03.09.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– Storm doesn’t agree that the current tutorial sucks: it’s there to teach people the real basics – how to move and how to shoot.
– there will be improved tutorial in the future
– Storm confirms: the Preview function from Armored Warfare (the ability to preview the vehicles you don’t have yet in the garage) should be implemented
– many players in 9.10 on RU server are complaining about shells flying off (wild angles outside of flying circle), Storm states that this might be due to the poor state of RU servers
– in 9.10 a bug caused the setting “don’t invite me to dynamic platoon” to become disabled for no apparent reason (players who don’t want to be invited to dynamic platoons are getting invites), WG is investigating why that happened
– the ability of players to customize which medals they want to display on first page of their achievement window will not be implemented: “There are far more pressing tasks”
– RU players are still raging about the compensation for credits, Storm is just banning the whiners these days
– developers decided not to implement the setting to disable the spam about dynamic platoons being created

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