1.63 LIVE – BEST HIGH TIER TANK LINE UP (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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1.63 LIVE – BEST HIGH TIER TANK LINE UP (War Thunder Tanks Gameplay)

So I have this second channel where I upload games that I play in my free time, it’s pretty dope (bias) Check it out!



  1. Straight jet combat with F9F Cougar!!!!!

  2. Havoc Mk. I + A1E1 Independent
    You know you want to, m8

  3. intro sog

  4. LMFAO!!! Ho229- “No im looking for zsu’s.” Most accurate statement ever,
    thats what I do.

  5. M56 scorpion


  7. Do the 88!

  8. Take out the BoomStick, my nickname for the 88mm Half-Track!

  9. M56 Scorpion!

  10. More train fever

  11. Wait, why are there tree crewlslots with 0 skill? Were you too lazy to
    click the plus button?

  12. play the DShK GAZ MM with a 12.7 mm machine gun

  13. 88 mm halftrack ( Sdkfz 7) and Horton 229

  14. play the Russian chainsaw the t60 plz

  15. shilkaaaa :D

  16. I jumped up and down last night sorry I’m a war thunderholic

  17. This video is pretty much proof of the russian bias.
    Is there any reason as to why these tanks survived the HEATFS shots?

  18. 11GIGABYTE?? Ohhh god

  19. It’s still complete BS that the Leo1A1A1 gets a stabilized gun but we can’t
    have the M60A1 AOS that was in service 3-5 years before the Leo1 A1A1.

    I mean, just in M60A1s, the US line could have 4 and still be in hte same
    time period as the Leopard 1A1A1..

    M60A1 AOS
    M60A1 RISE

    But no. We just get the M60A1. And it’s nerfed to boot.

  20. Phly what do you play on.

  21. the game is no longer russian bias

  22. good vid to watch while im updating wt to 1.63

  23. Pz 38 (t) and Ze Stuka dive bomber. plz Phly, show us the true

  24. Fkin HATEEEEEEEEEEEEEE new zoom for high velocity rounds feel like shooting

  25. The queen demands you to take out the fv 4202 and a ground strike aircraft
    of your choosing!


  27. Japanese are attaching it is time The M3 Lee please use the M3 Lee

  28. Brandon “The Alaskan Devil” Johnson

    how the hell do you block god damn hillary adds on youtube? i hate seeing
    political bullshit on youtube

  29. Do BV 238 gun*ship*ing! Map with lots of water, and nobody is allowed to
    take off.

  30. Play the Scorpion and Cougar next

  31. Play the M56 and AD-2

  32. Great game Phly! Love to see your casts – even when ya lose. Lots to learn
    from your content! : p

  33. ATGMs took the last tiny vestige of fun that was left in rank 5 and raped
    it, killed it, then threw its rotting corpse in a tub of acid.

  34. The Magic British Teapot. The A1E1 Independent

  35. the bt7 and the b17

  36. succ卐, 卐ayy give me the

    for tank req maybe the 88 flack truck…just saying

  37. 88 pack
    the 8.8cm flak 37
    Tiger 1

  38. play british land battle ship independent

  39. LOL the preset is called “Low Tier” but all vehicles that phly put there
    are tier 5…

  40. Can we get M163 Gatlings vs TU-4 custom game during night time ?

  41. … Still need to wait 10 hours after the updatenfinish downloading…

  42. USA ( United Slabs of America)
    T28 and T95

  43. Take the American line up

  44. roemer van kuilenburg

    how do you get the binoqulars

  45. I once shot a guys ammo. The tanks went up in flames. And guess what
    He continued driving and I had to shoot again to destroy him (with the
    flames actually spraying out of the tank). Logic.

  46. Do a 88 flak vs Maus, like you did with the shermans a while back.

  47. Luukas de Godzinsky

    f9f cougar

  48. f8f cougar

  49. Phly what battles do you play to verse tanks in planes?

  50. What is this farming simulator with all these tractors? How about, Mr. Phly
    so called daily, you go and phly something?

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