1.12 – Premiums BUFFED, Steel Hunter 2021 and More in World of Tanks Update 1.12 Patch Review

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World of Tanks Update 1.12 Patch Review – Buffed Premium Tanks (STG Guard, T26E4 SuperPershing, STA-2 and T-34-3), Mods WoT and Interface Changes. World of Tanks Steel Hunter 2021 and Blueprint Fragments Exchange. World of Tanks Update 1.12 Patch News.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:30 Update 1.12
02:40 Overview of the Patch
15:45 Buffed Premium Tanks On Server
19:35 How the BP Exchange Works
21:40 Conclusion

While we are still testing HE on the SandBox server AND while today the Marathon starts AND all the other things going on right now, they decided to add Update 1.12 Server also the testing… Ooh, Content. STAY TUNED!

What do you think!


  1. How do we handle all this content? They want to do some kind of World Record with the amount of released patches or something? 😀
    Also, please let me know how to sound levels are for you in this video, because with new PC and new MIC I am still fine-tuning them? Have a nice weekend! 🙂
    Video Chapters:
    00:00​ Introduction
    00:30​ Update 1.12
    02:40​ Overview of the Patch
    15:45​ Buffed Premium Tanks On Test Server
    19:35​ How the BP Exchange Works
    21:40​ Conclusion

    • I don’t think we should be able exchange blueprints for blueprints, you can already speed through the game quickly enough. It’s nice idea to exchange excess bps for stuff though, maybe some bounty equipment, also how good would it be if you could get special tank components with bps. Say 50 of a few nations, for each component (tracks, gun, turret etc) of a Leo 2 prototype, or a Canadian tank or…. add a new tank every 6 months or so.

    • The sound levels and overall quality is perfect. Thanks for the great video. Enjoy the weekend. Happy hunting!

    • Why not let us use the fragments to research modules instead of playing stupid stock tanks for weeks

    • One problem with the blueprint exchange: If you can exchange blueprints for premium days, then they could implement a system where we have to buy those blueprints.

    • @Gabriel Matijević I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic or serious.

  2. Your sounds louder and deeper?? Did you change something?

  3. I like the new graphics you are using on the transitions

  4. 6:12 Dez they buffed the STA-1 (tech tree non-premium). Not the STA-2

  5. I can’t wait till they start buffing tech tree tanks.



  6. Steel Hunter was one of the last straws that caused me to quite the game. Frontlines was fun and profitable, it was a break from random battles. Steel Hunter is the complete opposite.

  7. the best thing that happen on this game

  8. Buff of the 59 patton would be welcomed (maybe even remove half of the tumor)
    As for steel hunter, it can die in a fire.

  9. the best thing they can actualy do for the game is to get rid of gold amo and you can realy get to know what ,,players” you have in the game

  10. I was also kinda disappointed that the exchange did not allow you to exchange blueprints for blueprints. Overall, pleased with it.

  11. prefer the 30v30 gamemode over steel hunter, hell I prefer it over normal mode -_-

  12. I guess on the plus side you will be able to buy the Char Futur and the AE phase 1 in the prem shop soon 😏

    The only reason to play both SH and FL was to grind for a tank , frustrating as hell but i got the AE and Char out of it .
    SH is simply torture , play for fun ? Now thats funny .
    Hope both modes die due to the inevitable player drop .

    Played about half dozen SH games on the test server , painful as always .

  13. God I hope they buff the T34 Heavy good. It needs it BAD.

  14. Dez why dont u stfu when the video is talking k thx

  15. No WG, exchange blueprint fragments between countries…

  16. Yes Dez, when they talk about blue print exchange, I wan to be able to change common or nation blueprints out for other nation blueprints, maybe super clan wars players have all the tanks and want to exchange for items, but for the casual player , I want to exchange for other nations I don’t have complete yet!!

  17. We need a training room like they have in WoWs so you can test your tank against bots in real life battle situations

  18. I’m really excited about the premium buffs and the new mods. Other things sound good as well. I want them to buff the 59 patton since they never have the other Chinese prems for sale. I’ll keep hoping…thanks for the content.

  19. Exchange also național fragments with universal! I have planty național and i m waiting universal

  20. Zastitnik Otecestva

    im suprised WG finaly come out with something nice and good for us all.Can it be a bit better?-yes but this is also step forward

  21. Please please put frontlines back . That’sike the best thing in wot for me

  22. 13:02 Calm down cowboy hahaha

  23. Tank changes great, interface changes nice, steel Hunter meh! Hate this mode, blueprints – no point taking any crew training manuals or new crew with crew 2.0 round the corner and we will be screwed over by wargaming. Recommend you keep your blueprints rather than give them away and then get shafted with crew changes.

  24. Aint no promotional premium tanks to win on that mod Steel hunter ..

  25. I appreciate what are you doing and good luck with it in the future, but I think you approve with a lots of things with WG. And for example training ground? there should be other things which should be considered improving before that ex: mm it would be a most.

  26. Dez Have you tested ‘Spall Liners’ effects with the new changes to HE shells? I think it would be interesting to see how they will work due to the changes.

  27. My question is will these updates fix major flaws of the game? MM and 15-3 type results that happen on an increasingly common basis. WG algorithm and RNG which seems to predetermine result before the game even started. Gold spamming. Multiple arty clickers per team. EBR etc.

  28. I played one game of steel hunters realized it was BattleRoyal and never played it again.

  29. CDC CDC CDC CDC CDC 🙂 Just buff the gun stats much faster aiming and the bloom after firing! dont change armour, engine gun, depression. I know the CDC sucks but i still love it!!

  30. We need training room with ability to set up bots or stationary tanks of any tank it would be quite useful thing to have.We can do that in world of warships but not in world of tanks?C’mon wg

  31. All for Steel Hunter

  32. You made my day, i agree with you, blueprints exchange should let you change it for other you need or nations even if you receive a penalty for doing it.

  33. Hello Dez. In the game is not Czech tanks, but Czechoslovak tanks. Thank you for news 😉

  34. amount of blueprints are reduced for sometime, so i think they won’t give options to make grinding even easier so that why there you can’t convert into diferent blueprints

  35. Super Pershing had a worse engine than the Pershing despite being heavier, a complete no sense. I am glad they finally gave it the correct engine. 🤘🏻

  36. 3:39 Second Birth….Lol Super Pershing get 3-4 births already:):)
    Pls play with buffed Super Pershing with turbo too:)

  37. I love Steel Hunter and I really hope if it’s possible to use blue prints to exchange for blue prints.

  38. The training grounds would be nice for driving purposes and equipment testing as well

  39. I think that WG just doesn’t have ideas for new prem tanks so they’re just buffing the older ones

  40. i want the original armour back on the SuperPershing, they nerfed the hell out of it long time ago

  41. SH as in that shit mode, that’s beyond boring to play?

  42. in-game mods look nice – total hp + spotted + set zoom options

  43. Imagine if the defender was in the background of tanks to buff 😂

  44. In 1.12 they should have buffed 112. Would have been epic.

  45. Great video Dez,
    I’m happy to see that battle pass is going to advance regardless of what mode you play, I didn’t play the expedition last year as I focused on battle pass not to mention frontline was also a big turn off as I’m so over that boring Normandy map :-/. WG over used it & killed all the fun.
    The premium buffs are good but as you said with everything else going on right now give us a break we have other things to do with our lives. This blue print exchange is a good idea.
    Camos are nice but all camos should be customizable. I have a lot of unused camos because they don’t even let you use the progression stuff.

  46. STEELHUNTER is a nice break from the usual game, i think this gamemode year round once a week is a fun idea 🙂 WG ?

  47. I think my T34/T34B really NEED the buff far far more than the STG/Guard…

  48. m4a1 Rev rebalance pls

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