1.91 Rumors – War Thunder Weekly News

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Source: 2and900 – Weekly

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-Changes and optimization in the German tech-
-Lynx AH Mk.1 and premium G-Lynx
-Westland Scout & Wasp

G-LYNX debacle
-Reddit post

7 helis
-heli screenshot I used

New Jets Quote

Chinese data miner quotes

Bonus news



  1. 2and900 - War Thunder Weekly

    That dataminer got back to me, didn’t want to share anything which is fair
    Also the #savethemaus petition is almost at 5000 signatures, help it get there!: https://www.change.org/p/gaijin-entertainment-savethemaus
    Video Bookmarks
    0:27 When will 1.91 land?
    1:41 Lynx and the G-lynx debacle
    2:38 Rank 7 heils
    4:20 More jets
    5:48 Night Vision
    7:06 more speculative rumors
    -7:23 M60A3 SLEP
    -7:50 Chinese Dataminers Know Something
    -9:17 completely baseless rumors
    9:51 AUBL/74 HVG review
    12:49 P-59A review
    14:02 Bonus News

    • aww man, du cant change anything with a crap petition. Gaijin decides to do this so dont cry. also the Maus will stay in the game.

    • Let the maus die already, #StopMausSuffering

    • Also the night vision part was 99% very well translated

    • Eric_The_Viking the Justin Y. version with an axt

      Don’t think we need super good tanks only for events. That event right here has very unique and also not too bad tanks for its BR. That things won’t under or over perform and that is fine.

    • AUBL/74 HVG; I disagree it should be moved to 8.3/8.7 because it preforms well, it is just easy to kill and thats its only drawback

  2. I am still confuse because my laptop is ded and i got 30K research point on the Maus and if the 1.91 comes then i wont able to get it?

    • If u already got research point on the maus then you can keep it.

    • As fellow Liber said, if you have research points on the Maus, or any other tank to be removed, you will be able to finish the research and purchase it even after the 1.91 patch.

  3. The chinese 贴吧 (tieba, its a forum like platform) posts, translated:
    first line: It will not be hard to guess whats coming (in the new update) we’ll see later on
    second line: No, except for this being the most obvious, there arent many clues on others (not sure what is he referring to)
    third line: The hinted ones (vehicles, i assume) would be easy to guess, the ones that have no basis will be hard to know if they are going to be added
    fourth line: If i were to guess, it would be br decompression or a big altering of br, new m60, news on swedish tech tree, the hinted ones or ones found in war thunder files that we dont know for sure, maybe a new mechanic like radar fire control or infrared lamps.
    fifth line: i sometimes will reveal details on other platforms and sites
    sixth line: im not familiar with other platforms so i dont know much

  4. Potential night optics? No wonder the Panther II has to disappear.
    (Yes, the removal of the Panther II has been known for over a year, but reasonable comments aren’t as fun) #SaveTheMaus

  5. Do you think drone trees should be add ? Like Mq-9 reaper you know ).

  6. F14/F15 confirmed

  7. That AUBL have most usules HE rounds in game and you use it why ?

  8. I predicted the m60 slep

  9. 12:40 you have displeased the M22

  10. Alessandro Mazzini

    fucking gaijin remove helis
    they ruined this game and they are ruining it every patch even more

  11. Alessandro Mazzini

    idiot gaijin fuckers, reduce br spread and high the top br to 20.0

  12. We want WW2 tanks and planes NOT modern tanks Jesus

  13. The Aubl at 7.7 ? Hell no… imagine having on your team this while driving in a Tiger2…

  14. 1.91 humor: more premiums

  15. were gonna fuck this games community in the ass 1.91 thats what they should call this update..and i ant talking about removing tanks either

  16. F-4 and F-14 plz gaijin

  17. Русские коменты?

  18. 6:27 bruh

  19. Ho-229 dunno but soon they migth

  20. A.B.R /A Broken Radar

    How do you buy the p-59?

    • 2and900 - War Thunder Weekly

      Currently you would have to buy the event tasks with GE but at the end of the month it’ll appear on the market.

  21. Dev server download link plsss

  22. Aubl at 7.7? Dont make me laugh. This tank with this mm there is no way it wouldnt be broken.

  23. Possibly the most contentious patch they’ve ever released?

  24. Oh my lord when will gayjin learn adding new vehicles and mechanics is what keeps adding problems. FIX the BRS and ghost shells that were “claimed to be fixed”

  25. some of the Mig-21’s is a good counter to the T-2

  26. **ThePivotGachatuber**

    Pls.. hopefully they put the A-10 thunderbolt.. :”v

  27. Night Vision and Heat Vision is confirmed.

  28. i remember when i wanted tanks from ww1 but got more modern tanks instead, by the way it would be awsome to have some sort of adjustable br restriction in custom so i dont meet jets in my bf 109 k4

  29. I just want the harrier.

  30. What is the hellfire range

  31. Panther had night vision late war

  32. We need headlights since night battles are going to be focused on Warthunder

  33. Ka-52 or Mi-28 would be great addition to Soviet/Russian tech tree

  34. Is the Mig 21 coming tho?

  35. “Something everyone will be excited”
    Yeah. Something everyone that has Tier 7 vehicles will be excited about. Everyone else will get jack.

  36. When is the last time gaigen took an extra step for the British lmfao

  37. for the record, the Lynx that set the world record was a special one-off which could not carry any armaments at all.

    • I’m really hopefully add a version of the dolphin.

      After all, there are several variants of it, and some carry guided or unguided weapons and torpedoes.

  38. All I heard at the beginning was “welcome back to Warthauhfosjadbng;alskjgdba;ob news” No offense lol =P Great rumor info. Would be neat to see some of that if its true :0

  39. If it’s not the t90 then I dont care

  40. We already have modern tanks and helios. Modernize jets and maybe I’ll come back.

  41. When I was playing helicopter matches some time ago I noticed that it’s said the Max BR was listed as 11.1 not 10 as normal. I mean hell we still have the American Apache to go.

  42. Soviet Gaming/Strigon1

    The British Helicopters and 1 French/German heli is coming out

  43. Soviet Gaming/Strigon1

    We still need the Apache,KA-50 Black Shark,KA-52 Alligator,Mi-28 Havoc And An Mi-8,Mi-17 hip line

  44. Th swift isnt a counter. The brits dont really have one per say, buuuut the f5 would be a great counter for the t2

  45. planes still half a century behind tanks and choppers.
    But hey, we got more choppers!

  46. According to some convincing sources, we may get something more interesting than night vision and heli. May be a new nation?

  47. #savethemaus

  48. a devblog has just been posted for the supermarine swift

  49. Germans and Italians gonna get screwed with rank 7 helicopters

  50. I hope the f4 phantom comes to the game

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