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MASSIVE Communist Potato Launcher | OBJECT 268 (Red Thunder)



  1. 1,2 reload 120mm
    like MLRS

  2. 15:43 just another phly on the wall.

  3. You’re scared of Arcade Battles ??? Dude Arcade is Easy Mode. I’m scared of Realistic Battles lol

  4. Finally… A weapon to surpass Metal Gear!

  5. It’s called the 2012 cause it’s the end of the fucking world

  6. Seems like the only physically modeled part of the tank is the gun. That also seems to be where all the weight is, seeing as pointing it up like that flipped it so easily.

  7. Phly is a hockey puck in all of his silly slidey Swedish thing

  8. “I must go, my people need meeeeeeeeeeeee…”

  9. IRL the gun has to return to a central position for the auto-loader to work.

  10. this tank is the definition of no armor, it dematerializes and materializes when it senses threats or it feels safe……

  11. Pls show us STRV-103

  12. The road wheels look like buttons.

  13. Phly going to howarts

  14. I play custom battles with them all the time.

  15. 90% of this will be the same on the live server if not 100%

  16. extremely rare custom?? I find these types of customs all the time….maybe because Xbox is not as toxic as pc

    • Btw that john123 guy if it is the guy i think of is a BIG trash talker because he spawn camps you but kick you if you spawn camp him

  17. literally on the M4a1 Fl10 vid you posted the other day, as soon as I hear about the merch the first thing I did was go to the teespring link and bought a go avay hoodie and the “ugly” sweater. lol had to support as fast as I could with the beautiful merch. keep it up phly you’re doing amazing love watching the vids since maybe 2015. luv ya man

  18. Phly: Hi guys, I’m finally here. Someone hold my beer and watch this.

  19. Reminds me of a WoT Training room

  20. Lol its turning into soccer

  21. He's goin down, I'm yellin timber

    You should do more videos of just screwing around

  22. Swedish football.

  23. can’t wait for some swede tanks on play servers

  24. they added the same old bug from cbt noice

  25. Wtf the Strv 103 is out which means you’re playing the wrong IKEA boii.

  26. Wait until the viggen 37 and the other s tanks comes out , its no more meatball time

  27. Try b18b with Tiny svens and 2 700kh bombs or 12 rockets with 500mm pen

  28. Tiresomewarhead And Doombuster

    50 rounds per minute, seems fair, not OP at all

  29. I thought Quantum Field Theory experiments were bans in the 1950s.

  30. Loki D. Wolf - Random Stuff

    That fact that both sides are hitting you like a hockey puck is hilarious!!! LOL!!!

  31. Honestly my favorite is the guys in the STRV. They were committed to getting Phly outta there lol

  32. The title made me click it….
    swedish meatball annihilator hihihi

    thats a great movie title

  33. WT is totally esport ready.

  34. Gaijin really is taking it seriously to 1 up wargaming in making filthy overpowered premiums.

  35. As I see, they’ve replaced fire with sparks. If it was both of them, that would be cool, but just sparks ain’t cool…

  36. Phly please bring love to the meme sturmpanzer in high br

  37. what walking the dog feels like

  38. Ikea tank. May be missing several screws.

  39. Phood Phight! <3

  40. ZdrytchX -{Reference

    reasons you should quit world of tnaks and play masterrce war thunder: I. AM. AN. ICE. PUCK.

  41. Looks like SU122 Swedish cousin

  42. Another useless vehicle

  43. Hey Phly, I’m just getting war thunder on my new 1tb laptop. Hope to cover you in battle soon.

  44. Yo! What the fuuuck!? I know John & Killerblast, we play custom battles all the time lol! I’m currently deployed right now but they’re the two guys in the the leo’s ? wtf

  45. I Can't think of a name

    Lmao talk about ridiculous vehicles.

    They removed the maus, only to add the e100 which was a premium maus basically

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