1.71 DEV SERVER – Object 120, T-64A, Chieftain Mk.10 & More (War Thunder Dev Server 1.71)

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1.71 DEV SERVER – Object 120, T-64A, Chieftain Mk.10 & More ( 1.71)


  1. of course gayjin cant give the brits a tank with as good armour as the russians,fuck this game

  2. Phly tell gaijin to put war thunder on Xbox one

  3. Hey I have quest to you try to play the game on Russian.

  4. This patch,shall be known as the New E.R.A: World of Thunder!

  5. The D4Y’s will be one of the highlights of the new patch.

  6. Notice the AT Gernade has a HE spall…
    Looks like APHE married HEATFS and this shit came out…

  7. I love that UI change <3

  8. How many tier 5 vehicles are required to get to tier 6?

  9. Sry to correct you man, but ivan is pronounced like eevàn, and use pls the object 120

  10. Gaijin finally adding bl-10 in the game huh

  11. Phly you may have me to thank for back gunner view. War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 43 at 9:04.

  12. I’m actually really stoked for the rank 4 premium for Japan, lets me grind my type 74 way easier

  13. sorry to hear about your house and car Phly and thx for still troopering through the video.

  14. Object 120 looks like a backwards IS and has an enlarged turret

  15. First Tank

  16. Jeez phly rough weather, be safe man

  17. Phly talking about the Su-100P: “What the hell is this thing?”
    Me: “Oh, look, a P-47 magnet. It’s even open topped, too!”

  18. I hate the fact that it takes so super long to research tanks in this game. Planes are quick, but tanks are a pain to research

  19. Still waiting for the Sturmtiger.

  20. OMFG that hail was soo big! I feel soo bad for you. ? I would donate money if I know how to?

  21. Storm outside? Don’t care, just wanna check out the War Thunder Update.

  22. What the hell no German planes/tanks

  23. Every update makes this game more bias…..
    the object 120 should have cannon collision
    only that tank
    but fucking seriously

  24. Give me the Wiesel, I will conquer anything with this tankette

  25. use armored glass as windows? 🙂 its expensive..but wont get smashed

  26. As a truck driver for almost 10 years I have seen some BAD weather, best was hail in Indiana the size of my palm. Saw a fedex van truck that looked like it went through rpg alley in Iraq.

  27. Lets roll with the chieftain for the queen!

  28. So much Russian and 2 brit tanks….

  29. Beneteus der graue Wolf

    da Rushia Blyat

  30. KPz-70 !!!!!!!

  31. Italian stallion airsoft

    Challange use the new object 120 but bind the keys as follows w reverse s forward a is right d is left and turn the turret towards the rear becoming the absolute longest tank in game attempt #1

  32. How can I grind so much? Imagine a leopard 2 to grind

  33. Sorry about your house, car, and other stuff. Hope everything gets better

  34. i cant join on the dev server…what can i do???

  35. the bmp look like the lvt

  36. can i run this game on 32bit?

  37. Didn’t even show the d4y, shame

  38. Did Italy get the regianes or did they take our g55s money and run?!

  39. 88,88 flak trololol

    I just noticed that his user name is Meatballdaily

  40. The mk10 is flipping ugly

  41. T-64A (1971) has 1800m/s muzzle velocity ….

  42. What seperates a cannon from a machine gun is in the round it fires. Cannons traditionally have some sort of explosive filler.

  43. and the Russians are still adding ghostly things…

  44. Do you think the developers will ever care about planes again or is there no hope for us who got into the game because of WW2 aviation?

    see, the me163 makes jet sounds even though it is a rocket, the ta154 is a premium plane with no cockpit, realistic battles are no longer realistic when you fly a yak3 against some british UFOS over japan and many more issues.

    But hey, at least with this update we get better looking UI buttons.

  45. is there a war out there phly

  46. luving space bi layk

    is there a e 79 tank or panther 3? cause that’s may request to phly

  47. Sorry you got pooped on by mother nature phly. Thanks for always giving us phlyers great content! <3 from the warthunder community, and hope you will be doing well in the coming weeks!

  48. 2:52 You can pen 10mm with 7.62

  49. phly that’s not antitank grenade that’s just recoilless gun shell like RPG, BTW RPG is a recoilless gun not a rocket luncher.

  50. whats the dev server? ._.

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