1.3 Million Players Own The Most Popular Medium Tank in World of Tanks: Bat.-Chatillon 25t

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Bat.-Chatillon 25t Gameplay, Best Replays / Best Battles. French Tier Bat Chat 25t, The Most Popular Tier 10 Medium in World of Tanks.

Because so many of you wanted to see more episodes like I made about the most popular IS-7, then here is the most popular medium in WoT!


  1. 1,5k battles, 58% win ratio and im average green player. Just like him, have fun to assassinate enemies, change sides by need and sometimes do really fun mayhem. My favorite tank.

    I like t55 a, amx 105, t 100lt but bc 25t is sooo fun

  2. When I started playing this game…however long ago, I wanted the T69 and the Bc25t. Got the T69 but really underpowered and never got the batchat cos I went down the Russian line

  3. Make a review for MS1 xdxdxd

  4. I clinched my butt a little bit when i saw the 183.haha

  5. I miss when it had 6 rounds in the mag and still reloaded quicker than it does now

  6. You should make a series out of this but for every tier by tank class but probably shouldn’t go below t6

  7. The wheeled vehicles made the batchat obsolete especially in cws

  8. I’m not in that million Cos I’m absolutely shite at the game

  9. Don’t own any T-10.

  10. Please bring back face off!

  11. Hmmm, zoom out cheat mod??!!

  12. Bat.-Chatillon 25t is a light tank on steroids..It could do with a better ammo capacity.. Maybe one extra clip….How often does it happen that you just don’t have enough because you run out… This situation happens quite often…

  13. Do we know, how the DeZ look a like, in real life?

  14. What’s the most popular, top tier artillery? ;3

  15. feel like I dont see them as much out there anymore, least on NA.

  16. Hey what’s that background with the hot girls at every victory screen, just looking for anfriedn

  17. I think your series ,,The Most Popular xyz” do not represent die current ,,The Most Popular xyz” we saw this in the previous video with the Is7.
    In the past the Playerbasis was larger then today and the IS7 and Batchat show us the previously meta in this game. And the reason is not the players love this tank so much, but because the the base of the player decline and they didnt grind the new meta Tanks.
    I think the Series here is a little bit misleading.

  18. 6:56 Dez says, “Ooh, artillery says I see you are in trouble, let me steal that kill … yada, yada. Give it a break man, perhaps you were too busy to notice that the BC-25T asked for help at the 6:22 mark? As for me, I would’ve gladly taken the help.

  19. No asia server?

  20. Most popular light will not surprise me. What I really want to see is the recent most popular TD.

  21. face off

  22. Remember when Murazor wanted to ruin the BC?

  23. Bet overall t 34 85 and Cromwell win the overall ownership

  24. Most popular artillery when? :3

  25. It will be changed soon. Still once upon a time this tank was king. But slowly become one of that russian tanks on his position. Yes it is true. But his clip is still pain. 😉

  26. it was best tank. but i thought most popular one was is7. bc25t was my favorite tank when i used to play this game. this tank requires good tactic. good players can play this very good. bad players will play very bad. actually its a light tank but its a little bit bigger. very good camouflage, spot range and mobility. (it was when i quit game. maybe its not good today.) if this tank was never exist i would probably quit this game very very long ago. its very enjoyable tank to ride. 10/10 recommended. sorry for bad english

  27. Dez make mini map to maxi map please.

  28. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I’d rather have the SPG fire and steal the kill than not fire, then bounce(Russia!) the last two shots and get killed.

  29. Grinded this tank. Put female crews in it. Dislike it. AMX 13 105 all the way. The long reload just kill me.
    Edit: And NO! BC25t is not the best TierX LT. EBR 105 / LT-100 is/are!

  30. How did that jagdtiger repair it’s track twice in 5 secs?

  31. I don’t have it and don’t plan on grinding for it.

  32. To be expected especially when there were only tier 8 French and Chinese light tanks . Clan wars or for platoon were necessary to be competitive

  33. Concern about ‘kill steals’ in a team game is silly.

  34. I wasn’t surprised about the IS-7, but batchat is unexpected. I knew it was very popular but I thought it was too niche of a playstyle to beat the Russian mediums or one of the German ones since that nation is extremely popular too.

  35. 1.3 Million own it…how many can play it? 😀

  36. What about MAUS? Popular or not pls make a video DEZ 🙂

  37. Well Dez, we actually have six tier X russian medium tanks 😀 T-62A, Ob.140, Ob.907, Ob.403U, K91 and… *drum roll* T-22 😀

    • Lol….did u watched the hole video…he said that there are six….wtf man listen to what the man says then comment

    • @DerpGun ohhh, and as always effing toxic reply because somebody missed that, didn’t hear or for whatever reason had to go somewhere while video was playing.

      What else could I expect from WoT community…

  38. Ok.. Why does this batchat get 9k damage and make 105k credits when the 183 from the last episode did 12k damage and only got 108k credits?

  39. How many players own really not popular tanks?:)
    And you know why BC?Becease it have clip,full gold for win=skill:)

  40. 06:57 You can view it as a steal, but also the BatChat had emptied its clip & the object 257 was still alive – so should the Arty NOT fire & take out that enemy tank while the BatChat is on its long reload?? (Plus because he is only seeing his perspective, does he know how many shots the BatChat has. Could be he fired before the BatChat fired his last shot). I know many here hate Arty, but trying to give a balanced view.

  41. I dont like this tank

  42. What you missed is that the BC-25t is the de facto scout on clan wars.

  43. Cristian Valentin Dobre

    this was the best late game medium. the Assasin!

  44. Great video. Looking forward to hearing about most popular TD and HT.

  45. Boring game ….gold spamming med tanks from bushesh all the time , arrmor doesnt rely ….thats why war thunder is better ! HT are HT and hard to pen no “special” ammo spam

  46. I got like 7.500 battles or something with it. Maxed out with all purple Equipment. 7 skills. Rations.
    But I dont play it anymore.
    Even with all that the gunhandling is still awwwwful. Combined with the new meta of superbouncy tanks and/or hulldown monsters plus the new lights….it just hast become really hard to hit AND penetrate.
    Around 0.8 or something when they changed the accuracy pattern the Batchat was hit hard. It has never be fun again for me after that.

  47. My Maus is laughing about Bat Chat ??

    Well, not everytime – but often

  48. Can you do the most onpopular tanks

  49. Un lol

  50. How much is needed to 3 mark it ?

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