1.57 NEW VEHICLES! (Panzerjager 1, MBR-2, Ta 152c, Soviet SPAA)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

New Devblog Vehicles!

Thanks for watching!




  3. Joaquin Hernandez

    Jagdpanzer 1… ITS SO CUTE :D

  4. yes


  6. When will 1.57 be released?

  7. Bryann Van Der Voort

    hey baron :D

  8. song in beginning?

  9. yes the panzrjeger 1 I have a 1/72 scale model of it.

  10. jacques bernoux (jacber2)

    mate u said a bit of bullshit sometimes in the vid 🙂 : you said the pzjg 1
    was based off the panzertchecks but this isnt true they were based on the
    panzer 1 chassis

  11. Rafael Serra (Legionary)

    omg baron i love that Panzerjager 1 is sooo cute :D

  12. Daniel Carabott Damato

    well the jager is based on the pz1 chassis! :P

  13. The Ta 152c is a bombers worst nightmare

  14. How do i playa devserver?

  15. Duck Duck Toys Studio™ (That guy called duck)

    Holy moly that’s a lot of Germans ground and air forces

  16. whats the name of the song at the beginning

  17. Wait what will happen if we already have the Hetzer and now it’s been moved
    over to the stug line

  18. Sebastian Craenen

    I love how you can just sneak up behind it and kill it with a salvo of mg
    rounds. Save yourself some cannon ammo for later on. Or you could just
    shoot an HE shell straight inside the crew compartment and incinerate

  19. I may start playing WT again

  20. now the Germans need the Bv 138 or Do 24.

  21. MK 103 doesnt mean Mark. since we dont have this term in german. It means
    Maschinenkanon translated to machine cannon

  22. Whats the point of introducing the Ta 152c when the Ta 152 doesn’t even fly
    or preform properly? if this is another damn plane i have to unlock just
    get to my jet im gonna be so mad.

  23. Can someone tell me how these planes didn’t blow off their prop when they

  24. Thank you for not advertising the scam anymore :)

  25. Why is the pzjgr 1 crew at the end speaking Russian…

  26. 300k special?

  27. wouldn’t it be crazy to find out all this new stuff all just turned out to
    be one sick April fools joke xD

  28. German armor is the shit. if only the named tanks like the brits!!!

  29. Christoph Rantscher

    You pronounce minengeschoss like meanaen (ae pronounced like one letter)

  30. Lol the MBR has wooden landing gear :D

  31. Jefferson Sheng (EXIACXA3740)

    so much cannon on ta152, might get nerfed either flight model or guns :(

  32. Amaury Vandemoortele

    +BaronVonGamez please the subtitle in French

  33. that little bastard is quick!

  34. ichhab keinname (FunnyKiller)

    y does german crew members wear helmets??

  35. Wait a second, if War Thunder will have a german open cabin, they will add

  36. We still haven’t got the Char B1 yet

  37. Your german is quite good,compared to old videos ;D

  38. 9:03 барон пытается говорить по-русски)

  39. Your german is quite good,compared to old videos ;D

  40. baron please stop making these stupid ass videos. just wait till they
    actually come out so we can get some gameplay footage

  41. I would like if thy would add the Hummel and the Wespe :)

  42. they should add the waffenträger with the giant auto canon

  43. what about the bf 109 Z

  44. 6:50 its not mk.. The M.K. Stands for Maschinenkanone not mark blabla

  45. Evan Graham (Evan Arkadia)

    now that we have an open topped tank destroyer tree for the Germans, we can
    get the Sturer Emil, Marder I, Marder II, RSO Pak-40, 4,7cm PaK(t) auf
    Panzerkampfwagen 35R(f) ohne Turm, 7.5 сm Pak 97/38(f) auf Pz.740(r) and
    many other things
    even though a couple of them would probably be premium

  46. Hey Baron could you note in the title that this is just a discussion and a
    bit of dev blog gameplay please?

  47. When is 1.57 coming out

  48. when is america going to get some love i haven seen a new tank or plane and
    i have been playing for 6 months…

  49. play the t-92 please looks like a fun tank

  50. kool looking new stuff for War thunder, on a side note were do you get the
    TB3 for the soviets I not seen it any were in there tech tree.

  51. The ta 152 H is terrible so not much hope for the C

  52. I haven’t been able to find when the new patch comes out does anyone know?

  53. Eits not mark 1, its mk because its mean, machine kanone. Baron

  54. I hope the MBR-2 event won’t be extremely difficult considering, like he
    said, the BR won’t probably be that high.

  55. MBR-2 has wooden wheels comrade used as extra armor like logs on tank

  56. Guys the patch should be out tomorrow!!!

  57. Great, more open turret tanks, perfect for planes, not interested.

  58. Amaury Vandemoortele

    because im french

  59. Amaury Vandemoortele

    i learn english but ip not a ace :/

  60. when did the 1,57 patch comes out ?

  61. Gaijin, fex br and physecs ples.


  63. In wows play the furutaka

  64. Guilherme Velhote

    its going to be fun to try to shoot out the engine of a MBR-2 without
    destroying it


  66. And damn, that Ta 152 looks sexy

  67. “which significantly surpassed foreign aircraft of the same type.”
    Jesus Christ it’s surreal that Gajin writes shit like this onto their
    official website, that’s some North Korea levels of delusional propaganda
    brainwashed bullshit right there.

    And in the meanwhile the “Promising” DO-335 is going to be a worthless fat
    XP pinata in the sky, flying 300kmh fully upgraded just like the Mosquito.

  68. I want TOG 2 :D

  69. meh they never add tanks with similar cannon or armor like su152, t54,
    t10m, kv2, is3, is4
    they only have bigger cannons only for USSR


  71. Uluç Reis Yavaş

    what is the song ?

  72. MBR-2 you say?
    The ultimate question is!
    Can you shoot your own engine with your gunners?

  73. Does anyone know that first song in the background I gotta know I love it

  74. Might as well add the Sturer Emil with the 128mm L/61, that would be worthy
    successor to the Nashorn.

  75. add the marder 2 was too mainstream

  76. the MBR… where’s the Walrus!?!?!?!? the amphibian designed by the guy who
    designed the Spitfire

  77. Jred Campbell (Zear)

    Need to get the Wespe in there

  78. Im too early :3

  79. release date?

  80. Chassis, Baron… Say it with me: Chass-ee

  81. When you pronounce MBR it’s very very close . 1st try . Zh it’s not a Z ,
    so Not Zukov it’s Zhukov. When u first time said “Blizhniy” (not Z it’s Zh)
    it;s was 100% correct and almost without accent .

  82. Now, we need the Marder II D, the Marder II H, the Marder III M and the
    Sturer Emil

  83. The ta 152 h is a peice of shit cause gajin hasn’t modeled its fm right so
    its not a very good plane.

  84. I wonder when (if) we’ll get the Marder I and Marder II, and perhaps at
    tier four, with that stupid-powerful 12.8 cm gun, the Stuerer Emil?

  85. the MBR-2 looks like it’s going to be an easy target to kill

  86. The MBR-2 looks like the dad of the Po-2. And the TB-3 looks like the dad
    of the MBR-2… Huh

  87. dicker max its funny because dick ha ha ha ha ha lol dick

  88. The Russian float plane looks really ugly and easy to take out it’s engine
    with no problem

  89. Hey Baron, just letting you know, you might want to turn the music volume
    down a bit. Can’t hear your voice very well.

  90. If any1 would watch my video and tell me how i coulda done better i would
    appreciate it

  91. What about the falcon?

  92. This new update sounds amazing you know apart fro. The fact bombers are in
    need of serious buffing still and the br system is still completely broken
    but who cares right we have more op fighters to shoot them(me) down yay
    thanks gaijin

  93. Josh Ballow (Joshuphigh)

    phly would it be fair to say the pz. Jager 1 would be better off without
    the shields, I mean it would give the crew more visibility, and how much
    protection does it even provide, 30 cals will probably pen it…

  94. i love the discussion, but the music is annoying and masks all the otehr

  95. What’s the name of the song in the end?

  96. How do you get v1.57? I only have v1.55, and am up to date….i thought

  97. pz. 1 looks like marder 3

  98. I don’t thought the German 30s were MK108

  99. i killed a ta fighter with fw a1

  100. Well in 10 hours or so we will see how it performs ;-)

  101. For a game that has been around this long, and with this much development,
    it’s still fucking laughable how incredibly abysmal the sound design is and
    seems to have been neglected.

  102. does anyone want to play with me on war thunder, if you are on ps4 send me
    a message and tell me your username and maybe we could play

  103. Im think i will need to buy new Graphic Card for new Patch…. IM WAIT FOR
    YOU 1.57 :)

  104. man im so excited for patch except that my account just got frozen today

  105. TheRacingGamer321

    i want artillery tanks

  106. How about the british Whirlwind at around tier 3

  107. How about the P-47 for the british the P-47D-25s or know as the
    “Thunderbolt Mark IIs” it served with South East Asia Command with

  108. Dylan Grizzly Fischer

    Hi Baron

  109. I don’t like event things i’d rather just pay money ive already spent like
    300 on this game and ive spent more time on it then I did skyrim or fallout
    3 so like 300 something hours, I’m happy with what ive got out for the
    money ive put in :)

  110. for me its the p1000 ratte

  111. Can’t wait for this to launch! So ready to waste some good money and that
    premium tiger II

  112. trench league Dota

    This is becoming a more realistic clone of Wot

  113. What is the name of the song he uses in the background?

  114. trench league Dota

    The addition of tanks exactly like wot added is becoming strangely
    suspicious of becoming a clone( except more realistic )

  115. I’m just happy to see my favorite tank of WW2, the “Dicker Max” is put into
    the game. About damn time. XD

  116. Does anyone know what song that was playing?

  117. I can’t help but laugh every time I see the Nashorn from the front, with
    that derpy face below the driver’s hatch.

  118. Super excited for this, and with the Nashorn being added I imagine the
    Hummel would be easily added which could give the Germans their own derp
    tank :D

  119. I imagine that there is going to be a dual event of Germany vs Russia and
    if you side with either faction that is how you will get that country’s
    respective event aircraft.

  120. Sturer Emil for T4

  121. Marco antonio Torres

    please play the panther in heroes and generals please

  122. usa all nazi super wepons in men of war please

  123. gerardo torres (fastfreeman)

    700km my ass

  124. I sexualy identify as a washing machine

  125. what is that on the pz1 destroyer cannon

  126. Jeff Anthony Enad

    Sturer Emil will be add later in the tech tree and top tier is Waffenträger
    auf Pz. IV of open cabin SPG (Tank Destroyer).

  127. man this patch is huge… can w8 to come out and play….. i stil drem for
    infantry do :)). nice vid agen Baron and can u take out some british tanks
    any tank u want and u enjoy.(sry for my RIP ENG)

  128. The Mighty General CH13F

    @Baron hunter will be written in Germany Jäger not jager greetings from

  129. Does baron reply to his subscribers??

  130. abraham gonzalez duran

    whats the background song at beggining

  131. Yes! Panzerjager 1!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!! This model is sooo much better
    then the one in WoT!!!

  132. MILITIAww2 Gaming

    If you like German things why won’t you go to militracks I’m coming to

  133. I cringe everytime he says Mark 108.

  134. I really wish War thunder would add the M1A1 Abrams Tank not to be add to
    the tank tree..but just the lets say Dev server see how it goes XD

  135. You know, I really wish Gaijin would put more resources into making boats,
    and less into making more planes and vehicles.

  136. Why not just put the Nashorn after the Hetzer

  137. It’s weird that you got the plural right but the singular wrong. The
    singular Chassis is pronounced the same, just with the last S silent

  138. omg omgomg its released

  139. The music at the end is very familiar but i can’t really place it anywhere.
    Where is it from?

  140. The MBR2 sure has one big ass engine to shoot at. I can see these things
    falling from the skies in droves.

  141. 1.57 RELEASED TODAY

  142. Hi Can You Test The Spitfire (Griffon) Please – B-Day Gift -

  143. the new floating boat is so weak just target the engine KABOOMMMM!!!!!!!

  144. what’s the point of green black camo for a flying boat?

  145. didn’t it just come out? I can’t wait to blow them up or use them XD I
    don’t seee mucho armor he he

  146. ………………………………………………………… Dicker

  147. Hi Baron
    What is the name of the sound track that you used in the video ?

  148. Baron MK 103 can’t carry HVAP MK 108 does.

  149. 1.57 HYPE !!!

  150. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    nashorn tier 3 why come on

  151. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    that is officially the wierdest ( and probably will be the noobest) russian
    plane in the game

  152. Ο Ελληνας John cenna

    the AA gun at the russian SPAA looks like it has american desigh . probably
    a copy of american bofors

  153. Im sure everyone knows this by now, but 1.57 has been released!!! P-61
    Black Widow here I come!

  154. ooo damn what was that so good at the start?

  155. While I’m watching this my game is updating and im practically screaming at
    it to hurry up!

  156. What’s the song in 2:36?????

  157. Sorry

  158. Ta speaking they probably fucked up the fm

  159. Dicker Max is a silly name

  160. and for Gaijin german Luftwaffe will always be second to none so….watch
    for the flight model the TA-152 will got ….we will talk after if we look
    a all patch since the stars luftwaffe always goes down and down OUPSSS sry
    i forgot Russian bias dont exist in this game and this is why i stop
    playing it…….i was playing since the closed beta and now i quit i just
    dont like Gaijin direction since the last 3 patch and this is why they
    bring world of tanks to PS4 Gaijin loose their exclusivity because of bad
    practice and the clear bias and theire poor management of the
    community………end of transmition

  161. it was my birthday on the 14th

  162. baron you dont know the pain of building up to tier 5 in 1 tech tree
    without premium

  163. war thunder is too realistic for gameplay and tanks are too hard to

  164. yeah they look nice and happy for them.. but again. more 1 shot targets for
    russian op bullshit from tier 1 to 5

  165. Hey baron can u do a combo which is the HELLCAT and B17 bomber

  166. Am I the only one who is getting World of Tanks ads on every War Thunder

  167. fuk u baron, we want the song

  168. Hammer Plus Sickle

    Daaaamn Gajin back at it again with the derpy soviet planes

  169. wot did it.

  170. What do they consider (mid-alt)

  171. I am getting tired of these events being the only way to get these cool
    vehicles. Not everyone has a job where all they do is play these games and
    or just has a lot of free time

  172. 9:13 next kv-2

  173. Maybe they should actually add some Tier 5 Tanks for Germany, the ONLY
    Competent Tier 5 German Tanks are the Leopard 1 and KonanFancyNamePanzer.

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