1.22 – Auto-Flip, Buffs/Nerfs, British Wheeled Meds | World of Tanks 1.22 Update

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1.22 Patch Review – Object 279e and Chieftain Nerf, Map Rebalance, British Wheeled Mediums, World Tanks New Concept 5, British Wheeled Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.22 Patch Test Server.

Today I am going to give you a little overview of upcoming update 1.22, which seems to be quite a massive patch – including a lot of buffs and nerfs to the tanks like Chieftain and Object 279e, map rebalance, entire new tech tree branch British wheeled medium tanks with Concept 5 as the tier 10 and MORE!

What do you think?


  1. 🔴 EDIT: Did the auto-flip test on the test server while streaming and here is the clip of it: https://clips.twitch.tv/EasyJoyousLorisSwiftRage-MCCDZeHN57glZfZp 🔴

    • We need autoflipping in this game, because you have 15 red enemies and 14 green enemies on a map in a battle. Not like in WT where you can actually get some teamplay going pretty easy.

    • Auto flipping tanks are stupid, imho. When you can flip your tank it will make many players much more reckless. Taking care of your surroundings and your tank is part of the game. Now one someone rams me and flips me (as I sometimes do to the enemy) and my reload is over 15s.. they will flip on me or what? 😀

    • It’s shit. Basically during 15 seconds, you cannot farm entire HP of enemy tank. So basically I outplayed enemy, turned him upside down, and in 15 seconds he will be able to shoot me. I wouldn’t mind this auto-flip feature, if the time would be like 45 seconds.

      WG constantly is making blowjob to red bots.

  2. Redbear and Friends

    I don’t want auto flipping, I enjoy watching drunk drivers 😂

  3. They make the maps more and more unplayable for lights and mediums. When you a hulldown god you got more chance to survive in al the face to face lanes.

    • Yes , way more inportant then flip mode, but WG is WG, HTs are more profitable for them; the premiums cost more too buy and it cost more too play, as you need too shoot gold too dig out the enemy HT. Its a total shitshow of a game

  4. could make them with time filip, to be able to use at 90 second intervals,

  5. i dont want auto filp

  6. When does this go live?

  7. auto flip has upset me quite a bit. i know its a video game. but you have to be careful driving a tank. if youve flipped a 50 ton tank… you aren’t able to push it over on the battle field…

  8. imagine everyone flipping themself on test server to test autoflip

  9. why US staghound are in british line?

  10. Auto flip???? Nooooooooooooo ofcoz

  11. What I loved to see in a different game is that vehicles won’t flip themselves. Only if an ally is near you he can flip you using a button.

  12. Saladin had a 76mm gun irl. Airborne tank = airportable (in theory)

  13. Seven Slot Battallion

    I appreciate the idea of auto flip, but there should be a punishment for using it. Say like 20-25 % of hp. For how realistic is it that something as heavy as a tank, flips.

  14. I am so glad that I got my 279e just in time for a nerf 🙂

  15. 15 sec is not too much when you are in middle of fight and when with auto loader that time is more than enough for auto loader to finish

  16. About the auto-flip: I want it as some tanks (Looking at the Strv) cannot be helped by another tank as things stand. But at the same time the ability to both screw up, as well as flip enemy tanks do add something to the game. So i would like the autoflip to only trigger if there is a friendly tank close by, and no enemy tank close by.

  17. Namegoeshere Orhere

    Auto flipping is a bad idea, it just rewards bad players. Yeah it can be annoying at times when you brush up against a rock and flip your tank but TBH it happens so rarely that if you’re flipping your tank a lot it’s a you issue. On the other hand there are some tanks that flip way too easily, I still don’t flip them that often because I make the effort to not flip them but they should be looked at.

  18. Jonas Christensen

    what stupid thing is next? tanks not losing hp or exploding when driving off a cliff? auto/ anti flip is just stupid

  19. they dont understand maps at all these are some berlin level rebalance attempts. like they made the basecamping stronger on mountainpass as if these hillcampers where not annoying enoudh after fighting through the most trash tunnelmap



    • That’s alot more work, u need to get a modeler to spend hours modeling the weak spots. it’s much faster to just change values, I dont think WG has ever changed a model after it has been realesed

  21. People are overthinking the auto flip mechanic like crazy. No it will not take away your gameplay experience when flipping enemies. If it’s anything like on console, which has had this feature forever because teammates literally don’t give a damn about you over there, the timer gets reset every time someone (teammate or otherwise) bumps into you. It should also reset every time you actively try to flip yourself by wiggling on while on your sides or back. Any movement whatsoever resets the timer, which is why it only works if literally nothing happens to you in 15 seconds.

    • Also, if you’re stuck in a crevice or a weird rock formation at an awkward angle, the timer won’t activate since you’re not flipped and you’ll still be stuck and be free exp for the enemies.

    • ​@I Love Memesyea but thats just unlucky

  22. i’m against auto-flip but as you said (like in a left-for-dead series for example) rising a teammate by staying near him few seconds

  23. Autoflip is bad. If you fuck up it’s your fault, teammates can help and that is fine. Atleast make it like a minute long process.

  24. Look like Maps will now be rebalanced for hull down monsters. Game became worse and worse. And to be honest, the Chieftain and OBJ changes are a pure comedy.

  25. If they are going to have Auto-flipping, they should have it so you can press and hold a key to Auto-flip but you loose 1/4 of your current health each time you do it. Or wait for a team mate to flip you.

  26. Auto Flip like that is ‘no bueno’. 15 sec is too short, there should be a penalty in health of tank and crew at east also. Why not have a system where you can use the gun turning to help yourselves upright or in a better position to use the tracks as uprightness equipment.

  27. Looks like the wheeled vehicles will come with rubber-spaced armor as standard equipment.

  28. Instead of auto flip, they should have made it similar or literally same as war thunder, Problem solved…
    WeeGee’s issue with this? they probly dont want to deal with it.

  29. I would make the timer longer, like for 1 minute or so, to make sure a player who makes a mistake gets penalyzed, for a bit of time at least

  30. Auto-correcting flipped tanks is a good feature. Period.

  31. WG also nerf VZ 51 but dont mention it?!

  32. I would prefer it if you had to be fired on by your own side to flip you back – and you take that damage as a penalty. Maybe just the first shot that hits you.

  33. We have auto flip on console, when we roll ourselves over we have a 10 second countdown and then the system flips us upright. We even have a crew perk/skill that speeds up the countdown. But the catch is….if a red shoots you or bumps you the countdown gets interrupted and it also gets interrupted if a friendly bumps you.

    It’s really not that bad to be honest, if a red catches you while you’re flipped you pay the price, if it happens when you’re safe you get to continue the match in 10 seconds or less. 😊

  34. Maybe they can add a token system so that if you help your teammate unflip , you receive an anti-flipping token which you can use it on yourself in the future game. That may encourage players to help each other more in the game. but of course they also need to implement certain mechanism to avoid people abusing it.

  35. I am so glad i stopped playing this broken garbage game now. It will never be how it was back in 2013

  36. they need to add auto flip to warthunder. I cant tell you how many times ive accidentally flipped a tank over trying to wing it to an objective and got completely ignored for the entire match. And the dicks on my team dont even win😑

  37. boristhebarbarian

    the auto flipping can win games. teams no longer loose a tank to death or inaction and teammates don’t have to spend their time and HP righting them so they can keep dealing damage. teammates are no longer subjected to enemy fire for helping their crashed teammates. since Swedish TD’s where not able to be righted after crash they now get a new lease of life and can act more aggresive because of it.

  38. Still no amx cdc buff😢

  39. Auto flip is great for all the morons and bots I suppose, it’s crap idea in my opinion, now everyone will drive like idiots not caring about flipping I’ve lighter team mates

  40. It would be nice if they disabled lights in onslaught to, they were quite useless 99% of the time.

  41. I would like them to corrige the bug where the rocks are as slippery as ice… and stop being stuck in weird position.
    And about the autoflip, if you push an ennemy on the side, would he autoflipp aswell or would it be considered as a attacking move and don’t let the ennemy flipped on his track ?

  42. Jonathan Krumsieg

    They should have went the same route as war thunder and just added a rope to everyone so it is easier to help someone.

  43. Auto flipping has been on WOT Xbox/Playstation for ages and it doesn’t break the game, it’s fine.

  44. I really do not want Auto Flip.

  45. I think the autoflip Mechanic should reset the timer whenever you geht damaged, so that enemy can Farm you After They flip you

  46. when tf are they going to buff the t26e4?!

  47. Auto flip is good, BUT…
    Instead of 15 seconds, I would make it a minute. Unless a friendly tank is within a few meters, then a 5-10 second counter will flip you back.
    I think that would be fair.

  48. add hooks like in war thunder both need to press 0 to atach it to each other to get out of sticky situations or while being flipped.

  49. How many other GTA players get briefly confused when they notice they can’t unflip their vehicle?

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