06/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– 88 L/56 in WoT won’t be buffed in penetration because it would mean all the vehicles with this gun would have to be rebalanced;
– Japanese heavies are really popular when compared to other the Asian vehicles;
– FCM Pak 40 was removed from sales because it’s operpowered;
– Foch 155 and Object 268 won’t be changed for now;
– There are still variants what to do with Foch (like giving it a 120mm gun instead of the 155mm);
– FV101 Scorpion won’t come in 2016;
– There are only few vehicles planned to be implemented in next 5 years in WoT
– It’s possible the French heavy branch without autoloader will appear in 2016
– Hungarian and Swiss tanks will only appear as German premiums
– Captured tanks are basically scrapped
– Cybersports effectiveness is questionable according to Storm, there are only few veiwers
– Team Battles are doing nice (10 percent of players participate), there are plans for further updates
– It’s possible more maps will be removed in order to transfer maps to HD faster
– Dragon Ridge, Severogorsk and North-West were all removed because of the altitude differences between various paths
– According to Storm the best maps in the game are the oldest from the beta test
– Kharkov, Windstorm and Stalingrad are the maps with lowest performance
– Kharkov is doing fine gameplay-wise
– A desert map for lowtier battles will come, no new desert maps for higher tiers are planned though
– there will be a special fun mode for Christmas – they thought about Tank Biathlon but decided not to do it for now
– Havok was tested on Stalingrad map, the result was poor: critical overload of RAM and processor. Then they tried to cut buildings into four pieces only to reduce the stress – that didn’t end well, looked bad, they need more pieces
– New Havok physics will come in small parts (stuff hanging on tanks, destruction of small objects etc)
– WG is planning the landscape to be deformable by explosions
– In new Historical Battle mode, bots will play lowtier tanks
– It’s possible to build an Israeli branch with a lot of clones (like the Chinese branch)
– The most common resolution in WoT is 1366×768 (laptop)
– Bonus XP for tanking is in development with medium priority
– Developers are planning to completely overhaul the equipment system just like crew skills
– Multi-gun and multi-turret mechanism will not come soon
– The amount of artillery in battles did drop but now it seems to start increasing, current artillery affects gameplay negatively (due to randomness, oneshots, the fact the players can’t fire back)

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