03/02/2016 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral


have another Slava Q&A for you and first of all I’m glad to see you enjoying this content and that you like Slava, he is indeed a cool guy like I’ve read you commenting. 🙂
This time I not only gathered questions from the comment section but also from emails and even reddit, do keep on sending them in.

theolice emailed me this. :3

For Russian blogs/pages who wrote this:
“Конкретных решений по улучшению балансировщика сейчас нет, но разработчики рассматривают разные дополнительные варианты, такие как балансировка по огневой мощности, хитпоинтам и да же скилу игрока в какой-то степени, но это все в планах.”
(The text above says that WG plans to balance tanks according to their firepower, hitpoints and player skill)
– Skill based balance will NEVER happen and Slava has never talked about hp/firepower based balance.

Again, don’t be afraid of contacting me to clarify things, don’t be thick headed please!

Here it is:

On the JP100 whine – they plan to nerf it!!111
-We don’t, reducing alpha dmg is not always a nerf, T-34-85 at tier6 with 100mm gun was horrible, with 85mm it’s the best medium.

Q: Is there a chance that we will see the M60A1 introduced into the tech tree for the USA, to help update it a bit to a current standard of other nations with vehicles from the 1960’s (T-62A, Leopard 1, AMX-30B, ect.). As well as make the US tier 10 medium competitive with other nations.
-Not A1:)) smth else, I really want to improve US med line.

Q: Is there an option to get the MERDC pattern added for the USA vehicles, or an early variant of it like the MASSTER pattern (AKA 7th Army Camo), if not 1 MERDC pattern per environment.
-No idea about that, TBH

How about taking away RNG from shell pen and damage? It would make this game competitively sound to a point and will be esports viable, as of now there is too much RNG for anyone to call themselves “professional players” of WoT.
-I’ll look into that.

What happened to the other supertest tanks like the Steyr WT and the Rhm. Skorpion?
-We’ll use them in 2016 at some point.

Personally, I don’t get why everyone is chomping at the bit to nerf the T110E5. Why not keep the new machine gun turret as-is? It still has other weak spots to be exploited. From what I can gather, getting that armor buff now allows it to act as a real heavy on the battlefield.
-E5 will not be kept as it is, no chance to avoid nerf – it is simply the best heavy AND the best US T10 medium (it has more fire power and survivability than an M48A1 while comparable on mobility) defacto at the moment.  That might be not the armor nerf tho, mobility nerf is another option, or some other option

Could you ask what will become of super high alpha tanks like jaegeroo, waffen and death star? I hope they get slightly nerfed in a way…
-JP100 will be fine, less alpha, more gun comfort, the tank concept is sound and I don’t want to nerf it. WT100 will be replaced. 183mm guns will be reworked with new HESH.

ALSO chinese tds???? Type 89! HEHEHE (imo chinese tanks need a buff)
-Yes, medium line and some of the HTs and LTs need help.

“The two answers regarding map rotation and  corridors”
-We need to remove shitty maps, including low tier maps, Mittengard!
-We will change maps, starting with removal of corridor ones.
In my opinion, this wouldn’t leave much maps untouched in the process.
-Yes, too many bad maps, I don’t want to keep them.

Q: Wouldn’t it be better to redo maps first, with all the new insights you have been given over the past year, instead of taking the blunt approach like mentioned in answer two?
-Takes too long compared to “by fire be purged”. Seriously, Stalingrad is soo bad it’s easier and cheaper to make a new one.

“How about just decreasing the damage of prem. ammo by 50% .<snip>”
-No.  Rebalancing prem ammo is okay tho. Things like 420 pen HEAT will have to go away.
Q’s: Can Slava explain on this? It is a bit contradicting to read ‘no’ followed by ‘re-balancing prem ammo is okay’. What did he have in mind, what direction?
In which direction should we, us players, be thinking in regards to your vision on how this is could be rebalanced?Ó
-Reduction of dmg of premium ammo? I don’t like the idea of ruining premium ammo, that’s what these “let’s nerf gold dmg by 30-50%” questions are – some people ask us to take away gold ammo one way or another. Gold ammo for silver is important part of game economy.
So the idea is that premium ammo is a better ammo. Does better always mean more penetration?  No, it doesn’t.
More pen or more dmg or faster speed or more crits or…there are many options.
For example, Su100Y already has different gold ammo – more dmg one. For some tanks we can go that way, why not?

 I want to suggest 2things
1.durring the European community contributer thing (Cyprus meeting), the question of testing tanks came out, but no one from wg or YouTube knew how to implement it. I came up with the idea of lending tanks. I want their opinion on this. I got alot of good feedback from players on the thread.
-Lending? Not sure what you mean. I know how to test tanks. 🙂
We need a public test realm which is almost always on and we can test new tanks or features there, the way WoW does that.

2.splittng the conqueror into fv215b and the chieftain, same way the t-54 splits up.
-FV215b is a tank we had to invent back in the days, Chieftain is real.

How bad did the Chieftain armor have to be for them to hold off putting it in?
Just put it in. It’s not like this will be the first time they put an underpowered tank in game… and they can always buff it.
-It’s bad enough, T-54 or is-3 can pen turret with regular ammo, not just cupola. You simply cannot tank enemy shells in tier X with this tank. We have enough of glass cannon tanks in the game, why add another?

Wait, did they just say camo paint benefits smaller tanks more??? I thought it was flat based on class – HT 2%, MT and LT 3%, and TDs the highest. How does this actually work? What exactly does the comment mean?
-Percentage is relative value, that’s how. So yes, let’s say you have 100 camo with LT and 3% of said camo is 3. And you have 10 camo in Maus, same 3% is 0.3.

WG is planning to take away my female crew with crew redesign?!!111
-No, it’s a mission reward, I like female crews 🙂

RG: For those who asked about the Sentinel, it will be premium

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