04.09.2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

– there is a bug in 9.10 in sniper mode (the aiming is somehow incorrect but the description is unclear), developers are discussing whether to fix it with hotfix or not
– there is a bug in WoT as well that makes cameras “stick” to models that have very tall antennae (T29, T30 and others), it will be fixed
– developers are satisfied with current WoT gun accuracy spread
– there are no plans to change the WoT accuracy system
– VK7201 gun mantlet is not bugged (some player reported it to be too easy to penetrate)
– it’s possible but not sure that VK7201 armor will be changed when the tank gets reworked to HD
– apparently, the word filter is not working when applying to changes of names
– dynamic tank characteristics (changin depending on module setup) will be implemented
– clan message system (message board) will be implemented
– vehicle preview (of vehicles you don’t have in garage) will be implemented
– Storm promises that WG will look at player wishes much more than it used to. It does not mean the reaction will be immediate but it will be there.
– Storm states that he’s really pissed to the extreme (he uses even stronger words) about how every patch comes out with crap like crashes and such. On the other hand, he states he has 5k battles and in those battles he only ever experienced one crash.

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