🔴 WARNING for Fail Deals, VZ. 55 BUFFS & TNH T Vz. 51 | World of Tanks Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks

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Source: DezGamez

World Tanks Vz 55, Tier 10 Autoloader Czech Tank Buffed. World of Tanks TNH T Vz. 51, New Czechoslovakian Heavy Tank Tech Tree in World of Tanks – Czechoslovakian Heavy Tanks.
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Today going to talk about some more Czechoslovakian tanks as they released first details about tier 9 TNH T Vz. 51. Also, tier 10 Vz. 55 has been getting different buffs 4 times already and let’s discuss some more fail Daily Deals….

Czechoslovakian Tank Tech Tree:
Tier 7: Vz 44-1
Tier 8: TNH 105/1000
Tier 9: TNH T Vz
Tier 10: Vz 55

What do you think?

►Tanks in action / мир танков :
– Czechoslovakian Vz. 55, Tier 10 Tank
– Czechoslovakian TNH T Vz. 51, Tier 9 Tank
– Czechoslovakian Skoda T-50, Tier 9 Medium Tank
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  1. There was some crackling sound in my mic at the start of the video, but fixed itself later. Dunno what that was, but I try to fix it next time! 😉
    Also, have you received any good deals after couple days this has been live? Let me know which ones! 🙂 Hope you had a nice weekend, catch you next time! <3

  2. Another step to ending , keep going WG , all players wants fantasy tanks , not arty per battle …

  3. Another event to scam new players

  4. Is it me or this Czechoslovakian heavy tier 10 is starting to look better version of 277 stats wise

  5. Luís Augusto Panadés

    I wanna know when those sons of bitches will fix that piece of shit called Grille 15 that they pushed over us. No DPM, no real accuracy, no mobility, no gun depression, no gun elevation, shit penetration with all ammos…

    The only thing that is good is that long barrel to be put into the asses of wot balancing team.

  6. got 2 of them 1 was for 9 dollars the other for 10 dollars both were the same on the same day

  7. I got 5xxp boosters 25* and some other random crap for 1250gold. Everything else was hot garbage for cash. Still have a ton of lootbox gold so that turned out to be a pretty good deal

  8. Only dumbass WG would try to pull these bullshit deals off…………

  9. I got 5 tank slots for 600k credits 🙂 that was the best one i guess since i dont buy gold

  10. My “Legendary Deals” have been basically garbage….

  11. Buffs for the Czech heavies? Okay, but how about some help for the Czech mediums. The high-tier ones are fine, but it’s mid-tier that needs help. The T-34/100 and TVP VTU are not fun or good tanks.

    As for the buffs to the single-shot gun on the Vz. 55? That had to be done if Wargaming is serious about making both guns viable options. An autoloader is in and of itself an advantage because of the burst potential. The single-shot gun *has* to be better than the autoloader in sustained DPM or else there would be no reason for anybody to use it.

  12. WOT Deals are almost as bad as Joey Boi’s Admin!! So it is REALLY BAD!!

  13. Daily deals are less attractive

  14. hanikrummi hundursvin

    I just play my Pz. II-J and Pz. 1-C for fun. Did you know the 2nd best autocannon of the PZ. 2-G did not get nerfed while all the other tier 3 autocannons did ? 🙂

  15. In words of AVGN: “You already know the deal and the deal keeps getting worse all the fucking time.” Srsly, this shit puts even Chinese mobile companies to shame (well, some of them at least).

  16. Jacke e-is-silent

    Dez, it’s really time for you to start moving on with non-WoT content. I’ve not played WoT for months and all I see from content creators is it’s becoming even more of a dumpster fire. I’m not interested in the rearrangement of deck chairs on a sinking ship.

  17. Really haven’t seen any good deal either.

  18. Daily deal is not an epic fail, it is a completely garbage😕

  19. i go back playing on World of Tanks Blitz now but it’s hard to operate or used those tanks..im too noob in WoT Blitz..my best choice was World Of Tanks pc version..im sad because i can’t go back playing on internet shop here in my place.. World of Tanks will just be one of my best memories in the online game i ever played like Aion online and Rising Force online..

  20. its not just a epic fail its the biggest fuck you i have ever seen and now WG isnt going to see any and I mean any of my money again

  21. Where does this new HT branch off of

  22. Bartosz Nowogórski

    What modules I should use for tvp50/51?

    • Hey, vents is a must have, so is vstab and then i suggest either IRM for minimizing bloom while shooting or the GLD. You don’t really need optics if you have a good crew and the vents. Hope this helps 😀

  23. Daily Steals that’s how we will remember them

  24. Bruh the deals are actually trash. As a f2p peasant I was hoping for something like last year (credit offers) but it was a total disappointment.

  25. So it’s a better 5A with the single shot gun. And a better 277 with the double shot gun. Got it. Lol

  26. Pc is lucky they didnt get console 6.0 happen to them.
    if you dont get it go look at wot console comment section for 6.0 release vids

  27. Bolivar PH Gaming

    Useless event for me

  28. The trolol was strong on this on with the deals. Thanks for the giggles. <3

  29. the best offer I got was Ranger Style that normaly costs 750 gold for 300k credits

  30. Well, they fixed it quickly I think, because now, i recievied 1k gold with 5 big consums and it was like 30 cents cheapier than 1k gold in shop

  31. We still don’t know if the single-shot gun will have Gun Rammer, in which case it’ll get even more DPM than the autoloader !

  32. Ahmet Kerim ÖZDEMİR

    @DezGames somone talking behind you?

  33. nice video dez! – I allways wanted Type 59, was unlucky to start playing week after they pulled it out of store 9 yers ago, NOW at last i got it from the store, do you know why they relaunched it in store and can you talk a bit about it? Cheers from GunslingerJOE

  34. Wow, 2 cents cheaper! I’ll have 10 please.

  35. No deals for dez coins?
    I’m out WG

  36. I heard that in Chinese server different players can get different prices for same item in daily deals in regard of how much they have purchased in WG games recently. WG is using data to exploit players and making money from asymmetric information.

  37. Daily legendary scams 😀

  38. Oh cmon… Chech heavies are another crap…

  39. BRAVO Dez and THANKS.

  40. I get deal tah for 21k gold you get 180 days of prem and 3mil. credits, but 21k gold is worth 71 euros and 180 days of prem worth 50 euros. THAT IS REAL DEAL.

  41. Strictly speaking VZ makes it a Slovak tank.

  42. I don’t think this barrei will be usefull… like it’s worst than dubble gun, which can shoot faster, and reload the second ammo like italian medium… With this reload, tchekoslo heavy tanks won’t be competitive…

  43. The daily deals is an absolute failure… Maybe they are targeting the parents of some kids who see that “oh, there’s some discount thing going on. I will buy my kid some tank with a useless camo.”

  44. Mr Floppyknickers

    The “deals” were just a WoT fomo experiment. Testing if Fear of missing out would liberate more player from their money. True F2P garbage monetization.

  45. WG hustlers,….we should all stop playing and watch their bots playing the game

  46. The “Daily Deals” are total crap. Czech heavies have me “chomping at the bit” ready. Have they indicated where the split-off will be? Maybe Tier 6? Or will it be an entire new line? I’m ready with 170k “Free XP (haha free)” 320 universal BP and 110 Czech BP. Rock on Sir Dez.

  47. Bard Kuźnia Dram

    There are great deals but only for WG, totally crappy for players! ☹️

  48. alejandrozapataq

    lets call it faily deals, i grab them every day just to see what i get and i have not seen a single good deal, everything is trash or just not worth it or it is already in the store at the same price

  49. I guess WG thought that nobody would check to see how much they are saving on the Great Awesome Deals that they are trying to trick their valued customers into just spending money by lying to us, good thing I didn’t already trust them on spending money on their items 👍

  50. Like every event WG makes it gets worse for the player and better for them every iteration. Also I can’t be excited for the Czech tanks because any tank with a clip at this point disappoints me. How much faster are they going to make this game? 60 second games? World of wheels and clips.

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