1.16 with Battle Pass, New Premiums and Maps + Rebalance | World of Tanks Update 1.16

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Source: DezGamez

of Tanks Update 1.16 Notes Review – K-2 and ShPTK-TVP 100 Premium Tanks, New Kassel Map (Recon Mode). World of Tanks Battle Pass 2022, Season 7 and Map Rebalance.

Video Chapters:
00:00 Introduction
00:50 Map Rebalance Siegfried Line
04:55 Erlenberg Rebalance
09:34 New Map Kassel Preview
13:53 Battle Pass Vehicles
16:35 ShPTK-TVP 100 Preview
19:07 K2 Premium Tank Preview
22:00 Conclusion

Update 1.16 test server is live and it doesn’tbring us many new things, instead some (hopefully) improvements to maps, Battle Pass Season 7, couple new premium tanks and more… Let’s check it out!

What do you think?


  1. Anything excited about? Like 11th tier 8 premium Soviet heavy tank?! 😀
    All jokes aside, have an absolutely fantastic weekend!

    • I’ll see your K-2 and raise you a face hugging Tiger II… thought they’d made the crap roof armour go away.

    • Btw Dez, Murica has 10 tier8 premium heavies too, so “yet another soviet heavy” thingy makes not much sense tbh.

    • @d.a.o. they have 7… and a lot of paint schemes. So, yet another svoiet heavy.. it is ANOTHER soviet heavy..

    • @Simon Mallet no 10, Dez is counting soviet replicas too to reach 11 with K-2, if you dont count the replicas soviet branch has 7 + non-available kirovetz = 8 at most then, 7 in practice.

    • @d.a.o. oh, you’re right….there ya go. Still another Soviet heavy, still no Soviet bias.

  2. We want 3D styles for 260 and/or 279 !!

  3. Almost every game I play on Ghost town is close, normally comes down to 2 or 3 tanks at the end , it doesn’t seem to matter which spawn you get. Every class of tank can do something useful. I think it’s a great map.

    • I Also like the Map, it feels like a old school wot map where everyone can do something

    • @Flex Bert I love maps where light tanks still feel like they have a role. . If you loose your lights and mediums it’s so much harder to win on ghost town. . Vision and camo used to be key game mechanics and knowing how to used bushes and terrain would win or loose games. . . Now a lot of the maps just feel like whichever side has the better Hull down heavies that are willing to spend the most on gold ammo will win and all the other tanks are just playing their own less important battles against each other.

  4. Too many channel maps, WoT is just paint by numbers for HT’s.

  5. I can’t believe that they’ve now got 12 premium Russian HTs but still none that fit the IS-M/705/705A playstyle.

  6. Ffs they do all those map changes? If they want maps both sides are equal I suggest start from changes in MM and new maps, where both sides would be clear mirror reflection…

  7. what a fukin joke with the maps cant fix red shire or mines just make more hull down shit wg cant do anything right

  8. Gold spamming still not fixed. Not going back

  9. I am not spending any amount of money any more in this game the fact they releasing new tier 8 and 9 premiums with out updating the old ones because of the power creep says it all !!

  10. wow just saw new map let put in a channel map the whole middle section will be ussless hey why not ad a lake ha ha wg just has no idea the fact they cant fix redshire properly is so disapointing there only a few maps u can flex on not these constant channel maps are shit lets play hvys all day fuk varatiey lets add more hull downs viktor that will work dont palay this rubbish game wg is just not trying

  11. Pfft… still waiting for them to put the other 3 maps we tested in the fall.. and how does mines keep getting a redesign pass?

  12. like your vids dez keep up the good work

  13. It definitely doesn’t look like a hetzer when I saw the model immediately thought of the T67

  14. lmao. Change maps but dont have them available in Topography

  15. Siegfried line South spawn already has an advantage on the 0 line OP positions with that bunker there field is better defendable from (It is mirrored from other spwan) if you knock those trees down you won’t get spotted 😀

  16. leo has 2 already

  17. im about done with wot everything you got to buy with real money that i dont have and i work i dont have hours and hours to spend on a game maybe they should start thinking about that you cant earn shit in this game i guess

  18. ShPTK-TVP 100 looks like a T8 Hetzer? Nah it looks more like a Stretched out T67 or Hellcat.

  19. 💪☹️ i wish they put all the recon maps in the training room

  20. 9 Tier VIII Soviet premium. You counted 252 U and 252 U Defender as separate. But it’s a good point you make.

  21. PickelJars ForHillary

    Kassel looks like Paris 2.0

  22. The K-2 is crossing another line that will be pushed even further if the community does not push back. That is absolutely a tier 10 with nerfed soft stats (gun, view range, mobility). It should be a tier 9 premium if anything. It really shouldn’t be a premium at all. But it will break the game for tier 8s and below who face it. You *MUST* shoot gold at it if you are a tier 7 in many cases. You have no choice.

  23. Roland Yancy Dorol

    well what do we have here.
    ofcourse another defender.

  24. Wish you could customize 3d styles more. like still add decals and change camo

  25. Game is trash.

  26. They keep giving 3d models to tanks that already have one so kinda a waste really. Also some maps need rebalanced and then they give us some of these…… They also keep announcing maps but never seam to add any into the game. Also it a russian made game so that all they gonna focus on really. Been having bad time with games and real life only to wake up to a nice gift though. I thank you very much good sir and thank you for being the best community contributor.

  27. Mmm. I want E4 skin.
    I think they should push out a lot more of these 3D styles.

  28. If you want to get rid of camping player then get rid of the snipper TD’s and snipper mediums. You can’t take them head to head with most other tanks and heavily armored TD’s. So why have them in the game? I play a lot of snipper TD’s and mediums and it only takes an average of 3 hits and your dead. Not a fun game like that. You get one shot and die.
    All I see is they are getting rid of the ability for the snipper vehicles to battle effectively.

  29. just think of the buildings as non-climbable hills. Imo it somewhat resembles Severogorsk.

  30. What happened to world of tanks prime? are we gonna lose it like tank rewards?

  31. Do you need to play Rank battles to buy off a chieftain or just need the bonds?

  32. K2 under 270 upper plate so a pure gold magnet. There are some 290+ gold pen tanks at tier 8 and most tier 9 have 300+ gold pen. Another showcase of why armor does not work in the world of gold ammo.

  33. Actually first time I like those battle pass skins

  34. i think the issue with big open maps will be scouts, most scouts are not that good at scouting, and god help us all when we try and run a TD and get 7 Td’s on both sides and no scouts, this map will suck so bad when those things happen, it’ll just be sitting for 15 mins, whoever pushes first will get wrecked so most people will just camp forever.

  35. And again there is no fix on Škoda T56 gun sound.

  36. Jullian J. Weskier

    The t110 has like 4 3D skins.

    And oh boy. Another tier 8 russian prem.
    Just expand to tier 12 already WG.

  37. Since they literally took away the ballsack of the KV-2
    I don’t play heavy tanks as much.
    TDs Meds and lights…

  38. Obj 780 received a buff on damage per shot from 490 to 530 no need maybe a biff on reload and penetration but not damage 130mm is fine with 490

  39. Kessel reminds me off Berlin, right for meds lights and td sniping, left heavies hull down

  40. The lake area in Kassel sort of reminds me of the middle area in overlord.
    To me the map changes look like they try to separate some avenues of approach from interference from the bad snipers 😀

  41. I need that Leopard 1 skin baaaad.

  42. ghost town is super bad

  43. Am I alone in preferring the original Erlenberg?

  44. Need a new 3d skin for the s.conq

  45. what about airport, that map is cancer if you want to be agressive

  46. I always laugh when people ask community contributors what is going to be in battle pass or x update… Wargaming doesn’t tell you guys nothing… people get more info out of data miners than the companies themselves.

  47. another city map .. gg wg 🤮

  48. it baffels me that wargaming again and again does the opposite of what the community is asking from them…..community : less cancerous OP premiums. wargayming : here have more OP premiums!!

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