05.07.2015 Q&A Part 2

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Source: Rita Sobral

There is extra info dears:

A couple of historical answers from Yuri Pasholok

– T49 gun was made a “derp” gun because WoT doesn’t allow for guided missiles (otherwise the gun could fire them);
– Yuri Pasholok was the initiator of the alternative French HT branch, based on his collected materials it’s completely possible to build a tier 2-10 alternative French HT branch. French superheavy tanks could appear in this branch;
– In principle the British Scorpion light tank is completely suitable for WoT, whether it will come or not is up to the game developers;
– If there is a request to build the second Soviet branch, there will be a branch;
– So far the historians were not asked about the Churchill AVRE for implementation, there are also various versions of the AVRE;
– As far as Yuri Pasholok knows, Chinese hightier TD’s were paper projects only;
– Yuri does not know whether Foch 155 is real or a Wargaming fake;
– AMX 30 B2 is too new for WoT.

And the daily, at 5:10, the Ryan Pitts struggle is real:

“Up at their tiny post, Ryan and his team were being pounded.”

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