1, 2 ,3…10, Thanks RNG! | World of Tanks T77 and The Pool’s Medal

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Epic Battles / Epic Replays, My First Pools Medal. World of Tanks T77, Tier 8 American Premium Medium . World of Tanks and Worst Premium Tanks.

Today special day… 😀

Have a good !


  1. So now they can not take the medal away from me and FINALLY people can stop asking why I do not have any Pool’s Medal. 😛
    Also, keep in my one very-very-very important thing… *YOU GUYS ARE F***ING AWESOME!*

  2. T-57 was my second X I have 5k battles on my 57 they where in the OP back in day it still a fun tank.

  3. I sold my T57 because of that stupid a$$ gun omg it’s a troll lol

  4. Wow! Gotta check if i got one damn

  5. Great job Dez. I only have one Pool’s medal myself, would be two if not for rng.

  6. caleb wooldridge

    The problem with these medals is that it relies on your team being absolutely terrible and be unable to “take” your kills but at the same time the enemies have to be equally as bad so they don’t steamroll you before you can have a chance to make a difference.

  7. Gj mate , i olny got that medal once , in t55a.

  8. Rainier Pomeranians

    GG… next stop Raseiniai Heroes’ Medal

  9. Great job Dez! Fun round to watch

  10. What a great game, well played Dez!

  11. T77 truly shines on -2 mm, but on +2 mm, it plays like a heavy med…

  12. 10% of the viewers click something. That means 90% of the people who watch this video, don’t care enough to help DezGamez. I hope the REAL reason is you all don’t have any mouse buttons, on your mouse. Please I hope it’s that, and not that your too self centered to care.

  13. After 34k battles I too got my first Fadin’s in Super Hellcat with 4k damage and 5 kills.

  14. good game

  15. Awesome game Dez!! Congrats buddy!!

  16. Congratulations! Actually, not a whole month ago I also got my 1st Pool’s medal …

  17. US server…not happy, to many 3 tier battles. lucky to get 1 out of 10 games that are same tier.

  18. I got mine with M4A3E8. killed 11 tanks. The last one was KV1 that was capping. I had 20hp and needed to stay close to him since he was well hidden.. The greatest luck I had there was that I bounced 5 of his shots…

  19. TehButterflyEffect

    I am sad because I had a ten-kill battle but it was before the Pool’s Medal existed. 🙁 I’ve come close a couple of times since then but 8 or 9 kills only. Pretty hard to top that original 10-kill battle.

  20. Pools Medals are hard to get. not because you have to be up against a noob team. it is because you need to have a good team to hold the enemy in position for you.

  21. I got my 1st Pool’s Medal playing LEFHB2 actually did 11 kills

  22. Good game Dez

  23. The 1000th like!

  24. I’ve only got 1 pools medal. It was in my SU 122-44

  25. All I got from this video was self advertising 😀

  26. so T77 is just overall a better T69?

  27. Gérard Thévenon

    But come on there’s only one possible gun on panther (or maybe derp?)

  28. I always like Dez and Skill’s videos 🙂 Congrats on the medal!

  29. congrats boss

  30. recently i discovered its camo is very good although stat. says differently.

  31. Gz dez

  32. Jon .knallpistol

    “funny enough, it happened . . .” 🙂

  33. Stupid me expecting it happened in tech tree tank

  34. been there with Dez, holding mid in my KV-2, unfortunately Dez too busy with Pools medal, missed my invite for Crucial Contribution 🙂

  35. Laimonas Matelis

    Congrats, now my hometown medal, the Raseiniai medal 😀

  36. poor me 11 years of playing these rng game still havent pools medal

  37. We don’t need more of this maybe its enjoyable for the top but being fucked by a prem when you are trying to go up a skill tree as a tier 6 is just painful.

  38. Matheus Dorneles

    anyone that used the t77 before know how bad is that reload. a pools medal on it? awesome work.

  39. tmw you do have a Pool’s medal… but you got it in the Lefh arty.

  40. for the algorythm 🙂

  41. Disastrousmaster

    I clicked something as you suggested dez…oops, it was the unsubscribe

    lol jp man good video

  42. well deserved 🙂

  43. Johan Van Cauwenberghe

    Nice job. Well done. I can only dream of this to get one myself one day. 🙂 Meanwhile … keep on shooting 🙂

  44. Only ever had one pools medal in my Cromwell. Congrats. 🙂

  45. Hey Dez, do you recommend the T77?

  46. Love Ooyy’s music, found him early last year and I’ve been playing his music all the time.
    Including the music when I got put into Anastasia for removing my wisdom teeth.

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