications to see if it can be any good or just needs to be buffed.

  11. William Johnson

    Well for a game that was originally designed to be mobile for jerks like me that play on phones. And yet what you have I have no concept of because I don’t have a computer which I find a bit unfair Advantage because it wasn’t designed for a computer. But yet world of dip shitz don’t seem to care about the unfair Advantage like the spawning in from red things for whatever reason that is when and where they want and the ability to disappear while being blasted and not having to cross the open fill a battle because they are not there. So a lot of this is irrelevant to us sorry bastards that play on phone do not have the ability to critique our tanks in the manner in which computer players do this is an unfair advantage take my money and screw me in the ass well if I’m going to get screwed I want to be kissed. Now don’t get me wrong I do enjoy your Tech toriel’s are worthless does guys that play on phones unless you can enlighten me on that subject. And then when I tried to find Enlightenment On The World of Tanks app in Discord I was treated like a fucking dog Noob this Noob that new debt up your ass you sons of bitches. Veterans most in this game or nothing but fucking egotistical assholes never seen anything like it in my life and they should be goddamn ashamed of themselves in World of Tanks should get rid of these fucks because the job of a veteran is to help noobs not fucking belittle degrate and try to run them out of the game. Is really quite disheartening sickening and just downright disgusting the way this shit is going so fuck them. Till which time that they create a even playing field in stop that goddamn shit of you kept on computers spawning in whenever the hell and however the hell you want is it cheating. Because I’m always on Green Team never ever ever and I got four thousand battles in have I seen anybody on the Green Team be able to spawn in whenever spawn out and back in okay explain how this is the goddamn mechanics that the game is goddamn bulshit if you can’t tell I’m quite upset about it is bulshit bulshit bulshit bulshit. Or fix it where we can do the same then it’s even playing field. Until which staff anybody that plays on a mobile device is being screwed cheated and robbed from. This is not good business practice nor is it good for the game thank you

  12. I wish type 5 roll 40km/h

  13. What a stupid game… no wonder I can’t make myself to play it anymore.

  14. Russian EBR doesn’t exist and he can’t hurt you.
    Russian EBR: 11:45

  15. There use to be some reality. Now it’s just arcade. Here’s an idea. Rocket booster packs for Tog II.

    • It has always been an arcade game – highlighted tanks when spotted, light tanks dropping from cliffs to crush heavies, garanteed spotted after firing guns at X range etc etc.. Goal was never realism, and it has never been realistic.

  16. Will this finally make the E-50M remotely competitive? Probably not because it would probably help the 430U more since it has alien hover technology.

  17. I have put it on t100lt. I am chasing EBRs and they are like “wtf is this heresy”

  18. Arty be like, NOPE!!!

  19. nice

  20. That second game was EPIC!!!!! bounty turbo seams cool

  21. just another nail in the coffin for WOT. Why is it just for the best players. Im getting more and more sick of WG

  22. Thịnh Phan Công

    Fastest meat ball in game 😂


    Is there any other way to take out bond equipment without using bonds?

  24. WG response to EBR. Everyone is EBR!

    Dez, WZ LT ramming setup.

  25. I run a turbo on my Hertzer.

  26. play in kv5 with full ramming setup

  27. 3 arties makes it special : not anymore

  28. Put it on a TOG !! and tell us about it ! thanks

  29. This is the very reason that MM should be determined (weighted by) the VALUE of equipment added to the vehicle + the average crew skill in the vehicle. NOT as some people might want purely based on the skill rating of the player. Equipment 2.0. is so flawed because it biases the existance/availability of certain equipment towards higher tiers and particularly at tiers 7-9 any new players with stock “tech-tree” tanks are just going to get slaughtered, game after game after game…making any grind, just painful, if not impossible. as they end up meeting experienced players with souped up OP premiums with 5 skill crews. It’s pathetic actually.

  30. Still slow as crap, and utterly useless TD. Rng is that good in this game…you miss more thén you shoot straight.. crap. MM decides thé Winner!

  31. Even faster, faster tanks – cool, that won’t effect the gameplay at all will it…? And only available to better players by definition… sweet WG, well-played…

    Nice to see Dez, that your camping Obj. 268 v.4 TD in the last game was ‘balanced’ by arty – all is well with the world…


  32. I don’t mind the introduction of modules like this. They also benefit most of the sluggish tanks in the game. Most people probably don’t use the turbo to get up too top speed but more to influence ground resistance and soft stats and effective traverse e.i.

  33. I think this equipment is even more effective on badger as that one has a “scary” dpm, accuracy and overall gun if you dont think of alpha dmg what is still not bad. Fair armor but so slow speed what is killing the tank. With this thingi badger might be way more competitive. Also dont forget arties are so much nerfed against armored tanks. Im just curious how would badge play like with that turbo.

  34. WG knows their game is about to die, and they push crazy changes which will suck out the last dollars from the players, before the final stage of this game. RIP.

  35. Ondřej Bobrovský

    Put it on AMX 50B to reach 71 km/h with heavy tank 😂

  36. Weee another equipment that will fuck us casual gamers in WOT, when we grind the tank tree! Great WG fuck now we must play ranked battle to get it its sux balls! Keep the good work you do Dez to inform us! +++++

  37. Zoom JPZ E-100

  38. imagine 260 with this settings, it already keeps up with mts with basic turbo, i mean this will be crazy

  39. Swedish tds to see super fast reverse siege sniping action

  40. I like competitive games like league of legends, and ranked in wot is just free rewards for me so i like this 😀

  41. It’s just 2km/h more. Game changer? Nah.

  42. Dez immagine 260 with this field upgrades focusing on speed plus this boosted turbo

  43. I so want to get this new turbo for kv-122 💀💀👍

  44. No more Turbo battles with the new Improved Compressor battles.

  45. PZ1C. Or hellcat. Just for racing

  46. WG make CRAPS after Craps, and NO ONE asked for that garbage of super improved equipment!!!

  47. If I get one it’ll be going straight onto either my kv5 or e75ts. Playing ranked is proving to be torture though. Nightmare mode of tomatoes.

  48. My t92hmc is just parking in the handicap spot now lol.

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