1.0 Is here!

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Source: TheFochYou

specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 980 TiDC3 OC
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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  1. Blah blah blah…

  2. The return!!!! Welcome back xx

  3. One and only, true dude is back! It is plaeasure!!!!

  4. First game in 1.0: got shot through a rock. Through. A. Fucking. Rock.
    Same pile of shit, but with better graphics.

  5. Good to have u back Foch, totally agree with u. Be who u are and dont let WG push u on ure knees.

  6. I still have fond memories on that one time (of many occasions) I came across Foch in the enemy team, in his IS3 I believe. I was in a CDC we got on loan for an event. I was constantly sniping his IS3 (unicornsnipe) and getting the most ridiculous bounces while Foch used the IS3 stronk snapshot skills to hit me every time I popped out for those few seconds. It ended in a loss and quick death for me. After that game I loaded up his stream to rewatch this game from his perspective. I was laughing my ass off with the salty commentary Foch was giving on the unbelievable rng he got, pittying that poor CDC player.
    Please Foch, never change <3 I sometimes watch your vids just for the nostalgic giggles.

    Btw, must have been two years since I have touched this game. Seeing the lack of improvement on gameplay (wtf still +2 mm), I don't regret my choice. I'm an happier gaming person now 🙂

  7. The T110 might have used some of the new river crossing opportunities. They added a couple of those. I haven’t checked them out yet so I don’t know if there was one where he crossed but they said in the preview that you can ford the river in many new places now.

  8. Thank God I don’t play this dog shit of a game anymore.

  9. Not only this map, almost all maps got revamped and they are unabalances as fuck. If you just sit at a certain points, you can control like 33% of the map all by your own. All of them look really good, but they are shit to play.

  10. I’m off the WoT drug for four months now and happily not coming back 🙂
    Foch, good Sir, please keep up the salt 😉

  11. what a fucking bunch of whiners…
    Buhuu…this tank is op and the mm sucks..ffs,its a game..grow a pair..
    If you think a tank is op then get it your self and stfu.
    And if the game is that fucking bad then play chess or armored warfare or what the hell you want.

  12. My thought progress: “Hmmm??? A Foch Video? I had gotten thr calming suspicion, he had died…” and then his first words…

  13. YAY!!!! Foch video!!!!!

  14. Game making machine broke

  15. yeah but gold ammo and arty are still in it

  16. WoT needs the following imo: Limit/rework of gold ammo, +1 MM, removal of arty, map reworks, less power creep tanks or buff the old ones, realistic mode without health bars and realistic damage models like warthunder, improved economy for all non premiums.

  17. laughs in mechwarrior online

  18. EddyMcChuckleNuggets

    After Foch stares at the airplane, it just up and dies

  19. Foch is hands-down the best WoT contributor; right on target, every time.

  20. Most of the maps are atrocious for heavy tanks now, spreading cancer all the way, you try to reach heavy positions but new OP med positions in middle of certain maps will make you get raped.

  21. Yay Foch you are back from jail. You make good points, WG seem hell bent on continually making the game play and MM bad and refusing to be customer driven, what a shitty company policy. Roll on a developer who can and I will jump ship in an insant.

  22. Tell circon that his stream looks like shit with his graphics turned low. Not subbing him anymore.

  23. The Obj 430U is uust fucking retarded, chinese heavy line killer. Its flat out better in fucking everything than a 113, even with armour. Not a single reason to play 113 anymore, expect 113 has 0,03 better accuracy but fuck that cuz the Obj is russian it wont mean jackshit in action.

  24. 1.0 is update I like to call how to make maps flats and give ultra armored turreted tanks with bad gun depression russian and chinese tanks alike a advantage.

  25. hey foch, a pro tip for your video quality that’s super easy, is disable resampling, it makes the video look way more true to gameplay quality, it kind of gets rid of blur when the screen moves

  26. The_Wrath_of_Neeson

    Whoever designed Erlenberg clearly has no game knowledge, nor even basic critical thinking skills.

  27. NKVD Comrade Orion

    It is meant to buff glorious Russian tanks, Cyka.

  28. Fjords is actually a lot better now. The useless dip in the middle now has a fun line to play, the right corner flank is now much better to play, the town is better…

  29. The main tactics there seem to be, uhh, go fuck yourself lol

  30. Luv ya man!

  31. turd with nice polish sums it up well

  32. ”why in the name of all that’s fucking holy” – gonna use this shit from now on

  33. “you could run out of ammo.” Foch …. no truer words could be said D:

  34. Thought you said “Polish Turd” as opposed to “Polished Turd” xD

  35. 5:30 that position was probably in the Kama Sutra. Makes about as much sense as any other explanation WG gives and is a good way to go fuck yourself.

  36. You nailed the summary of 1.0… “A polished turd” and Esk is fucking horrible now. Too much camp fest.

  37. “Take my words with some salt here”
    You don’t think there’s enough already? 😛

  38. Yesterday, i played 25 games, i won two of them, i came no worse then 3rd, i came second in a tier 9 game in a AMX13/75 (I don’t use gold)…I wish i had a girlfriend that fucked me this hard.

  39. So this game still sucks balls.

    Have a like because I love you bro, but I move on.

  40. “The Great Flattening” Of the World…. of tanks…. It’s almost as stupid as the Flat Earth Society.

  41. Campinberg!

  42. I actually saw people complaining that the game looks worse… thats what people actually found to bitch about instead of the real problems that actually happen to be real.

  43. Honestly, you could have just named this video ‘these fucking fucks fucking fucked up this fuck as fucking possible. Fuckers.’ Good thoughts tho’

  44. Im downloading this video before it gets demonitized so i can reupload it to a pornsite for there so much “fuck” in it.

  45. I said it first time when i was on Erlengerg…first team that attack is simply fucked

  46. Could do with saying which maps are good and how they solved the problems, must be some solutions that aren’t just lots of cover everywhere, hopefully

  47. I agree about Erlenberg, I found that the only way to use my heavy is to go middle. I blocked 7k damage in my IS-4 (and all of them were HEAT and APCR, of course), but the IS-4’s armor can only withstand a couple of premium rounds.

  48. Why are you such a crybaby?

  49. idk if this is common on EU but on NA server I almost never get teams that only go to one side of this map.. there will be always tanks defending H1, K1, and G2.
    regarding the sniping position at K0, the rule is you never cap before you get the high ground of G9.
    Really who the fk go to cap when there are 12 enemies remaining on this map ? Is EU server retarded or just this one game lol

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