1.19 – Experimental Equipment – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

released the 1.19 test server with Experimental Equipment here's all you need to know about WoT might be the new best thing!



  1. WoT is going EVE

  2. A little more value on bonuses for matching the right Category of equipment would be nice. It’s so silly just slapping Improved equipment like Turbo on a Superheavy’s Survivability slot

  3. this is why i prefer war thunder over WoT

  4. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Hmm it makes me wonder is it possible to add both Experimental and Bond Harderning into a Maus how much HP would that be

  5. I guess I’m going to reduce the time I spend on WOT.

  6. so happy i uninstalled 6 month ago……

  7. I really hope this doesn’t go through

  8. Experimental equipment should come with deficits, like field mods.

    after all, it is “experimental”!

  9. Uuuh god if wargaming started doing booooring events li this halloween im out
    What a boooring mode i played 3 battles and i didnt pla wot at all till today

  10. Perfect, just what the game needs…more disparity between the elite players and the everyday Joes.

  11. Archangel Thunderbird

    i quit the game 2 months ago because the game felt more and more like a job for years now. the fun modes weren’t exactly fun, the rewards mostly were very lacklustre and the real rewards are just too much of a chore to get (some campaign missions are still utterly ridiculous, especially the 279e internal crit ones). i still absolutely love the core game, but i just don’t want to keep up with all the grindy gatekeeping bs surrounding it.

  12. I actually agree with quickybaby for once

  13. Getting the new equipment sounds like a job instead of a game.

    Hard pass.

  14. Another garbage idea from WG. Shocker.

  15. I’m free to play, and I used to feel like Gold was the ultimate currency in the game, but now, with bonds and this new components currency, I feel like it’s getting more and more worthless, as if paying itself wasn’t enough anymore.

  16. Completely agreeable no need of this

  17. I’m not playing wot for like 2 or 3 years now. But I watch every update and change. ANd ohhh boi. if wg wanted players to have choice of what to play. this modules would all be free. The reason I stopped playing wot is cuz I had like 50 tanks researched but not enough money for them. And with limited time per day I was not willing to play premium tanks for like a week so I can buy one tier 10 tank. on top of that you need like 1.5m for modifications. Now, you have bond equipment, this, and I don’t even know how that shit is called. field modifications or whatever where you need to play tank after you already fully researched it. Before if someone outplayed me I was like ohh damn nice. Now it feels like ohhh you just have better tank cuz you are willing to no life this game cuz you are kid or student or you are willing to play one fucking tank. Another thing I don’t understand where there is 1000 tanks in the game but people play like 3. Same with shooting game. let’s play only most broken shit. I want to play everything so when I’m looking at wot. I will never come back, cuz I would feel like I’m at disadvantage only cuz I’m not playing this game for 10h per day

  18. Just about time to give this game away me thinks.

  19. It cannot be purchased but it will be a part of holiday ops and the next battlepasses.
    I’m not a native english speaker but the last time i checked they are events based on money.

  20. Turbos on the Swedish TDs are a waste of an equipment slot. Come at me.

  21. Dilophosaur sniper

    Hence why we need to get HE splash back into the game

  22. i might as well try to get my money back and play a diffent game

  23. They changed original equipment & created slots where the advantages were going to be higher >> Brought in Bond equipment & directives >> Brought in Bounty Equipment & Further buffed the Bond equipment >> Brought in field mods >> Now components; a never ending pursuit by WG

  24. First i thaught: 60% of effectiveness for 2 combined equipments. Sounds kinda op.
    WG introduces the upgrade mechanic:
    Well, now its definately op

  25. Then what the point of having regular equipments !??

  26. If they add this i am gonna uninstall

  27. who is this aimed at ,,,,not me for sure ………yep stupid

  28. Making the player experience worse is on brand for WG

  29. Totally agree with you, QB

  30. All equipment should be removed. Problem solved :}

  31. I dont think we need that new eq. Especially with new currency. If it would function like: hey you can put 2 different eq pieces in 1 slot but only get half of the benefits I think It would be ok, but as the system is presented, the upgraded eq will be much much better then even bond eq, it will also probably be really grindy so again, you will have it on 1 tank, maybe a few, and every other tank you have will be worse than the tanks you will meet in battle creating further bottleneck that forces you to choose only a few vehicles in the game and play only them competitively. Also it would further the gap between old players and new ones, and p2w players and no spenders or little spenders. I dont think we need the system like that. Idea is fun, combine 2 eq pieces, get less particular stats but have wider range of modifiers if you need them. But the whole system with components and upgrading the eq it just unhealthy for the game.

    • Also, with buffed new eq tanks get so many buffs they pretty much have no weakens, modules are either indestructible or provide barely any penalties, aiming speed and dispersion is crazy, mobility is always good. Just why.

  32. Not a big fan of yours, not a hater either, but this was explained so well, and eloquently, and smart, and everything is on point. I mean, I gave up tryharding and don’t care too much about the state of the game, which is not so great, still play and like occasional good games, but this is not what this game needs. GJ

  33. Lovetann@World of Tanks

    Already now I can see more good reason why I quit. It’s just too many systems, too much grind, I feel like walking against the river. Improved equipment/bounty equipment added even more grinding and when you meet these people who play way more than you, pay more than you. Then you loose. 1v1 situation where both are at 100% HP is less likely to be fair, considering skill and which tanks are being used.

    I literally gave up, played a game that respected by time and money better than this.

  34. I’m hardly waiting for new extra-premium consumables… caviar, lobster, oysters, champagne, cognac…

  35. I don’t even have upgraded my bond equipment so those xp eqp will be acquired and upgraded by the cream de la cream players who are already above 75% the WOT players… WG has some weirds ideas sometimes thinking that having a small quantity of whales thinking that almost anyone but them are donkeys is better than having a lot of small spenders having fun playing their game.

  36. You know every player that grinds these are going to put them on their 279es and chieftains making a terrible balance problem even worse. I know WG doesn’t care though because they refuse to balance those tanks as is.

  37. Right after I said that soon we’ll get premiums with 4 equipement slots 😉

  38. As a free to play player the problem i have is i can’t even buy equipment for all my tanks now top tier players get bigger buffs

  39. More fuxking grind. F this game

  40. Thank god i dont play world of tanks anymore. Power creep keeps sucking the fun out of that game :/

  41. Can’t use it to skip the need to grind tracks, because you are supposed to spend gold on that

  42. Hi QB. according to maths: 1000 x 2400 is 2400000 pieces of equipment 😉

  43. If someone mounted the combo (Hardening/Improv Config) could they also mount the seperate Hardening and Improved Config? Not SHOULD they but COULD they?

  44. 2400×1000 is 2.4 million not 24 thousand lol.

  45. can you cobine taht foe exaple turbo + that oder ger and noral turbo>?

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