🔴Spent Money for THIS? | Engineer’s Gate Opening in World of Tanks Waggenträger Event

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Source: DezGamez

Opening Engineer's Gates for ASTRON Rex 105, New Tier 8 Premium American Medium Tank from Return The Event. Return of The Waffenträger Special Event 2021 in World of Tanks as Waffenträger Auf E-110 and E-220.

Today I am going to spend some money on the Engineer's Starters packs to open Engineer's Gates to get the Astron Rex 105… Can I do not? Are those Loot Gates, Loot Boxes or Loot Portals worth it? Let's find out!

What do you think?


  1. So, anyone seen a premium tank drop before 50 gates? 🙂
    Have a nice day! <3

  2. hey dez, i enjoyed to see your video and you seem to have the same luck in lottery like i had. i opened engineer keys and also get only credits, premday and xp booster 😀

  3. i got 3 tier 8 premium tanks for 60 of them gates that includes that new rex tank 😀

  4. This is what i saw with the ones i got for free, the normal gate has given me almost a month of premium and the golden gate is garbage.
    Dont give them money dez.

  5. I got astron rex from the first key………

  6. I spend 100 euros and got: ASTRON Rex 2x, Lansen C, EMIL 1951, E 75 TS, M41D, T26E4 (I had this one). I also got like 50 prem days, around 17.5k gold and all 3D styles. So im happy

  7. you were pretty unlucky dez. I bought them too and i got a premium tank everytime around the 30 portals opened mark

  8. I got astron rex after 3 free engineer gates

  9. Simas Bagdonavicius

    From 9 euro i got rex and e75, for free key i get isu152

  10. I believe prem tank drop % is 2.4% . Seen it somewhere in the article

  11. With the second free key i was very lucky and i found the ISU152K

  12. loot boxes ? more like Lottery boxes . very similar to a slot machine where you think,,just one more and it will hit for a jackpot ! odds are about the same.

  13. I bought 1 pack 40 tickets . Had 3X premium Vehicles 2X 3D style and 40 days premium account 2000 gold . I open tickets 5X times mod . Good luck everyone

  14. Damn these boxes really came in clutch after buying the $45 pack. Astron, eight premium dupes (3 turtles, 1 lansen, 2 T77s, 2 LT-432s), all the 3D styles which is all I wanted because I am a 3D style collector, about a month of prem time, some silver and gold.

  15. This just shows what pathetic scum wargaming is. Not even giving you the chances for the various prices is the biggest asshole move you can make. Heck they don’t even show you what kind of trash you can get.

  16. The astron rex is interesting, but not worth it to gamble for…

  17. Dez, the reason why you didn’t get any premium tanks is shown just above the “activate gate”, “Activate next”, and “To gates” button. It literally says: Gates already activated:36; *Gate activations required to receive premium vehicle, no more then 14.* As it looks to me you have to open 50 of those gates before you can get a premium tank.

    • No that is not true, if you open 50 they guarantee a tier 8 premium. You can open one and get one, the chance is about 1 in 50 (2.4%) they state on the website.

  18. I read the details and saw that if I got 50 engineer keys I would definitely get a premium tank one that I did not already own.
    So given I have all the premium tanks in the list except for the Emil 1951 and the Astron Rex buying the large pack with 50 keys seemed obvious.
    I suppose I could have bought the one that opens the astron rex gate itself but that way it seems you got no other rewards.
    Key number 46 I think dropped the Emil 1951.
    I did get all 3 styles which is good but I already had styles for the M48 and Batchat 25t
    Other than that some premium days gold credits etc nothing really I needed.
    Been playing this game so long such things are not that important, like you I have gold premium time credits and personal reserves aplenty.
    The game mode is fun but not something I would like to grind away at day after day, few games per day is fine for me.
    Might get another 50 engineers keys because I assume I would definitely get the astron rex as I now have every other tank listed.

  19. Opened my free ones got shit. Couple of prem days, 250 gold and some reserves and demounting kits.

  20. So far “best” drop was style for bat chat. I am not buying anything from wg and no one should

  21. I got two 3D styles in 10 drops, for tanks i dont even have

  22. So after $90 and 100 boxes, an Emil 1951 & M41D that I got at the guaranteed spawn after 50 boxes each, 2200 gold, 46 prem days, 2M credits, 60% were bad boosters, decals, demounting kits,….etc. in my books it’s not worth it

    I recorded my opening session if you want it let me know 🙂

  23. I was super lucky. I got E75 TS and ISU 152k from those maximum 9 free lootportals. So happy f2p player

  24. 3rd key Astron Rex for me what can I say……

  25. Horrible value. Never buy it. Thanks for your sacrifice.

  26. I bought 2x 10 starter packs.

    First pack I got a turtle, a Lansen C, 3D style for Batchat, 500 gold and premium time and heap of boosters.

    Good haul.

    Second pack I got 2D style, a couple 100k credits and the rest were 20k crew books for different nations.

    Not so good haul.

  27. T26E4, M41D, and the Astron in 50 gates on NA. It seems to me that the NA server drops more rare items than EU. Christmas boxes were the same way last year. Maybe because of the dwindling player count?

  28. got my first tank after 50 gates,in total 3 tanks every 50 gates a tank…

  29. I got the lansen c on my 30th opening. WG have been trying to sell me this tank and award me it from loot boxes and blackmarket for ages. At least now that it is in my garage I won’t get it again. Bet the next tank I randomly win in one of these will be the 40t as I refuse to buy it

  30. muntean nicolae andrei

    this event it sucks

  31. crazy RUSSIAN hacker is that you wtf

  32. In start i bought x50 Engineer’s Starter i open first and comes the Thunderbolt M48A5 Patton skin with 1 day premium! so i had 49 left and i deside not to open more but i bought another 10 enginers starter so total 59 starters! then i played the event and i got 2 free so direcly i grab the Astron rex for 60 starters.i actually opened only 2 engineers starters and in one of them was that i liked the Patton Thunderbolt skin,all this cost me 49,50 euros .Im in level 23 now in event progress and completed the waffentrager stickers and commander and i won the 3 other commanders by playing!

  33. bought 50 or whatever that package is, got 3 tanks

  34. I bought and opened 40, got 4 premium tanks and one of those were the ASTRON REX

  35. So crap, I have only play one game of it… I do not like this gamemode.

  36. You got scammed by WG

  37. I thought everyone was already aware? Don’t buy the boxes if you are trying to snipe something in particular. Terrible odds and usually you are going to be unhappy. If you just want a tier 8 prem then buying the starters is not a bad deal since you get 50 for 45 USD which is the price for a tank anyway.

  38. I got 6 days of premium from the harrier starters why are the rewards from the engineer’s worse.

  39. I need bonds!

  40. i learnt my lesson with the christmas boxes. i remember when is3 2 came out for christmas, spent 200 on boxes and it never dropped. and this WT mode, if you actually try to do deliver plasma while the rest of your teammates are farming bots, you don’t even place top5 for the quests. the grind is stupid

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