09/10/2015 Q&A

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Source: Rita Sobral

Here it is:

– There are many more fixes planned for WoT anti aliasing than those in 10.0
– 10.0 introduces a large number of game crashes on certain PC configurations, it will be fixed
– The sound alerts for dynamic platoons are only triggered by events related to that respective player, the rest of players only get text announcement
– Developers are still wondering what to do with Chieftain
– Q: “What happened with T34 turret, is it bigger?” A: “Yeah, three times bigger.”
– Q: “And will you compensate T34 nerf changes?” A: “Yea, we’ll cut off the gun.”
– Free FV4202? “More info later.”
– Type 59 gun to be buffed? “Not sure”
– KV-220 turret armor will not be buffed to 90mm
– Although the current test server session is called “Technical test”, the content in 10.0 test will be identical to the “technical one”
– The new Caernarvon turret is two times better armored than the old one, that’s why it was made this way
– Storm confirms that the Action X turret on Caernarvon hull is a WG fake, but there was no other way how to increase the armor of the turret
– According to Storm it’s fine to just add randomly armor to fake or unhistorical vehicles but historical vehicles have to have historical armor
– Stock Caernarvon is historical
– HD Centurion turret has much worse armor than the SD one, that’s why it had to be replaced on Caernarvon, it wasn’t also an option to just leave the stock turret, this would still make its armor too poor
– There is a certain balancing threshold for vehicles (HT’s) beyond which poor armor cannot be compensated by buffing other parameters
– The solution for the Caernarvon (fake top turret) is not good but for now WG sees no other solution
– In 10.0 KV-220 is exactly as mobile as it was before (according to some players it’s slower)
– RU players are complaining about KV-220, Storm answers he doesn’t know where does so much upset comes from, the tank was buffed in armor
– Storm reacting on criticism that Action X turret is paper because the area above the gun is a massive weakspot: “Try shooting under it around the gun, you’ll be surprised”
– Q: “What will happen to tanks that cannot have decals pasted on them?” A: “They will remain without decals.”

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